Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Curious Case of Wenjamin Wutton (Wasted Engineer)

Wasted appears to be saying goodbye to nina and  Again.

"What do you want me to do? do you want me to report this forum without giving a chance for the admin to do the right thing?
You can take this thread as you please, you can say it´s a threat, or you can say that I am blackmailing her...
I say I am tired of the Secondlife´s asslickers, I don´t like the name calling, and I don´t enjoy myself bashing secondlife, I just do it because is my duty as a humble citizen to report any type of abuse at any child. If I wanted to be censored and mobbed I´d go to the linden lab forums, not here."
"Nina is just sandbagging, it is clear she is ejecting me from this forum. The same people whom I am talking about are again triying to create confussion in this thread, saying lies like I´m circunventing a ban, and that I am not the real wasted.
I also don´t see any reason why this thread was moved to /dev/
Please stay away from secondlife, for your own good."
"funny how you pretend to have a decent civil discussion here in a forum where you support the abuse at children, and the deceitfulness.
The FBI investigates public corruption...
I will not sue gV , I´ll just send the tip, you are warned again nina."
"Earth, stop the infractions, can´t you see I´m leaving this forum?, at least let me have my farewell...
Imagine a forum pro-suicide, or pro-anorexia... it´s corrupted community...
now imagine a forum pro-gambling-children (or pro-lindenlab)...."
"I don´t belong to this shitty community anymore, shame on the linden´s asslicker
I hate this fucking forum.
The community here is shameful; I think it is a fake community.
This is kind of a sect, nobody cares about the children´s rights or the customer´s rights, you only care to worship linden lab...
You blame yourselves for the crimes that linden lab commits, you are a community against the community.
If someone here says that Linden Lab should give a 512 sqm plot of virtual land for each new user, you protest saying that we don´t want land for free.
If I say that I think the uploads should be free of charge, you say that you want to pay for each upload.
If anyone makes a critric about secondlife, even if it´s a constructive critic, he needs to stand a lot of asslickers calling him names for that, and the admins will not sanction them.
It´s funny how you go and fill a JIRA for to protest about anything in Secondlife, for to protest to slit, to stab, and to throw stones at these bastards.
I need fresh air and to walk through the green forest of my mind, you pink fakers make me bitter, except Lias, she is a wonderful person, thanks for being like you are, Lias, and the rest, fuck you all.
this is not any community."
"yes, nina, it´s all my bad... you are always perfect."
"I knew it was an error. Everyone makes errors, but only some can admit it and learn from them."
"Lain is Bams, Larry, Tarzan, and other "multiples" that´s how he calls them... yet he doesn´t feel shame when is asking for someone else to be unfairly banned."
"will you keep making more Larrys and Bams or will you grow the fuck up?"
"stop threatening me nina."
"and I will remind us that this thread Was started by Wasted Engineer in a nsfw zone, nina just splits and moves my threads as she please."
"it doesn´t matter, but while you are banned you are still able to log in, but you cannot logout."
"well... I leave this forum forever...
bye all. I´ll be back in my forum and the ll flogs.
thanks to all that laugh at me, to my brothers, to my sisters, and everyone that supports me, thanks.

Curious fellow.


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