Friday, July 29, 2011

Eavesdropping (July 29, 2011)

gotVirtual's Recent Status Updates.
Bunnie said:  "Still 'touching' folks at the gas station, eh?"
Lias in "LeeHere I see you" on (a thread I don't actually have to participate in for it to become a 52 page, 7,564 view, 1,035 post thread, despite my reputation for stirring shit, btw):
"I made one post to Lee 5 months ago about my problem with her (the first post in this thread) she responded with pictures of cats. The rest is a 'Lias Look at Meh Festival' from people like you."
Wasted Engineer in "What's the deal in defending linden lab" on
 "I need fresh air and to walk through the green forest of my mind"
"I can hear someone who wears lipstick only on one lip groan here. That in itself makes me squeal and laugh."
RanmaTardis in "What are your hobbies, pastimes etc?" on SC MKII:
"I like to run around in the nude. Having wet clothes around me when swimming etc is uncomfortable. Also I do not like "tan lines", being naked means being closer to nature and thus being in a state of grace with God."
RanmaTardis in "Should The United States Join the Commonwealth?"on SC MKII:
"Pennsylvania another commonwealth is just as bad. A formal event there is where one wears their shoes and teeth!"
Trout in "Should The United States Join the Commonwealth?"on SC MKII:
"Apropos of nothing, one of the most fun things I've ever done with my clothes on was in Pennsylvania. We went hunting for fossils in the slate piles that they toss out when they mine for coal. We had little rock hammers and we hit the slate on the side to split the layers and found all sorts of fossilized leaves and things. It was a BLAST. Then, my luggage on the way home weighed about 100 pounds."
Ishina in "Proof of Concept" on SC MKII:
"I will maintain an air of superiority and pretend I'm not interested in the thread, while I make a passing comment about the nature of those posting in it."
Ursula Cinquetti in "Proof of Concept" on SC MKII:
"Very quiet here. I expect a ragequit storm soon. Have we had a ragequit in the corn here yet?"
23rdDjin in "Proof of Concept" on SC MKII:
"they usually just stalk off."

L will probably like this from GreenLantern Excelsior (GLE) in his OP "Heil Kitler" on SC MKII:

I put links in these posts not only so that people can follow them back to the source, but so that I don't get accused of making this stuff up.

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