Wednesday, August 31, 2011

nina node news

nina wants, well...see for yourself.

"how many people are familiar with utherverse? this is that red light game yes?"
"i knew there were quite a few that came from the rlc. im just thinking about how a non-sl virtual world can be better represented on gV."
"can we please avoid drama in the no drama thread?"

"my goal wouldnt be so much an active recruitment exercise so much as an effort to make gV more relevant to existing utherpeeps. im not really concerned how it might 'go over' so far as drama and such. im not really into that sort of thing. i simply see something that needs to be done and am looking to do it."

"i cant believe we dont have a list of all known virtual worlds! see, this is what i was on about earlier. gV needs a list of virtual worlds at minimum, and a detailed review of each of them at best."

"the question is if theyd rather have me cluelessly importing rss and posting not only shallow content, but possibly inaccurate or outdated content... or perhaps give me a bit of guidance?"

"this isnt about direct recruitment. its about gV fitting its role better. sure, we could just roll out a dead empty node for every virtual world running. but i was thinking more in line with articles or write ups on different things. maybe even using the gV integrated wiki for something. whatever it is, it must be done right. there is no super rush to get anything done immediately."



  1. I loved reading that. Lain and Lias would get their panties all bunched up if they had to deal with UV'ers.

  2. Steph said...

    "I loved reading that."

    Glad you enjoyed it. ;)

  3. Hey =) Mz . Encyclopedia Barbie ! Can I just say that I am still ROFL'ing.

    Allow me to introduce myself ....I'm Bimbo Barbie. :)

  4. Ha! LOL Well hello Bimbo Barbie. Glad you're still having a laugh.


    Encyclopedia Barbie



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