Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rumble in (TBD)

Rumble in Reno was such a success, it appears there may be plans for another Rumble, location to be determined.  This time it would be Mulch vs. Uncle Fester.  The back-up dancing chickens have not yet been cast.  Place your bets.  And remember, if Mulch comes at ya, you'll see him coming.


re: Fester

re: Mulch
Attention all Members, Applicants, and Alumni of the Feted Inner Horde Guild

ETA: Summary on gV.

I think it may have gone a little like this.

1. Uncle Fester sent Mulch a message asking about a name.
2. Mulch invited Uncle Fester to join Mulch's relatively new forum (FIH).
3. Uncle Fester joined that forum.
4. Uncle Fester gave it all some more thought and realized that he was offended because a) he felt guilted into joining the new forum and b) Lain (is Bams) was invited to join the forum before Uncle Fester was invited. (Attention all Members, Applicants, and Alumni of the Feted Inner Horde Guild)
5. Uncle Fester requested that his FIH account be deleted.
6. Mulch complied by banning the Fester FIH account (Scy).
7. Uncle Fester gave it all some more thought and realized that he was offended that his account was deleted via banning.
8. Uncle Fester said some unpleasant things to or about Imaya KitaMulch's girlfriend. The word "cunt" came up a couple times.
9. Uncle Fester involved Mulch's RL aunt/godmother, Vamp, who is the guild head and a major reason there is a FIH forum in the first place.
10. Uncle Fester posted about these perceived offenses on SC MKII. (OMFG MR NO MODERATION MODERATED ME!!!!!111111!!!)
11. Mulch was made aware of all of this and got annoyed and called Uncle Fester out here in this thread on gV.
12. Cross-forum drama continued publicly with threads in both gV and SC MKII with other posters having their say.
13. Uncle Fester declared Mulch the winner in the SC MKII thread.
14. Now we're doing the post-mortem.

I think that's it anyway.

ETA3: Vintage forum posting right here.  Quoting the "ignored" in an attempt to be clever.


  1. If this second one takes off, Ryan Seacrest might make an offer.

  2. he is a coward and he wont show up

    he fails to mention he contacted my RL aunt/Godmother to involve her this morning.

    he also thinks i invited bams prior to him (while i invited him weeks ago and he ignored it), despite the fact that lias blew my cover on GV with her post forcing me to admit it was open beta

    as far as a rumble, i wouldnt count on it; the only thing this inbred sniper knows how to shoot is his mouth off

  3. No stream? No Seacrest? No chickens? Damn.

  4. I just realized .... it seems gV is like the gutter/back alley forum for OK Coral kinda things.

    Admits I'm glad I'm gone from there and Stephie has a point.

  5. Yeah. I'll meet you behind the school in gV.

  6. Okay, I admit. This bit did crack me up a little.

    Uncle Fester said...

    "If Mulch wants to talk about it he can post here. This is as neutral as it gets."

    But I guess that means no RL Rumble stream, just volleys cross forums.

    Ah, the ties that bind.


  7. I take it Vamp is the RL aunt/godmother/nice lady then.

  8. Morgaine Alter said...

    "Well now Mulch knows what it takes to have to run a forum, eh?
    That is what is funny to me, the rest I dont have anything to do with and its funny as shit."

    I gotta imagine nina is enjoying this on some level.

  9. We're all getting a kick out of the neutral part.

    kita_dawg said...
    "Mulch sez to "come on over to GV and defend your actions on neutral territory...unless you are too scared or ashamed, Fester."

    Ishina said...

  10. Gotta love Cale. ;)

    Cale Vinson said...

    "Why has no-one asked for my opinion on this matter yet? !!!!!!!111!!!!!!!

    I'll tell you what I think ......

    I think .......

    That the make-up sex on this one is going to be *awesome*.

    I have also long thought that many wrestling moves/positions could be well appropriated for "other purposes", if you take my meaning.

    That is all."

  11. Oh dear.

    JohnnyVann said...

    "Are you whining because someone got an invite before you?"

    Uncle Fester said...

    "Yes actually I am. Considering he tried the whole omg i personally invited you. And my feelers are hurt you are blowing me off bit.

    I mean Johnny for fucks sake he invited her and only invited me because I contacted him first. Almost a week and he had made sure to invite other people. He only invited me because he thought oh fuck Fester will get upset. Hell personally it would have never crossed my mind. But yeah Fuck him and his forum."

    This will end in tears.

  12. End in tears? It started with tears!!


  13. Trout said...

    "So, let me get this straight.

    Fester - you manufactured some sort of drama where you took shots at Mulch's wife and aunt, then when he didn't ban you in response, you asked to be banned, then Mulch banned you because you asked to be banned, now you act like you've won some sort of great chess battle against Gary Kasparov by springing this Machiavellian trap to get Mulch to do exactly what you asked him to do, and in the meantime, you've probably screwed up a friendship?

    You aren't exactly coming off like Einstein here. You know that, right? Don't take that to mean that I'm calling you dumb. I don't think you're dumb at all. I'm sure you're very smart in some way that's just not manifesting itself here. You probably have a great personality.

    Seriously, wtf is your malfunction?"

  14. Uncle Fester said...

    "Sans Vamp is prolly the nicest lady Ive met. She always was excited when I logged on and it truly made me smile. I felt I should atleast tell her my side and thank her. I didnt bring her to the forums, I didnt mention that because there was no need. The only people bringing her up are the ones that should care enough not to bring it in.

    However they need a excuse and reason to justify kicking me. Hell I have enough of one I even said I would understand. But nope gotta make sure to involve as many people as possible.

    Phoenix if I ever seen you out in world I would more than likely fuck with you on a level of annoyance. There is only two people I would gank and neither of them have ever accepted the challenge. Have you ever been about to attack and all of a sudden you have been polymorphed? That is what I would do."

    "Also just gonna toss this out.

    Mulch this is where you can come to throw your insults around.
    This is where you will get a response from me.
    GV will not see me post there sorry brah.

    So continue the attacks and insults.
    Show the kind of man you are.
    I think I know. Your all about the bashing and insults.

    Answer this Mulch, why did you invite me and after it was apparent I wasnt going to and continue to insist on me signing up? I mean for fucks sake dude you bugged me about it and acted all upset.

    Answer that here. Not GV, your blog, or your forum but here. Tell me that. You didnt want me there but you acted like I offended you by not signing up. Answer that. Then Ill consider responding to your request."

  15. Trout said...

    "You're involving as many people as possible, not Mulch. It's not like he posted these threads.

    I take back what I said about you being dumb.

    I think you're pretty dumb."

  16. Ishina said...

    "So this is really about a computer game then?"

  17. i pity that fool

    stupid is as stupid does

    trouts posts had me almost fall from my chair, thanks for the repost

  18. Suddenly the names "Mulch Maker" and "Uncle Fester" seem so apt.

  19. Uncle Fester said...

    "The people that got the joke I was going for have acknowledged it and the ones that dont see the joke and irony well they havent paid enough attention to your rants I guess. "

    It was a joke?

  20. Uncle Fester said...

    "I will concede that you won this."

    Looks like Mulch won by concession.

  21. Uncle Fester said...

    "You win. I lose."

  22. The "OMFG MR NO MODERATION MODERATED ME!!!!!111111!!!" has now been Godwinned.

  23. Current thread tags:

    "all about coco again, oh okay then, qq fester, stop the insanity, tarantella, thread is now about coco, unemployment guild, vocaloids "ievan polka", who cares, zomg teh dramah"

  24. Ah so now it was supposed to be a joke?

    The only thing even remotely funny is that it wasn't funny in the first place.

  25. Alternate summary provided by Oryx Tempel:

    "Gawd I'm so confused. Here's my synopsis:

    1. Envoy started a forum.
    2. Mulch and Io broke up.
    3. Cocoa voted the dem ticket and is defending it.
    4. Antonio smoked hash.
    5. Fester got a paper cut and Luc chopped off Fester's thumb.
    6. Beezle smoked hash and posted weird videos.
    7. Jorus told everyone to fuck off (or was that the other thread?)
    8. Cale and Govi smoked hash together and had crazy tantric sex while debating economic theory.
    9. Bams wandered through.
    10. Envoy kicked us all of his forum.

    Do I have it right?"



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