Monday, August 29, 2011

Clancy "Tarzan" Sullivan, Morgan Genna, Interloper Yu, Oh my...

I'm so curious.  I must know more.  Who's got the inside scoop?  Kick down with it already.

(And yes, I've heard the story about alleged pervy PMs and pics.  I want the bigger picture.)

Bon mots:

Clancy Sullivan said...
"Suggestion: Make Second Life and this forum your hobby instead of the only reason you draw another breath, and it'll all work out well."

Clancy Sullivan said...
"We Mormons are discriminated against, though. Does LL think we're going to put up with this? Big Love on HBO isn't enough, we need multiple partner slots in SL"

Clancy Sullivan said...
"Mother Teresa was a tool for the advancement of Christianity which has historically done more to impoverish people than Wall Street and its direct agents have had a chance to. So, I'd have to choose Milken because he and his tribe have done less harm, at least so far."

Clancy Sullivan said...
"For those looking to get hardcore with their complaining please consider this: Hanes and Fruit of the Loom men's underwear typically sell for the same price yet the latter product is garbage compared to the former.
Wanna get all steamed up? This could be your issue."

Clancy Sullivan said...
"I got some junk mail today. One piece was an offer to enroll in medical school. The other was from a webhosting company telling me how I could become rich and famous as an internet forum administrator.
I'm having such a hard time deciding which career would be the most promising."

Clancy Sullivan said...
"Clancy is all me. He is a little more intelligent and he picks his battles more wisely but he still all me. "

Clancy Sullivan said...
"I don't call strangers sexual nicknames, though, unless I'm having sex with them."

Clancy Sullivan said...
"There is a little drama queen in all of us..."

Is it all "off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush"? Confidentially inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. /me facepalms and rolls eyes .

  2. LOL I do NOT want to know.....I'm already seeing enough *sybils*!! laffs

  3. Those avatar pics are horrible !

  4. The plot thickens.

    Mulch said...

    "he thinks i am ashamed of my history

    i am not

    tarzan/clancy/morgan ganna, are you ashamed of what you have done?

    are you ashamed of what you are planning to do? that perhaps only i know of?

    the floor is yours, confess, get it off your chest, let the world know what you are up to when they aren't looking, it might feel good to get it all out in the open

    you imply the "death threat" thing was legit

    even if it WAS legit, did i EVER hide from it?

    can you say the same for yourself?

    oh yeah, tarzan/clancy/morgan/whateveraltyouarehidingandschemingwithnowinthepresent

    do you really want ME of all people on your ass, watching you, tracking you, and exposing every gambit you run?

    consider that before you antagonize me further

    i am not your ordinary rube, i am MULCH"

  5. Mulch's "Internet Death Threats" blog post...


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