Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ishina (She is Neda)

Ishina, sometimes called "Ishy."  I don't know her well, but I do often enjoy her posts.  She posts on gV, SC MKII and SLU. She's a kick in the pants and hell on wheels.  She's opinionated, vocal and fearless, so... well, it's the internet, so I'm thinkin' either you can fill in that blank all on your own or you just have not been on the internet very long.

A little about Ishina from Ishina:
"I spend the taxpayers hard-earned money on alcohol and nights out.  I also sometimes show up at art college."
"I actually work at a perfume counter while I'm at art college (not glamourous I know, but it helps with the bills) and that the government money I spend is actually student loans I'll have to pay back when I'm in work full time."
"Art is my passion. I live and breath it and don't give a fuck about day jobs unless I absolutely have to.
She says things like this, to Kick, who I sometimes call "Interferon," others call a wishy-washy meddlesome fencesitter (while some admittedly call him more appreciative and generous things),  and who may well be a compulsive helper:
"If you insist on throwing yourself in the middle all the time, you'll end up on the wrong side of everyone."
"You're never on any side. You just get in the way."
That's from tonight in the "Chaos Factor: I'm calling you out" thread on SC MKII.

Ishina does not mince words.  Regarding the Forum Confidential blog she says:
"I don't even understand this fucking shitty blog."
Summing up her opinion of Coldplay she says:
"Fuck Coldplay."
Expressing her admiration for Serena Williams:
"Serena is a warrior goddess.  She is easily amongst the greats. "

But posting her short and "sweet" posts is doing her a disservice as the longer ones often demonstrate her passion, wit, nerve and talent for getting to the meat of the matter like a butcher.  I'm reminded of a line spoken by Daniel Craig as Bond in Casino Royale:

Vesper Lynd: "Even accountants have imagination. How was your lamb?"
James Bond:  "Skewered.  One sympathizes."

I've often thought that being insulted by Ishina would be a bit like being insulted by Don Rickles, a little bit painful and a little bit fun and maybe even a little zeitgeisty, like it would have a kind of cachet.  I think I've run afoul of Ishina only once and we were still cautiously and somewhat respectfully tapdancing around each other, in my view and at that time, so I did not get the full impact, though I appreciated the post and the sentiments behind it.

Ishina said:
"I don’t know what to make of you. You seem too bright to start chanting this kind of mantra. You always had that sphere of presence and dignity around you that protected you from guilt by association and allowed you reasonable deniability of ever being one of 'them'."
"I had faith in you, still do. Don’t compromise yourself by scooping out that little rancid arsehole like these other shit-drinking little minions. Play it cool, Lee."

Posts I made about Ishina on gV:


Things I'm learning about Ishina now that I'm reading her a little more:

Ishina seems politically and socially aware and engaged.

Ishina believes that "multiculturalism is a complete fucktastrophy." She feels that issues related to it are, unfortunately, thriving in Britain. She feels the people in British government could do more to mitigate that, including making strong public statements against abusive practices.

Ishina appears to be against religious practices that might be seen to limit personal freedom or promulgate hate, such as female circumcision, a Hijab requirement or curriculum that teaches that the holocaust never happened.

Ishina loves music.  Specifically Hip Hop and Trip Hop.  Soothe the savage Ishy with some Massive Attack.

She quotes proof sources. ;)  I also like Ishina's witty use of pop culture references, natch. Little Britain, WoW and LOTR, for example.

She seems quite interested in the situation in Libya (I & II).

She also has a way with words and phrasing.

As a side note, I also learned that Cody/Dakota thinks that Ishina is hot. Monna thinks Ishina is hot too.  There's a lot of Ishy appreciation on the interwebz.  Hell, I'm a straight female and I think Ishy's hot.

She is also engaged to be married. And she had a birthday in February. Isn't that nice?
Ishina makes me cringe at times, and there are posts of hers I'd happily distance myself from, but in general, I'm a fan.  I certainly seek her out to read her.

But enough about me and Ishina.  Here's what some others have said about Ishina.

Arilynn describing Ishina:
"She is in school, working, and does activist work on a subject she is knowledgeable and passionate about."

Mulch talking about Ishina on
"ishina understands the words she uses, and chooses them well"

Still playing it cool, Ishina.


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