Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Call Him George

Ima Rang gave this to me in a comment thread on Forum Confidential.  I had to save it to show Stephie.  She (Ima) expressed some concern that I might be squeezing the SL freenises too hard.

Aw, those crazy Ozzies.

Totally random and posted here to show Stephie.  This smiley...


Speaking of smilies.  I was sad, but not surprised to see that all my smilies albums (I had A LOT of smilies collected and saved there) were deleted from  Luckily I copied quite a bit of those collections over to my Photobucket account, but it does represent a fairly big loss of time, energy, effort and, of course, smilies.  The smilies went the way of my Social Groups.  C'est la vie.  Travel light, fellow netizens.


  1. Ron Popeil should use that smiley to advertise his Ginsu knives. Hmmmm...although it may encourage those of lesser intellect and common sense to utilize the knives for defacing humans...See, this is why we can't have nice things.

  2. I would insert a smiley licking a -30 degree steel pole, but a)I don't have such a smiley, and b)Even if I had such a smiley, I would not know how to insert said smiley into a blog comment.

  3. Use your words, Ima. (See how well that worked?) Or post a link to a Youtube clip, like so:

    *wink-smile combo*

  4. Nice work. Unfortunately, the computer that allows me to carry out the tasks related to my indentured servitude does not allow youtube access.

    But I am home now and have found a completely off topic youtube video that I feel confident will titillate you. I know you like a good package!


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