Sunday, July 31, 2011

LOGO Custom Skin Creator

A kind of guilty pleasure for me when it comes to Second Life is the playing with Barbie and Fashion Plates aspect of it.  This website hits right in that guilty pleasure zone.  It's a site where you can customize your avatar skin with a variety of options that include make-up, hair color, bushiness of eyebrows and pubic hair, tattoos, definition of breast contour and whether your mouth is closed and pouty or parted and shiny.

You choose one of the skins, Sophisticate, Grace, Divine, Babydoll, etc. and then go to a page where you customize the skin.  It's meant to be for the purpose of creating a custom skin for Second Life that you would then purchase, natch, but if you like Barbies and Fashion Plates, yeah, just try and not think of the site as a place to just play.

LOGO Custom Skin Creator

I even got to express my penchant for pubic hair rebellion.

The site says the owners have plans to do a customization service for men too.  I hope they do.  And I hope they include race and age options and make it at least as customizable for men as it is for women.

Here's a tutorial video.  I skipped it and went straight for the good stuff.  It's pretty intuitive.  Although the video does explain the pricing policy and what to do with the demo and skin inworld, which is helpful.

Does anyone know of anyone else who does customizable skins like this?



  1. I doubt that they would be able to do a similar thing for men . . .

    Pep ( . . . as even a large monitor would not be big enough for one of the options.)

  2. That pubic hair option appears to include inner thigh pube action....or maybe that is just shadow from the wall to wall carpet?

  3. She does look a bit sore, doesn't she?


  4. Second Skin Labs...

    They have been doing customisable skins for ever.
    Pricey...but amazing quality.

    They tend towards the photo-realistic...which can make it a bit uncanny valley for some tastes.
    They also have some downloads that let you experiment with make-up/nails etc.

    btw..I really liked the parted lips example you gives the face a more animated quality

  5. Ooh, thanks for the answer with link, Orfeu.

    I *very much* liked the parted mouth effect as well. Makes for a happier looking avatar. Much more my style.

  6. I see I'm going to have to fix a pic that violated Photobucket's ToS. I keep forgetting when it comes to cartoon avatars. My bad. One fix coming right up.

  7. Calling it "LOGO pubic" when I uploaded it may not have been the best idea for a start.

  8. I'm checking out the Second Skin Labs site. I'm pleased to see they have some ethnic skins and an older male skin.

    Second Skin Labs

  9. Do you have to go inworld to use the customization feature? I'm clicking around on the site and it looks like I do.

  10. Yes their inworld will find a bewildering array of customisations...including pubic area...tan lines etc etc.
    I have all of the male ones...but I mostly use Vince cause it is scarred, wrinkled...and kinda fucked-up looking...which makes a refreshing change from the standard Himbo look.

    Also I hate the muscle tone on most male looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old a lot of the time.
    The second skin labs work prizes itself on subtlety.
    It aint cheap...but if you like playing barbie ( and who in SL doesn't?? )..I think it does represent value for money.


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