Friday, July 15, 2011

Pep Talk (July 15, 2011)


Monna said in the "ISHTARA DEFENDS RAPE CHARGES" thread on SC MKII:
"I could end up like one of those ladies eating lunch with Pep."

Pep said:
"I very much hav enjoyed the reading of this thread. It is goed to hav one's expectations entirely confirmed regarding the inability of vain ESLers, inter alia, to have a single fucking clue about what rational posters are talking about.
Pep (suggests Monna returns to making single word posts that hide her lack of understanding, or perhaps emulates those who find solace in simply posting images/videos in the belief that a picture is worth a thousand mis-spelled, content-free, incoherently expressed words.)"

Pep in the "Weight Watchers" thread on SC MKII.

"I guess that's like being proud of being the world's tallest dwarf, eh?
Pep (isn't surprised that Elora's knees are in a bad way, having to support all that dead weight.
PS I loved the phrase "Overweight for my height"; how tall would you have to be for 200lbs to be acceptable - about eight foot?"

Pep in the "Nobody Cares" thread on SC MKII:

"Aw, Elora, for someone who can't decide whether to post recipes that boost your and Ghosty's BMIs into triple digits, or to post how much "success" you have had in losing weight (by getting sick - great strategy, by the way, must recommend it to a bunch of potential anorexics/bulimics I know) you seem not to understand the phrase "if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen".

You ARE sensitive, aren't you, about responses to your desperate public requests for approbation or otherwise. Here is a clue: you can't determine the response of anyone else in a public forum, so you're going to have to suck it. I don't know what you expect from Luc (who has requested several times that I might consider posting more here) and his merry band of mods, but if they do anything other than laugh at you for getting butthurt about something that you haven't even read (paranoia, much?) then they will have tarred themselves with the same pathetic brush as you.

Pep (thinks that perhaps he is going to have to start another group called "Ladies who DON'T lunch" especially for Elora.)"

"Unlike you, I do whatever I want.

Pep (Manipulating people is what ***I*** do.)"

Pep in the "Thread to Pep" thread on SC MKII:

"Why should I be nice in public, Luc? That's boring. I'll keep doing what I do to entertain myself and everybody but my self-appointed targets (and the Ladies Who Lunch and their PC ToyBoys) and get berated as a consequence, as I guess I'm just better than most at pointing out deficiencies and making everybody laugh at them. They have to be masochists to set themselves up to be shot down, so I am doing them a favour.

Pep (Thanks Luc for adding to his list of "Threads about Pep"; it does an attention whore's heart good.)"

Pep tropes:  Literacy, ESL, images and videos as a replacement for coherently and rational expressed thoughts in words, Ladies Who Lunch and their PC ToyBoys, the notion of being virtually bullied, arbitrary moderation, lay counselors, manipulating people, doing whatever he wants, forum strafing, Pep talks.


  1. Good Friday fun, isn't it! Just like the good old days, eh?

  2. By the way, the quote in my sig isn't me, but someone (now installed in gV, having abandoned SC2) who was a loose cannon mod running amok in SC2 while Leck was in the runup to his breakdown.

    Pep (That was last time I was there; they respond quicker nowadays - last time it took them over 24 hours to bork me, but this time it was less than twelve.)

    PS I wonder how long before they cornfield and ban me . . .

  3. I know the quote.

    "Until such time as another mod pries my elegantly manicured fingers off the controls, Leck returns and kicks my ass out of this chair, this runaway train of a forum crashes for technical reasons, or the world ends, I intend to do just as I please."

    It's GradyE in the "Runaway Train or Apres Moi Le Deluge" thread on SC MKII

  4. And yes, I did notice the truncated arc.

  5. Happy Friday, Pep. Have a good weekend.

  6. Aaaaand there it is. Mark the time. 2:42pm PT/SLT. You, Pep, have been corned.

  7. Lucifer Baphomet:

    "OK, so today the shit hit the fan.

    Pep made an unwarranted attack on Elora on the Weightwatchers thread, and it spilled over into nobody cares, like a snowball rolling downhill.

    In the vacuum, as no one else on the team was on, I tried, as you know, to broker some sort of non aggression pact with Pep. It didn't appear to bear fruit.

    So anyway...

    The admin team did eventually get round to a discussion and after some debate, taking into account past history between Pep, and Elora, decided that this event was a continuation of stalking behaviour.

    Pep, I wish you'd sat at the table and came to an arrangement, but you didn't.

    So, we as a team have no option but to corn you for stalking Elora.

    Duration of corning... indefinite."

  8. I picked my spot out in the Cornfield early before it becomes all the rage and demand drives the prices up and the options down.

    Crimes Against Convention: LeeHere Absent

  9. Proof of Concept December 18, 2009:

    Pep said, "Arbitrary moderation? It only took a day to prove my point.

    Pep (You are so easily manipulated.)"

    Proof of Concept July 15, 2011:

    "Less than twelve hours this time!

    Pep (waits..."*

    *Go look for yourself if you want to see the rest (unless of course you ARE Pep.)

  10. People are sooooooo predictable, aren't they!

    Pep (can stalk someone with just ONE post in over twelve months; is this a record?)

    PS No, a record is a flat black ceramic disk with groovers in it and a hole in the middle.

  11. I posted this on FC:
    This is what I am not getting. Luc, whom I don't know aside from a few posts on gV (maybe they are not the same individual,) banned Pep for stalking in a thread on SC. Luc, just the other day, reacted to an external blog post that was republished by forum confidential and republished again on SC. Luc was the first to post, and it wasn't a pretty post at that. He didn't react to the words, he reacted to Ishtara. He later stated his reaction and name calling directed at Ishtara stemmed from a different thread to which Ishtara had posted. Isn't that stalking? What am I not getting here?

  12. I am reposting for storm.

  13. I'm watching Pep wind people up with every emo-psych-trope in the virtual book. That thread is going to become a case study for future generations. I may append it to my "Tongue-in-Cheek Rules for Forum Posters".

  14. There is no "Luc" or "Lucifer" on

  15. There is a "Lucifer Baphomet" on both SC MKII and SLU.

  16. *yawn*

    Remakes and sequels are never as interesting as the original. In this case, even the first one wasn't worth the cost of admission.

  17. Although I do take Storm's point about the nebulousness of the definition of internet forum stalking.

  18. It's not a remake nor is it a sequel. It's a revival. Pep's show is a long running one and sometimes people play it off-Second Life Community Forums.

  19. Elora and Pep have a very long history that goes back to the days of the old RA forum (as do a number of other women who were hounded away from the SL forums by Pep, and took refuge at SC MKII).

    I don't think personally I'd call it "stalking," but there's a lot back story here that goes well beyond today's events. Although I'm not sure how aware of that Lucifer is.

    Remake, sequel, or revival, it's still boring as hell. As Pep admits himself, he's an attention whore. And I for one intend to stop feeding his addiction right . . . now.

  20. Well now that would be new news. Someone alert the Ts!

  21. As for the back story, Elora did mention it, so anyone paying attention, as it appears Lucifer was, might not know the story per se, but would have some idea of its existence and nature.

  22. This Doesn't belong in Nobody Cares.

  23. Back story: I enthused over an attractive MAW in the Undying Thread. Ghosty was trying to get into Elora's knickers (well, they are both XXXXXL and he was unemployed at the time - as he usually is - so maybe he couldn't afford any new boxers) and manfully said he was more attracted to Elora. So I pointed out that the arrangement suited me, and he started banging on about how wonderful she was (I think there may be a laudatory thread on SC2 entitled "I'm Grateful To Be Elora's Kept Man") so I threw in a couple of comments about pointy knees and before you know it they had vented their collective spleen by conjuring up a lie intended to embarrass by suggesting I had been posting as an alt while I was on my customary January sabbatical, which lost me two very good friends. I think I posted a couple of images of dead cats in response to appalling LOLcats and they, and several others, left in a huff for SC2 in a pre-emptive move because the official forums were being closed down, albeit temporarily.

    Pep (thinks Elora doesn't like him mainly because he said her avatar had pointy knees.)

  24. PS Oh, and it was about that time that Rhonda had her mindfarts as linked to at the top of my blog.

  25. “History is written by the victors.” - Winston Churchill

  26. Pep's Parenthetical Postscripts


    "Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said: (The quote in Rio's post, sixth post down.) (Top post.)"

  27. "In this way is your victory recorded with The Gods."

    "You consume the heart of your enemy so that it can no longer be said of him that he exists—except as he exists in you."

    "The Book of Daniel" by E.L. Doctorow

  28. I think it could be argued that there are some people turning the forums into virtual panopticons.

  29. My mother used to tell me I had knobby knees.

  30. I thought Pep found my knobby knees attractive. That will teach me to send RL pics before finding out preferred knee gerth of pic receiver...

  31. Tell us, Pep, what is the preferred measurement for knees? It will be useful information for the support group.

  32. Let's review:

    * delicate psyche
    * avoid socializing in real life
    * filled with regrets
    * disengaged from family
    * wife would be in mental hospital
    * son would be in jail
    * daughter would be single mother before the age of sixteen
    * suckered by the lies of society and individuals into making bad decisions
    * primary feeling one of disappointment
    * obsessive compulsive desire towards Sudoku

  33. Repost of a Peppy post on SLO:

    "The Official Forums Pep has explained that the P in Pserendipity stands for "purposeful". Thus the word means the purposeful finding of something good by chance. Its kinda self-referentially contradictory and paradoxical if your intellectual capacity is on a par with Sandra's, as demonstrated by her suggestion that the theories expounded by quantum physicists are stupid because she personally doesn't understand them. She has an excuse though; she is a journalist.

    Apparently (well, last time I was psychometrically assessed) one of my strengths is the ability to resolve ambiguity in a pragmatic fashion, so I can cope with his name.

    Apparently others can't.

    Pep (As evidenced by this thread.)

    PS Given the choice of nick, wouldn't *you* prefer Pep over Dippy?

    PPS And, of course, it is completely in line with Pep's philosophy of disruption, provocation and challenge to generate entertainment (for himself and those intelligent enough not to feel threatened) by making people think before typing."

  34. Coco appears to be a committed analyst.

  35. I feel like I'm the only one who can see this:

    "Pep (is fine; he gets much amusement out of desperate attempts by failed lay-counsellors to analyse his problems remotely, particularly when he is making his symptoms up as he goes along.)"

    But it's been posted twice in the same thread, so that's unlikely, therefore...

    /me thinks.

  36. This by Coco on SCII

    "Well, let's say it's all imagination. Or even partly imagination.

    Nonetheless, it's a body of narrative that does indeed provide insight into his mind, whether or not the events and situations are real.

    This is someone who imagines (if it's not real) that he has a family he feels vastly superior to; who he thinks will fall apart if he's not there telling them what to do.

    It includes two kids who he has ZERO expectations of, and in fact, what expectations he has consist of the terrible things he will imagine they will be up to if he's not there ruling them.

    (What a horrible way to treat kids!)

    It includes a wife (who may be "the woman" he has to clean his house) who he speaks of with almost total contempt.

    He's a person who punishes his wife for wanting to leave by making sure he spoils his daughter's birthday (and makes it miserable for the wife) by "making" the wife tell her about it.

    YET - and here's why I think it's real - he also speaks of his kid taking his jokes to school to repeat them, and sounds proud of that; and also speaks of his wife being a nurse who could stop the teenage son with a vulcan touch - also said with some pride. He mentions telling her of having only the feeling of disappointment now.

    Let's say he coaches that team, and that's no figment of his imagination. You can bet your life that he doesn't speak of or to those women in the way he speaks of and to his wife.

    As for his job, assuming that's real - it consists of finding people to fire.

    Friends? Are none.

    The only things in this whole saga that sound good are the ability to coach the team, and efficiency on the job.

    Taken as a whole, it's like I said about people who treat wait staff and others in similar positions terribly. In this case, he treats the people terribly who he can treat terribly - i.e., his wife and kids and various people on the internet. But would NOT treat his superiors or the women volleyball players in the same way.

    All of those things taken together indicate a person who doesn't know what good things he has; a sadist; someone broken who likes to hurt others.

    And if the people and events are all imaginary, it's the same thing, because the stories he tells reflect a mind that runs in fantasies which are similarly broken and involve cruelty toward others.

    So, that's all we need to know to know that NO one should get their feelings hurt by what he says here, no matter how cruel it is.

    Why? Because he himself throws away happiness with both hands.

    And if it's not real, the fantasies of how he thinks things work are why he won't find happiness."

    Among other comments by Han, Trout, Vivianne, Ishina, Willow et al have me ROFLMAO!

    Never have so many, been so stoopid, so often.
    (Well, maybe not never)

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. We see it, Lee, we just don't believe him. :)

  39. Seriously, Han?

    You believe he's honestly putting all these intimate details out with a spin that plays to Coco's theories about cruelty and low self-esteem (which conflicts, by the way, with the usual Pep meme of narcissism) in a forum filled with people who have made it clear they do not like him just because she seemed interested and asked nicely despite his history of punking amateur psychologists on the net and poking people with outrageously Swiftian baby-eating comments?

    You know he also said he gave his wife a coat made out of hamsters, right? He said when she wore it to the fair she rode the ferris wheel for hours.

    He also talked with some pride about the intelligence of his daughter in specific and both his children's performance in school, running circles around teachers, in general and his wife's ability to call him on his bullshit.

    Ya know he used to have two blogs linked to his Pserendipity Daniels account? One was his "Dad" blog.

  40. One of the beauties of the internet... so many stories and so many interpretations and levels of enjoyment.

  41. You don't still believe he has an entire fetishist's collection of dead animal pictures, do you?

  42. I have no reason to doubt that he does -after all, he made that claim directly after posting proof.

    It's one of the few claims he's made that I've seen proof at all of, come to think of it...

  43. So I take that as a "yes" to all of the questions I asked you and not just your "favorite" of the lot.

    You know perfectly well I could post the same picture and make the same claim, sarcastically, and it would not be "proof."

    But I see you've made a choice for reasons of your own and this conversation is only going to go in circles or come to an end. Having already seen the road ahead...I choose the latter.

  44. "Pep (whispers "Deckard" repeatedly sotto voce, hoping this will subliminally distract and dilute the Culture Geek's ire.)"


  45. I am delighted that I have been able to entertain you, Lee.

    Pep (knows there are others who are chortling away at their screens on a slow Friday.)

  46. Nice recaps, Lee! Thanks :)

    @Pep, I certainly am having my entertainment as well, it surely sheds some sunlight on my rainy days!

  47. it took me 5 times to type the captcha's correctly...gah. I blame the overdose of painkillers.

  48. Thanks for the summary and the chortles!

  49. Internet Shrinks....I know this is childish of me...but they always make me laugh my ass off.
    So Frank and Earnest.

    And that is just the females. :)

  50. I'm loving the Cary Grant and David Niven visuals, Lee. I've never pictured Pep looking like "Tom Jones Welsh" but more like Richard Burton with Daniel Craig overtones;-)

  51. Heh Orfeu..I guess with 'the females' you refer to the ladies that Pep has for lunch?
    (or was it breakfast. Now I am confused)

  52. Having perused the SCII thread in the Corn concerning Pep and the complete lack of understanding by some of the pseudo-psychologists there throwing around terminology they have no business referencing, if any of them are in fact in possession of a degree in the field, let alone professionally licensed (which of course they aren't), I wonder why no one EVER seems to preface their diagnoses of PD's with this;

    General diagnostic criteria for a Personality Disorder
    (cautionary statement)

    A. An enduring pattern of *inner experience* and behavior that *deviates markedly* from the expectations of the *individual's culture*. This pattern is manifested in two (or more) of the following areas:

    (1) cognition (i.e., ways of perceiving and interpreting self, other people, and events)
    (2) affectivity (i.e., the range, intensity, lability, and appropriateness of emotional response)
    (3) interpersonal functioning
    (4) impulse control

    B. The enduring pattern is *inflexible and pervasive across a broad range of personal and social situations.*

    C. The enduring pattern leads to *clinically significant* distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

    D. The pattern is *stable and of long duration* and its onset can be *traced back at least to adolescence or early adulthood.*

    E. The enduring pattern is not better accounted for as a manifestation or consequence of another mental disorder.

    F. The enduring pattern is not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance (e.g., a drug of abuse, a medication) or a general medical condition (e.g., head trauma).

    Reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Copyright 2000 American Psychiatric Association

    (my emphasis in enclosed *'s because I can't work the computer goodly enuffs to make bold)

    Obviously, the answer is because none of them have a clue what the fuck they are talking about!

    I won't even get into the fact that Axis 2 in previous publications of the DSM have been woefully inadequate and revisions are currently under way for the DSM V.

    Jen and Coco et al had best complete their education and practicum before pontificating on the net about shit they have no comprehension of. (And Jen, you should not be offering ANYONE advice on who is or is not a Sociopath, or psychological counselling of any sort for that matter. I fear for those you claim to have "helped".)

    "The Corporation"! I mean really, come on!! Wake the fuck up!


  53. @ Caitlin: Thank you, Caitlin, and you're welcome. Girl, I often have problems with the CAPTCHAS too and I have no drugs to blame save a couple of anti-histamines. I feel your pain, well, some of it anyway.

    @ Venus: You're welcome regarding the summaries. I figure the chortle gratitude goes to Pep. Thanks for swinging by for a read and a comment. Glad you could make it.

    @ Orfeu: /me grins and swats you.

    @ Argus: Thank you. I'm glad you like the pics. As I so often do, I chose them quite specifically both for what I was thinking, but also for the delicious ambiguity of them because I knew there could be multiple interpretations that cover different elements of the story. As Pep says, entertainment on a Friday winding down for the weekend.

  54. I see Derek has sunk his teeth into the topic and is making a meal of it. ;-)

  55. What can I say Argus?

    Pep (thinks that describes Anthony Hopkins smarter younger brother perfectly!)

  56. Come on over for a bite. I have a nice Chianti.
    I will regale you with tales of the time I spent interviewing a Dangerous Offender (Canadian Designation) who was responsible for running down/over a cyclist repeatedly while on a joy ride and killing him and murdering a fellow inmate while awaiting said designation.
    (The second guy was in for cutting his mother's head off)

  57. /me contemplates writing an unauthorized Pep biography next and wonders if she can get interviews with current and former paramours and co-conspirators.

  58. Now that does sound interesting, Derek. Skip the sweetmeats and fava beans and I'll take a glass of Chianti and a seat and offer you an ear. (I have a spare.)

  59. *Throws some popcorn to Derek and takes another pink pill*

    So. Being under the influence of drugs and suffering unbearable pain (at this point I can use some sympathy, thank you) I have attempted to get the actual point of the cornfielding of Pep.
    Yah, I could place my respond on SCMK thingy, but I dont feel like it, at this moment this blog is fine!
    If I understood correctly, Pep got punished for making fun of a big girl's proud announcement that she finally got her weight under 200 lbs - which I had to convert to kilo's to get an idea.

    I can only say: when one chooses to publish private stuff such as ones (over)weight, one should be prepared to receive not only applause.
    Which, by the way, goes for every rl-issue one posts on a public internet forum.
    Hence, the whole cornfielding is ridiculous.

    The current discussion in the cornfield is more than hilarious and I thank all the posters for providing me this entertainment!

    Now, my pain! I need aawwww's, compassion and attention: two weeks ago I was in a restaurant, for an awkward family-dinner. In between the maincourse and the desert I had to powder my nose (and have a smoke outside!!) and in the hallway I slipped on a wet floor - yes a yellow sign was placed - and landed very elegant on my bum, but hit the floor with my right elbow first.
    Funny bone you call it? Not so funny anymore, as it turned out I have a hairline fracture. It's annoying, painful but thank God I do not need it in a cast!
    Now I cant fight in SL with my katana and am roaming the grid and reading fora instead.Sigh.

    I was not drunk when I fell (ty Derek for pointing that out, but just clumsy.

  60. It's dessert instead of desert,right

  61. @ Caitlin:




    *gentle, careful, awkward hug - so as not to touch your wounded arm*

  62. For dessert you go back for seconds (ss), something you would not wish to do in the desert (s). So yes, it is dessert for sweets.

  63. On a Starry Night or in a Field of Sunflowers no doubt.
    It is nice to have the souvenirs proffered rather than having to collect them myself. Would that all were so accommodating.

  64. We need to get Derek into the Psi Shrinkers.

  65. @Lee, thanks!! That was just what I needed!

  66. The Dutch word for dessert = toetje.
    It sounds sooo much sweeter.....

  67. @ Cait
    Hey! Toss me one of those pink lovelies as well!
    You were lucky to escape with only a small fracture then.
    (Family dinners, the garden where PDs are nurtured.)
    "All psychopathology is the gift of Love"
    LS Benjamin

  68. @Derek
    Heh. It may be dissapointing, but my pink pills are nothing more than Ibuprofen...500 mg. Since I am not used to painkillers/pills whatsoever (being raised without ' the evil drugs and chemicals' and apparently a slight allergy to narcotics, these pills make me high and weird enough.

    Also, I just discovered I am apparently blessed with some mental illness as well.
    Sweet Caity and her innocent, happy and sweet blog are ridiculed by an (for me) anonymous internet troll!
    I am really butthurt!!!!

  69. Say what? Your blog?

    /me follows the link.

    Hunh. What's that all about? You have apparently captured the interest of someone with virtual crayons. I see you have also received your very own amateur internet psychologist diagnosis, from a Mountain Troll no less. Lucky you!

  70. Now that I've scanned the rest of the site, Caitlin, I must say I'm kind of impressed you caught the Mountain Troll's interest. You're in there with some interesting company.

  71. Yeah, a Mountain Troll. LMAO. He does generate some traffic (that's how I discovered but he does not seem to be interested in much.

    Anyhow, back on topic I see that Pep is busy in the cornfield!

  72. Gotta love inadvertent advertising.

  73. I am still 'shocked' Pep got corned for - basically - a not so positive remark/joke about weightloss and overweight. Sheesh.
    It does say a lot about the community-sense, if one may call it that, but not in a good way.
    I bet lots of ppl laughed about Pep's joke and even had the same thoughts but are too politically correct to admit it.

    I admit: I laughed. And had the same thought.

  74. My last CAPTCHA was: smythe

    A cool word and appropriate.

    (yes, I am easily entertained at the moment)

  75. @Cait: Sorry to hear you are hurt - was it something I said? According to Kick it might be . . .

    Pep (is appreciative of your support and that of others, even if they don't necessarily agree with him.)

    PS Pep doesn't necessarily agree with himself, so it would be hypocritical to suggest otherwise.

  76. @Lee: PLEASE can you delete all comments here with references to my other blog.

    Pep (would hate the SC2 people to realise he was the Mountain Troll too.)

  77. @Lee: You will have to make up the biography yourself . . .

    Pep ( . . . as all my friends are dead.)

  78. @Pep, nah silly You did not hurt me at all, the only pain I have is truly physical and real-life due to that fracture in my elbow. I doubt you had anything to do with that (unless you have voodoo powers and made a lil caity-doll fall on her bum two weeks, now there's a thought!).

  79. @ Pep: Yes, Pep, I do realize that, hence the choice of the words "write" and "biography" rather than "quote" and "autobiography."

  80. I am currently in doubt as to post a message in the 'nobody cares' thread and whine about my fractured elbow. I can use some sympathy for being an underweight due to rl-work stress (yes, I have a very demanding rl-job that also pays well) and that it is just.....NOT FAIR that I have to work so hard and am so skinny.

  81. @ Pep: I feel sure I can conjure up an amateur internet psychic channeler for assistance with my biographical effort.

    Anyone up for a virtual séance?

  82. I am just wondering. Stuff. Apparently you sell yourself best when being obese and unemployed. I may need to re-write my real life.

  83. @ Caitlin: I'm not surprised. My read is that he got Corned for less the last go 'round. It looked an awful lot like he got borked and quarantined more for his reputation and what he might be about to do than what he had actually established a history of doing and was continuing to do in that venue.

  84. Quoting Pep from SC MKII:

    "The DK effect is definitely in play.

    Pep (would have pointed it out earlier, but modesty forbids . . .)"

    Quoting Wikipedia:

    "The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to appreciate their mistakes."

  85. @Lee: Yeah, I get it. But I do not know the full history, so I am kind of new to this and this is what I see and interpret. I guess I am not the only one.
    Yeah, I know Pep from other venues and no, I am not suprised nor shocked by his posts in this matter, as they are consistent with what I have read the past year(s).
    There is an awful lot of butthurt going on in there and it blurs the objectiveness (is that a word even?).
    The urge of supporting the 'victim' that the 'regulars' now are displaying makes me wonder about their sense of reality. Really. Come on.

    Welcome to the internet....where your self-published intimate details can and will be used to abuse or mock you.

    Gimme another pink pill and I will go post in SCII!

  86. If you want a head start on my biography link to this in my blog:

    And here is a photo when I got hitched at the Cartel Hangout (it got annulled two days later for non-consummation)

    She doesn't talk to me any more . . .

  87. Pep is *extremely* consistent. ;)

  88. CaTo on SC MKII:

    "From my point of view (not knowing historical or better: hysterical backgrounds) this whole cornfielding of Pep and the endless discussion and attempts to analyse his character/persona is one big farce majeur and a mistake.

    Someone got butthurt over a joke made about rl-details, posted on a public forum for virtual identities. Get a grip and grow up."

    CaTo on gV:

    "Wasted and Lias are the main reasons I stopped participating actively in this forum. (this was no option in the poll, so apologies )."

    Someone's feelin' her oats today. What did you say was in those pink pills, Caitlin?

    /me grins and gives CaTo a playful poke...being very careful to avoid her injuries, natch.

  89. Welcome to the Curmudgeon's Club, Cait!

  90. @Pep, gawd, now you made me google. Oh, well....thanks ? LOL.

  91. @Lee, heh. This is what happens when I can't play with my katana and all my buddies are offline!

  92. "I Curmudgeon" a great film by Torontonian Alan Zweig.

  93. Actually, all his films are pretty good. I am definitely a fan. Somewhat in the vein of Steven Wright.

  94. 100!
    I win! I win!
    (Too many of the pink pills)

  95. Oh Derek,ffs....!!
    Somebody should kick me offline. I am getting in a nasty mood.
    I blame my elbow. And ehm, well I blame everybody that disagrees with me.

  96. I think, I do pretty well for a retard and and ESL 'er.

  97. Keep your boot on the throat of that hypocrite Ishina Cait.
    And then lean over and spit right in her eye.

  98. little weasel!

  99. Who you calling little?! ROFL
    Go big or go home baby!

  100. Goodness, Derek. I know what Caitlin is taking, but what are you on?

  101. I'm actually hoping that Coco is taking the piss and having as much fun as Pep.

  102. Coco said:

    "I left off on my questions, but I was actually wondering about your parents. You said you had been to visit them, so I assumed you liked them.

    So you have tried to get help (or been forced to try). Interesting."

    I picture Coco posting that with visions of mock Freudian analysts in her head and Pep on the couch. Maybe even a little Frasier Crane. "I'm listening."

  103. I didn't find the Weight Watchers thread joke funny at all, though I understood the irony, but the emo-forum and amateur analyst jokes, yeah, I confess I am enjoying them quite a bit.

  104. @derek that was a quote from Ishina. Try to keep up eh! I would NEVER call you (or anyone else) little...heheheh.

  105. It's funny. Both Pep and Ishina can be so polarizing, as we can see now with CaTo in the "Thread to Pep" discussion and they are two of my favorite posters to read. Both make me wince and cringe at times and both make me laugh and look for more at times. And both seem to have a talent for incisive insight, word play and forum whoring.

  106. LOL

    Yes, Derek. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

    "Or maybe that little weasel Derek could do a better job explaining? he's been watching for long enough. 'Bout time he spoke." - Ishina

  107. Truthfully, I thought Cait was referencing something I said to her today in-world about weasels, but I see now having got back to SCII Ishina made the comment.

    I believe I will just keep inviting her to fuck herself with the rusty screwdriver and laugh while she is at it.


    (choco chip cookies btw)

  108. it surely took an interesting turn. Apparently trying to lose weight is as serious as having a life threatening disease and we should all cuddle and love everybody that complains about rl or virtual misery.

    I did not see a thread about my elbow and the pain it causes me. Damnit. Can you die from a fractured elbow? Would that get me more friends?

  109. Obesity *is* life-threatening. Few women can carry 200 lbs without doing major damage.

  110. Obesity is also something you control all by yourself. I may be harsh on this matter, but I refuse to compare obesity to cancer as they are now trying to do in that thread.

  111. I think things like addiction, alcoholism, smoking, obesity, mental disorders and even homosexuality and other-gender-sexuality are still largely misunderstood by the general public, myself included.

    Epithets and jokes based on race, color, gender, religion, sexuality, traumatic events, mental and physical health are dicey propositions at best. Some people have a lighter and defter touch than others and then, of course, there's the perspective and tolerance level of the audience and the motivation of both.

  112. Did anyone see "Shallow Hal"? Did you think it was funny? Why or why not?

  113. Obesity also has a socio-economic component, which tends to be a component that seems to most complicate the understanding of things that do have that component, IMHO.

  114. From PubMed Health"

    "People who are at higher risk for obesity include:

    Lower income groups

    Former smokers

    People with chronic mental illness

    People with disabilities

    People with a sedentary lifestyle"

  115. We're getting into Psi Shrinkers territory now. I feel a post coming on. ;)

    But later! I'm late for happy hour with the ladies!

    Later peeps!

  116. And yes, I do want to see Derek's balls. I gave him my ear after all.

  117. And there is the possibility on a forum, when posting messages about ones rl-troubles and misery about losing weight that there are perhaps others who have overcome the same and know by experience that obesity IS to be *cured* with discipline and selfcontrol.
    Therefore on an avarage internet forum, in this case mainly populated by virtual identities this may lead to not so positive reations and one should suck it up.

    Anyway my point is: cut the crap and stop whining about 'harsh' jokes when you as an adult, willfully post your rl-issues (in this specific case: being fat) for the world to read and respond, receive a nasty joke in return.

    I stand by my first reaction: grow up and deal with it, this is what happens when you display your real life online.

  118. I did get your original point. ;)

  119. They are out there some where. God knows I have posted and passed them around to enough people. I know my ass and chest is on gV among other places. The trick is to get all the parts matched up.
    Enjoy your cocktails Lee.

  120. @Derek: Wha? I get a fake background, corporate newsletter pic of you and everyone else gets private parts? wtf?

    @Caitlin: Holy ouch on the elbow pain! Awwwww. Cringe, wince.

    "Anyway my point is: cut the crap and stop whining about 'harsh' jokes when you as an adult, willfully post your rl-issues (in this specific case: being fat) for the world to read and respond, receive a nasty joke in return."

    Perfect logic.

  121. Thanks, Derek. I just got back and I'm a little buzzed and happily so. We had these drinks called "Death in the Afternoon" that were a mixture of champagne and absinthe. Woooooozzy. Mmmmmm. We also had calamari, mussels and Pavlova. Yummm. I'll sleep like a baby in 5, 4, 3, 2....


  122. Lucifer Baphomet said on SC MKII:


    Let me explain to you, why Pep was corned.

    It wasn't for an isolated incident, it was for a pattern stretching back to the LL Forums, where he's harassed Elora.

    Now I will admit, I'd rather have come to an agreement of some kind with Pep, because Shock Horror, I actually like the cunt.

    That was why I started this thread... but it's pretty obvious he didn't want to meet me on this, pretty much because "LOL INTERNETS".

    Cato, go look at the forum rules.. they're stickied in announcements.

    So the next step, of course is corning, which is what the admin team decided on.

    I honestly wish it hadn't come to that, but it did.

    This might just be a dumb forum on the LOL INTERNETS, but I at least want to try to be fair and balanced, and to work by the forum rules as laid out.

    And if that means I have to corn someone I like, so be it."

  123. Scylla appears to know you and your mind fairly well, CaTo. I see you getting nudged over there.

  124. Coco wants to know what brought you to SC MKII, Derek.

  125. I think I speak on the behalf of others besides just myself when I say we would like links, please, Derek.

  126. Currently Active Users Viewing The Pep Thread on SC MKII: 10 (8 members and 2 guests)

    LeeHere Absent*, Elora Lunasea, Envoy Costagravas, Scylla Rhiadra, Willow Matthews

  127. Uh oh. Cornfielding was not enough. Willow is now calling for the composting of Pep. This could get...smelly.

  128. I've just been nominated for composting too.

    Willow Matthews:

    "Actually, quite frankly, I could do without you here too.

    I'd post more if you were gone. But I'd never slang you about a real life situation attempting to be rid of you just to do so. Your grade of mulch is what you put in the compost. Most fodder here is good.

    I'd put you in the compost because you'd break down nicely and we wouldn't have to hear from you again, but having been a part of the forum you'd produce rich soil to feed the flowers.


  129. Willow Matthews:

    "You can tell I've been gardening today huh?

    I need a wine and not a to and fro with Lee.

    I don't even like Lee. I wish I did. But fuck me drunk, every post Lee writes just pisses me off and makes me not read here for a while.

    I adore Mulch compared to Lee.

    That's huge. But true."

    Mulch and Pep. I'm with the bad boys. Woohoo! PAR-TAY!

  130. I think they should do a poll.

    Atra Lupis
    Chaos Factor
    Don Mill
    GreenLantern Excelsior
    Juani Wu
    Jumpman Lane
    Lain is Bams
    Pandastrong Fairplay
    Siggy Romulus

    I'm not sure I'd score very high in that company.

  131. "Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread" (8)

    It's nice that so many people are coming to visit me.

    (Yes, Pep, I saw you there too. Hey neighbor!)

  132. Pep posts again and voilà!

    Thread to Pep

    Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 15 (9 members and 6 guests)
    LeeHere Absent*, Han Held, Kick Frenzy+, Pep+, Scylla Rhiadra

    Take note FC Ts!

  133. I see a lot of posts telling people to "get the fuck out," or language to that effect, in that forum.

  134. By the way Lee, nobody called Pep - or any version thereof - has EVER been banned in SLU, which Cristiano was good enough to specifically confirm when I requested that he did so to quell rumours.

  135. My stats are out of sync.

    Total Posts: 621
    Laughed at 427 Times in 192 Posts
    Agreeed (sic) at 183 Times in 112 Posts
    Inspired 142 pies in 109 posts
    Thanked 125 Times in 88 Posts
    hugged 87 Times in 78 Posts
    disagreed 15 Times in 11 Posts
    Groaned at 13 Times in 10 Posts
    Fucked with a rusty screwdriver 3 Times in 3 Posts

  136. @ Pep:

    Ah, thank you for the correction regarding SLU. Duly noted.

  137. I see a lot of posts in that forum that suggests that, like gV, it has a bunch of self-satisfied partcipants whose low self-esteem is being assuaged by the support of likeminded others who are content to sit in their own shit because they have become used to the smell of it.

    Pep (and of course, they will resist incursions by disruptive influences until internal dissent and apathy cause electronic gangrene.)

  138. I see in the SC2 Pep thread, that I can not officially post to, that Willow is deterred from participating by your posting there, Lee.

    Pep (encourages Lee to post there more.)

  139. Yay! Io gave me an opportuity to post a Marjorie Dawes FatFighters video clip

    Pep (and it's the Little Britain USA series which makes it even more apposite)

    PS I wonder if they'll appreciate the humour.

    PPS No, I haven't contributed any material - Lucas and Walliams originate it all themselves, pretty much

  140. @ Pep:

    She is indeed, Pep. LOL. I'll take that under advisement.

    You will no doubt be delighted to know that she is not alone in her sentiments. Isadaft Trollop (whose title says she is now self-banned), Vivianne Draper (who also takes self-imposed forum breaks) and others appear to feel similarly, as does Morgaine Alter these days and a few others I could mention.

    Kick and Monna sure like to see me post there though. LOL

  141. According to "Who's Online" Kick has brought some attention to my "That's What She Said (Lee et alia)" Social Group downstairs in the SC MKII basement. How nice!

  142. If we keep posting there perhaps they'll all decide to ragequit.

    Pep (Is "Winning"!)


  144. Is that what Lucifer ended up doing all the modding about in that thread? The thing Asher was told was common knowledge before all the post content disappeared?

  145. Confidentially inquiring minds want to know. "Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush."

  146. I love it when Ishina gets on a roll.

    Ishina said:

    "You are such a fucking dork. Why otherwise intelligent people find you good company is a fucking mystery that will never be solved.

    Of course you can make someone feel bad online. You cannot MAKE someone feel bad, as in force someone to feel bad, if that's some kind of not-so-clever attempt to strawman a different meaning of the word.

    "Words can't hurt you" is advice. It might even be good advice, helpful advice, no doubt well intentioned in certain contexts. But it's not fact. And you gotta be a fucking social retard to think such a platitude actually makes any difference once words have been read that hold any measure of actual meaning and target.

    You can convey judgment, abuse, criticism, compliments, opinion, ideas and intent through words and affect people's mood for better or worse. That is trivially obvious. Even a bit of casual, non-personal banter can get people riled up. And you seem to relish in the knowledge that you're a fucking annoying little cunt. You acknowledge the idea of people being affected by your words when it suits you, when you're pretending to be a brilliant puppet master. You fucking eat it raw. Then you deny the idea completely like it's the stupidest thing you've ever heard when it comes to taking responsibility for your words. You can't have it both ways.

    But let's not pretend it even was just casual banter. You went out of your way to hurt someone's feelings, for no reason other than spite, knowing full well it was a low blow. You aint nearly as smart as you think you are, but you aint fucking stupid either. You knew exactly what you were doing, and you also know exactly why people think you're a shitty little scumbag for doing it.

    I don't know what this game is you're playing, but I guess it's appealing to other cretins such as yourself. I mean, you know exactly what you've done. Let's be honest, nobody really needs to explain to you why you're a shit cunt. You must just be one of those fucking weirdos who wants a response, any response, and gets some bizarro satisfaction from that alone, like you're racking up faggy roleplay points. Whereas most people just sorta post stuff and get a response without even consciously trying to, via normal forum participation."

  147. Kristian? Whoever that is.

  148. LOL

    Pep said:

    "But you DID agree with me. I am not misrepresenting anything, as anyone who wants to read your post (unless you edit it of course, but Lee will almost certainly have archived your concession of defeat) and my repeated argument will see. Did you not realise that you were agreeing with me? Are your powers of comprehension that poor. Are you stoned or something? Are you feeling guilty or ashamed of yourself and want to indulge in a little mental self-flagellation. Don't let me stop you.

    Pep (feels sorry for Ishina, making a HUGE fool of herself like that.)"

  149. Kristian? Ohhhhhhhhhh. Pennies dropping big time. Thank you.

  150. Isn't Ishina great! either she can't remember what she wrote from one sentence to the next, her thinking is completely fucked up and hysterically over-emotional or her fingers are not connected to whatever substitutes for a cranial computer:

    "Of course you can make someone feel bad online. You cannot MAKE someone feel bad,"

    She has managed to be self-contradictory within succeeding sentences, and to agree vehemently (note the caps) with the central plank of my argument.

    Pep (wonders if Ishina is always this literally fickle, or is just feeble minded.)

  151. Kristian on SC MKII:

    Kristian on SLU:

  152. Lucifer Baphomet said on SC MKII:

    "Well Ishtara is the fuckwit who told Kristian (on SLU) he couldn't possibly have been raped by a woman as a child because he experienced an erection.

    As to the rest...

    moar tards."

  153. So who is Kristian and why does he feel the need to pose as an ignorant lout of an alt?

    Pep (despite the rumours, doesn't know everything about everybody, quite.)

  154. Ishina excerpt for pedantic Pep:

    "You cannot MAKE someone feel bad, as in force someone to feel bad..."

    "You can...affect people's mood for better or worse."

  155. I am not an expert on Kristian's feelings or needs.


  156. Kristian SLU Blog:

  157. Kristian on SC MKII in the "US Budget deficit deal" thread:

    "I said nothing to that effect. You're just another troll now, Coco. Goodbye."

  158. There, that's my archiving consulting service for the night. It's past my bedtime. 'Night all.

  159. Morning!
    I am considering posting in Dutch, which would be easier and make more sense to me and let them google-translate it, or not.

  160. On second thoughts, I am getting too old for this shit...

  161. Caitlin, as ever you are an entertaining poster...age is not can poke a hornets nest as good as anyone else. :)

  162. evy!yo
    /me uncrosses eyes...
    oy vey!

    I love a well crafted put-down hence my enjoyment of Pep. (Many sentences deleted in a self edit as I digressed — as I am wont to do — into the topic of the dearth of well written caustic remarks. & YW)

    Pep is a master of the verbal vorpal snicker snack which he weilds with a skill that would rival Caity's katana strikes. There have been many a time when I've read Pep, disagreed with him, winced, didn't want to laugh, but... laughed. There is a huge difference between what he does and the general vendetta, ad hominem, logic twisted lobs that 99.99% of the folks out there do. He's undoubtedly crackers a very educated British sort of way.

    Since Pep is being extremely lazy with his own blog, despite being tossed beer and a bacon sandwich, and since there is no way in hell I'm wading through all the nonsense on the blogorums, thank you LeeHere for once again providing a public service by making a one-stop shop of Pepisms without including a lot of the pesky stupid replies of those trying to rebut him.

    You can put all the pictures of Cary Grant out there you want, I still hear him as Brian Blessed. I see him as such stuck on horseback in a royal suit of armor making proclamations in a commanding voice with more than a hint of over-acting and with a bad boy twinkle in his eye.

    Ah, now he'll block my emails.
    No! I mean, really, Pep as Cary Grant! Of course! Brilliant!

    Keep up the good work Lee!

  163. Do you have any pictures of Brian Blessed involved in a strafing?

  164. I see Scylla has contributed a couple of posts to the "Thread to Pep" revival thread.

    It's still doing a pretty brisk business.

    Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 24 (16 members and 8 guests)
    LeeHere Absent*, Asher Bertrand, Cale Vinson, Derek+, Elora Lunasea, Envoy Costagravas, Jen, Orfeu Miles+, Scylla Rhiadra, Trout

  165. I also see the "Godwin" of virtual rape has been played.

  166. I'm still rooting for Coco to be taking the piss every bit as much as Pep is.

    Coco said:

    "(Now I'm getting out of order in my cocoanutting.)

    Lucifer, I GET it. I get what you are saying.

    I'm not wasting my time at all.

    I'm not being played. I'm not lapping anything up.

    Ask Pep. (If you could get him to be real with you.)"

  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. LOL

    Aaaand now Ima's joining the fray.

    Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 26 (16 members and 10 guests)
    LeeHere Absent*, Asher Bertrand, Cale Vinson, Derek+, Envoy Costagravas, Ima Rang, Jen, Orfeu Miles+, Scylla Rhiadra, Trout

  169. Oh we need to pat each other on the back? No problem:

    /me pats everybody on the back.


  170. Sorry Caitlin, I saw a typo and it was bugging me.

    This is the comment post I made and deleted that Caitlin was responding to above:

    Han now seems to get the tweaking Pep was doing in his therapy thread.

    Han Held said:

    "How do you figure that? From where I sit (and it sounds like Lucifer agrees?) you're being sucked into taking flippant comments seriously (which in turn makes you look boarish) and you're giving Pep what he wants (attention, being taken seriously).

    How is that not being played?

    I wonder, are y'all still sitting in Lee's blog patting each other on the back, Orfeu? Derek? Cato?

    Han (wonders why they feel the need to skulk there when Lee's got her joint here)"

    Are you?

    Do you?

  171. Han just said she did not feel like surfing all the way overhere. And something about my lame performance overthere. I have, of course, no clue what she means.

  172. /me pops a mint in her mouth...just in case.

  173. Pep said:

    "Pep (will now be turning his attentions to coaching his son through the International Baccalaureate Diploma - GCE A Levels are sooooo 'yesterday' since his daughter is the smartest in the family and will need minimal assistance when her turn comes, assuming she has not eloped with a pony in the meantime.)"

  174. Aw. One of the members of our Clan wrote about me on his personal blog and describes how he sees me:

    ImperiuM Legatus Caitlin Tobias... as i might already know from my previous one of the awesome clan leaders from ImperiuM.
    She is also one of the more beautiful killers from c:si !!
    She is a bit strict and maybe u won't get a free hug from her just like that...BUT...she is a real lovely person to be around...she will help u out whenever she is near... and will encourage you every time u look down...
    A real great friend to have...without a doubt.


    Strict...uh oh. Yeah, I suppose I am. And not very huggable either...LOL.

  175. @LeeHere: Don't go getting all dramatic on me...I was hardly fraying...I was just reading and laughing really hard. Is Ishina a him/her or hir? Wow, that is the second time today I have had to ask that question of a forum personality. My radar must be broken.

  176. Lovely post, Caitlin. Almost better than a pink pill. ;)

  177. /me notes the irony of Ima telling me not to "get all dramatic." ;p

    Admit it. You're an inveterate frayer. We all know it. No point in denying it. Confess! Name names! DEWIT!

    Bar where no strings are allowed. String ties himself in a knot, combs out his ends, walks into the bar and orders a drink. Bar man eyes him suspiciously and says, "Are you a string?" What does the string say?

  178. Ishina is a female. You might be picking up on the MANchester in her. Orfeu might have a few words to say about that. ;)

  179. She's actually a lot of fun. A poster worthy of keeping an eye on.

  180. I'm a frayed knot.

    I should pray instead of fray? Is there any entertainment value in that? Wait...yes, yes, there is...

    I have to go to the grocery. Fish on the grill tonight. Pray for my sole.

    Peace be with you.

  181. Well done, Ima. And also with you.

  182. Btw, this blog of mine here got a visit from the Mountain Troll today.

  183. Oooh, the Mountain Troll....whoa, maybe you will get some analysis too!

  184. Who is the Mountain Troll? Or should I say what?

  185. Pay attention, Ima.

  186. Caitlin (CaTo) here in this comment thread at July 16, 2011 12:30 PM:

    "Also, I just discovered I am apparently blessed with some mental illness as well.
    Sweet Caity and her innocent, happy and sweet blog are ridiculed by an (for me) anonymous internet troll!
    I am really butthurt!!!!"


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