Sunday, July 31, 2011

Parted Mouth

Orfeu and I were commenting in the "LOGO Custom Skin Creator" blog post on how much we liked LOGO's parted mouth option on their skins.  I thought I'd provide a few more examples.

Umbrage Orgy

I sometimes think that some forums and some virtual worlds are a haven for orgies of umbrage.

Cottage Controversy

So it turns out cottages are controversial.

1. Pamela Galli posted a thread called "Devonshire Cottage" in SLU's New Product Listings section.

2. Darkley posted the dictionary definition of a cottage.

3. This particular new product listing thread then became a discussion thread and, later, an example for the "Some Thoughts on SLU's Tone" thread.

4.  Apparently Darkley (others too) was annoyed with Pamela because of her supportive comments regarding Ishtara during the recent rape discussion controversy, as well as some that were deemed passive-aggressive and snarky.
Darkley said:  "plus you must have missed my subtle snark, Pamela helpfully posted obnoxious dicitionary definitions at me earlier in the week so I was doing the passive aggressive thing"
Pamela said:  "As Darkley pointed out, she was not really concerned with misnaming issues (but rather that I replied to her "gofuckyourself" with a definition of "banal") but here are some cottages..."
5.  The thread included a discussion of the disparity between the American, British and Canadian views of the meaning of the word "cottage."  I myself lived in both Devon and the American Midwest (Kansas City) so I have seen both the small, traditional English cottage and the large lakefront golf community cottage of the upper middle class in middle America.  Pamela's cottage looked  very much like the latter to me.  It reminded me of my parents home in Kansas City, in fact, in a section of a golf community called "the cottages" coincidentally.  Pamela's SL build, btw, is charming.  I particularly liked the interior.  Pictures can be seen in the OP.

6.  Comments were made both in the "Devonshire Cottage" and the "Some Thoughts on SLU's Tone" thread that such discussions and drama were not appropriate in the New Product Listings section where comments ought to be limited to those either in the line of "bought it and loved it" or "this has been copybotted and there is some sort of scam involved so buyer beware."

7.  Darkley has since promised to refrain from making any comments in the New Product Listings section.
"thats the thing though, they didnt
more people told me off for being rude than told pamela off for her behaviour
I wont post in classifieds again"
"fair enough - i wont do it again
However it doesnt change the fact that someone can quite happily dismiss someones sexual abuse, be completely out of line, obnoxious and dismiisive, and thats just fine, but you dare criticise their profit centre and you are evil - at least i know where i stand"
"thats why ive already said, twice now, i dont do it again
but yes, read through the original nightmare thread and you will see the ZOMG reaction when I dared mention someones store, and on the classified ad being told that I am rude
but its fine, filthy lucre trumps principles"
8.  Pamela then seemed to reiterated her stance that she was not condoning posts that expressed ignorance or hostility regarding survivors of sexual abuse, but rather that she was supporting the notion that people sometimes feel "run out on a rail" at SLU.
"For those good ppl who think they must have missed where I said I supported sexual abuse: you didn't. I never said anything of the kind.
I am not going to get into some brawl about it now, either. I only feel compelled to post this because it is asserted so often by the "Little Gang" that some might assume it is true."
9.  All of which is now left for public debate, discussion, scrutiny and statements of opinion.
Lucifer Baphomet said:
"Oy vey.
Pamela, OK, you didn't say you supported sexual abuse...
What you did do was post your support for Ishtara on his blog and agree with how mean his treatment was on SLU.
Of course the fact being he received that treatment for asserting that men could not be raped, and for denigrating a forum member who was indeed raped as a youth."
Joshua Nightshade said:
"Yes, Pamela, you did.
You posted support for someone who you said was bullied off 'like so many others' without bothering to read the thread he flounced away from SLU from.
You still apparently have not read it, even now, which means that you can't be bothered to correct your stance even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the reason why he had a hard time was because he was dismissive — DIRECTLY, not even in a vague generalising capacity — of victims of sexual assault.
That you still continue to do this and you still continue to ignore that very pertinent detail says to me that victims of sexual assault rank lower in importance to you than someone feeling 'hounded' off of SLU because they posted something that pissed a lot of people off. Whatever that something was.
To which I say: get over it, you childish twit."
Joshua Nightshade said (to Darkley):
"I know how you feel, but to me the difference is that the classified sections of SLU are what Cris leverages to pay for the site. It's not about the person in question, but how griping with someone because they're rightly abhorrent individuals who should preferably piss the fuck off to a troll hole could make people who aren't bad think twice about posting classifieds or ads and thus hurt Cris.
I appreciate that you and most of the site are willing to stand up and not tolerate people who dismiss those sorts of attacks, but even I think there are certain sections of the site where such discussions should be avoided."

10.  And lasting epithets like "dogfucking rape apologists".

a small house, usually of only one story.
a small, modest house at a lake, mountain resort, etc., owned or rented as a vacation home.
one of a group of small, separate houses, as for patients at a hospital, guests at a hotel, or students at a boarding school.
— n
1. a small simple house, esp in a rural area
2. ( US ), ( Canadian ) a small house in the country or at a resort, used for holiday purposes
3. ( US ) one of several housing units, as at a hospital, for accommodating people in groups
4. slang a public lavatory
Word Origin & History

late 13c., from O.Fr. cotage , from cote "hut, cottage" + Anglo-Norm. suffix -age (probably denoting "the entire property attached to a cote"). O.Fr. cot is probably from O.N. kot "hut," cognate of O.E. cot, cote "cottage, hut," from P.Gmc. *kut . Meaning "small country residence" (without suggestion of poverty or tenancy) is from 1765. First record of cottage cheese is from 1848. Cottage industry is attested from 1921.


LOGO Custom Skin Creator

A kind of guilty pleasure for me when it comes to Second Life is the playing with Barbie and Fashion Plates aspect of it.  This website hits right in that guilty pleasure zone.  It's a site where you can customize your avatar skin with a variety of options that include make-up, hair color, bushiness of eyebrows and pubic hair, tattoos, definition of breast contour and whether your mouth is closed and pouty or parted and shiny.

You choose one of the skins, Sophisticate, Grace, Divine, Babydoll, etc. and then go to a page where you customize the skin.  It's meant to be for the purpose of creating a custom skin for Second Life that you would then purchase, natch, but if you like Barbies and Fashion Plates, yeah, just try and not think of the site as a place to just play.

LOGO Custom Skin Creator

I even got to express my penchant for pubic hair rebellion.

The site says the owners have plans to do a customization service for men too.  I hope they do.  And I hope they include race and age options and make it at least as customizable for men as it is for women.

Here's a tutorial video.  I skipped it and went straight for the good stuff.  It's pretty intuitive.  Although the video does explain the pricing policy and what to do with the demo and skin inworld, which is helpful.

Does anyone know of anyone else who does customizable skins like this?


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Double Your Pleasure

Back when I was a corporate trainer, these things were everywhere in my life.  And yes, we sniffed them.

Ima said:
"Owners of giant crayons and sniffers of said crayons are much more entertaining. Maybe she will get giant markers soon...double your pleasure."

WoT Noms

Submit them here please.  Wall o'text posters of the decade.  Any and all internet forums.  Thank you.

Friday, July 29, 2011

SLU News from Cristiano (July 29, 2011)

"A thread on SLU has been included in the related links on an article from the Huffington Post:

'Female Armor Sucks' Questions Video Game Costume Choices (VIDEO)

The corresponding SLU thread:

Female Armor Sucks

The thread was included in the Around the Web section with links to related articles:


"After a bit of a delay to work out some technical issues that a Wordpress update caused, I am finally officially launching!, a fashion, photography and shopping feed site as part of SLUniverse. The direct URL is, and I will also be adding a link to it in the navigation on the forums as well soon. 

For information on having your blog included in the feed, please see the about page here:

I am also interested in having some original content developed for it, perhaps reviews or some such thing. If you are interested, please let me know.

Thank you for everyone who helped out during the development of the site, and your feedback is always welcome.

The above quotes are from Cristiano posts on SLUniverse.  And don't forget Cristiano's thoughts on SLU's tone (about which Lias "Bladyblue" Leandros had some not inconsiderable influence).


Eavesdropping (July 29, 2011)

gotVirtual's Recent Status Updates.
Bunnie said:  "Still 'touching' folks at the gas station, eh?"
Lias in "LeeHere I see you" on (a thread I don't actually have to participate in for it to become a 52 page, 7,564 view, 1,035 post thread, despite my reputation for stirring shit, btw):
"I made one post to Lee 5 months ago about my problem with her (the first post in this thread) she responded with pictures of cats. The rest is a 'Lias Look at Meh Festival' from people like you."
Wasted Engineer in "What's the deal in defending linden lab" on
 "I need fresh air and to walk through the green forest of my mind"
"I can hear someone who wears lipstick only on one lip groan here. That in itself makes me squeal and laugh."
RanmaTardis in "What are your hobbies, pastimes etc?" on SC MKII:
"I like to run around in the nude. Having wet clothes around me when swimming etc is uncomfortable. Also I do not like "tan lines", being naked means being closer to nature and thus being in a state of grace with God."
RanmaTardis in "Should The United States Join the Commonwealth?"on SC MKII:
"Pennsylvania another commonwealth is just as bad. A formal event there is where one wears their shoes and teeth!"
Trout in "Should The United States Join the Commonwealth?"on SC MKII:
"Apropos of nothing, one of the most fun things I've ever done with my clothes on was in Pennsylvania. We went hunting for fossils in the slate piles that they toss out when they mine for coal. We had little rock hammers and we hit the slate on the side to split the layers and found all sorts of fossilized leaves and things. It was a BLAST. Then, my luggage on the way home weighed about 100 pounds."
Ishina in "Proof of Concept" on SC MKII:
"I will maintain an air of superiority and pretend I'm not interested in the thread, while I make a passing comment about the nature of those posting in it."
Ursula Cinquetti in "Proof of Concept" on SC MKII:
"Very quiet here. I expect a ragequit storm soon. Have we had a ragequit in the corn here yet?"
23rdDjin in "Proof of Concept" on SC MKII:
"they usually just stalk off."

L will probably like this from GreenLantern Excelsior (GLE) in his OP "Heil Kitler" on SC MKII:

I put links in these posts not only so that people can follow them back to the source, but so that I don't get accused of making this stuff up.

Criteria for Forum Ranking, Ratings & Reviews (Part II - The Version)

How's this?

◆  Second Life Official Forums:
◆  Utherverse Official Forums:
◆  Inworldz Official Forum:
◆  Second Citizen MKII:
◆  SL Offworld:
◆  SLUniverse:
◆  The Gorean Forums:
◆  Second Life Music Community Forum:
◆  Second Life Art & Artist Network:
◆  me2oh:
◆  3DChat Official Forum:
◆  Wasted Life:
◆  Viewer and product forums

❏  Categories (general vs. specific, SC MKII vs. the SL Artists forum, for example)
❏  Age & content restrictions
❏  Size  & traffic
❏  Community Standards & moderation
❏  Most popular sections, topics & threads
❏  Most recent activity
❏  Registration process & ease of entry into the community / welcome
❏  Community culture, civility, playfulness & tone
❏  Layout, visual appeal, ease of use & options (blogs, albums, etc.)
❏  Forum navigation, tips, tricks, troubleshooting and things you should know
❏  Usefulness in terms of helpful answers or pure fun
❏  What differentiates the forum, if anything.
❏  And then general comments (some of which might be based on things discussed or listed here).

The Antidote to the Wall o'Text


Hey, even Pep has lolguard-dogs.

My "Cats & Kittens" OP thread in the Utherverse Forums -
My "icanhazcutenessheadexploshun" OP thread on gV -
Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures -

Criteria for Forum Ranking, Ratings & Reviews (Part I - The WoT version)

To be or not to be is no longer the question.  The question now is, "what should the criteria be for ranking, rating, reviewing and summarizing virtual world forums?"

I'm thinking of how Forbes and USA News and World Report and the like state their criteria when they report on businesses or colleges and universities.  What would our criteria be?

The first one that pops to my mind is whether or not it is an adult (18+) forum and then from there whether it is G, PG, PG-13, R, X, XXX (with apologies to my international audience for using an American rating system.)  Most people already know I'm prone to rank forums by the atmosphere - coffee klatch, bar, bistro, hooligan pub, etc.

This is from a post I made in gotVirtual on July 16, 2011 about gotVirtual.
Basement bar. The kind you enter because someone gave you the inside info. Go down the back alley, down the back stairs. Big dude everybody calls "Mars" will look through a small window in the door and eyeball you before grunting something about a password. Speak. Shut up. Stand there. Wait. Door will open. Walk in. Smoky, boozy, craps game going on, Texas Hold 'Em. People checking you out without really looking at you. Simple, utilitarian. Everything you need. Nothing you don't. Money is where it should be and nowhere it shouldn't. Grab a drink, pick a spot and ante up. Don't ask too many questions. Play the game or get played. Something like that.
ETA: Almost forgot the bistro upstairs.
This is from a post I made in gotVirtual on April 16, 2011 about gotVirtual and RLetc.
It was definitely intended to be a "kinder, gentler" place and friendly to advertisers and it was and is. It's definitely more bistro than bar. The main parallel between RLetc and gV is that they are both ostensibly virtual world forums.
I tend to refer people to when they say they do not enjoy forum flame wars, fights, dramas and trolls and just want a nice place to talk about Second Life and other virtual worlds like STO and WoW.  I refer people who want to go the opposite direction to gV.  I refer people into politics, gardening and recipes to SC MKII.  I refer people who want SL information and a big crowd or one-stop shop to SLUniverse or SL official.  And so forth.

Can't have a discussion about forums with Pep involved without talking about the Community Standards and moderation of those stated standards.  (I do realize moderation is a common topic for others as well, and reasonably so.)

Size and traffic would be obvious ones to me as well.  Number of members, posts, etc.  How long the site has been up.  Most popular sections, topics and threads.  Maybe registration process and ease of entry into the community.  How much the virtual world is actually discussed.  Here's a brain dump based on my own thoughts and the comments I have seen others make.

❏  Categories (general vs. specific, SC MKII vs. the SL Artists forum, for example)
❏  Age restriction
❏  Content restrictions
❏  Size
❏  Traffic
❏  Age
❏  Community Standards
❏  Moderation
❏  Banned members
❏  Virtual world content
❏  Most popular sections or topics
❏  Most popular threads
❏  Recent activity
❏  Registration process
❏  Ease of entry into the community / welcome
❏  Community culture
❏  Civility
❏  Layout, visual appeal
❏  Options (blogs, albums, etc.)
❏  Ease of use
❏  Forum navigation
❏  Tips, tricks, troubleshooting and things you should know
❏  Admins & Mods
❏  Trolls
❏  Local "celebrities" and well-known players
❏  Usefulness in terms of helpful answers or pure fun
❏  Best ofs
❏  Inworld presence (Forum Cartel, RLetc Bay, etc.)
❏  Youtube videos or channels
❏  What differentiates the forum, if anything.
❏  And then general comments.

Then the question might be, "which forums should be included in the review?"

◆  Second Life Official Forums:
◆  Utherverse Official Forums:
◆  Blue Mars Developer Forum:
◆  Inworldz Official Forum:
◆  Star Trek Online (STO) Official Forum:
◆  3DChat Official Forum:
◆  Second Citizen MKII:
◆  SL Offworld:
◆  SLUniverse:
◆  Second Life Unleashed:  (Owner declared it dead, but the link is still live.)
◆  The Gorean Forums:
◆  SL Flying for Second Life Aviators:
◆  Second Life Music Community Forum:
◆  Second Life Art & Artist Network:
◆  me2oh:
◆  Wasted Life:
◆  Kirstens Viewer Forum:
◆  Kokua & Imprudence Forums:
◆  Phoenix Forum:
◆  KingGoon:

Dead or Dying
✟  Virtual World Universe:
✟  ItsaVirtualLife:
✟  Second Life Forum:
✟  SLforum:
✟  The Sexy Guild:

I have noticed there are a couple of defunct site names and links that now point to

And yes, I'm focusing on forums that are primarily English-language based as the list gets a lot longer if you include all languages.

I'm throwing it all up there in one big pile, so don't be put off by the size.  We could choose five criteria and ten forums or some other kind of culling.  You get the pic, right?

This is from a post I made in gotVirtual on April 18, 2011, comparing some of the forums:
Online now: 25 (members: 13, guests: 12)
Discussions:1,185 Messages:53,369 Members:198
Most-viewed thread: Standing invitation for SCMK-II and SLU People who have an axe to grind..... 30k+
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937 of 1739 Members have made 23975 posts in 10 forums, with the last post on 04/15/2011 12:23:07 AM
There are currently 2851 topics
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There are currently 74 users online. 11 members and 63 guests
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Second (SC MKII)
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Powered by Kunena

And this is a snapshot (1 & 2) of my observations as of March 18, 2011 (subject to change, natch).

It has so much to do with sensibility, perspective and purpose.
Some people approach a forum like it's a nice bistro where you can discuss all manner of topics like art, fashion and news in a reasonable and courteous manner in calm and quiet tones.
Some people approach a forum like it's a rowdy bar or pub where people play the dozens, fling each other crap, get into bar fights, scrap a little and then ogle someone hot and sing loud and vulgar songs.
Someone from the bistro might stroll into the bar and hear vulgar language and fighting words and be appalled and dismayed. They might see it as toxic and negative. Someone from the bar might wander over to the bistro and find it boring and staid. Both environments might totally bring the other person down.
Some people don't "get" the rowdy bar scene, some people do "get" it and find it distasteful and some people love that shit, roll up their sleeves and wade right on in.
The problem occurs when the bistro crowd and the bar crowd occupy the same space.
This forum is more like the rowdy bar, but we have bistro posters and bistro lurkers, so yeah, it's going to look pretty toxic. I've referred a number of people to gV. There was one person who definitely found this place to be like a festering, toxic grudgefest filled with loons who couldn't let anything go. There was another person who stopped just short of yelling "woohooo" and diving in cannonball-style into the pool.
I asked Dale earlier if she'd seen the movie Gran Turino and the scenes between Clint Eastwood and the barber in particular. I've posted pics of Statler and Waldorf representing two members of this site (and others). Both those references involve two men who are the best of friends... insulting each other. Some people find that strange, some people find it negative and some people see fun, connection and loyalty.
That said, not every boisterous relationship or exchange is underpinned by friendship and fun. Some of the exchanges in here are, just pure and simple, toxic bullshit. Some people are willing to step around the trash, some people want to clean it up and some want to avoid it altogether. And some people are freaking obsessed with rolling around in it.
Different strokes for different folks. Different forums too. I see and SLU being for the bistro crowd. SLO seems to want to be a bistro. SC MKII, in my opinion, wants to position itself as a bar, but is really a bistro. gV and the Utherverse (RLC) forums are bars. Hooligan bars. So if your friend is a bistro patron, he or she would not be comfortable in this bar. I refer the bistro crowd to and SLU and I refer the bar crowd to SC MKII, gV and RLC. Others may choose to do differently, of course.
That's my take anyway.
If you want to see what toxicity on a forum looks like, take a little tour around the Wasteland of the Utherverse (RLC) forum. It's pure Jerry Springer on steroids in there. Almost makes gV look like, well, like a bistro with a bar. It's funny to me too, because of all the talk about the official Second Life forums (and occasional mention of the Sony forums) around the SL-based third-party forums. Most people seem to realize that a corporate product site has to be a little more conservative than a third-party or fan forum site. We get looser the further out we are, right? Well the Utherverse (RLC) forum is the official product forum. Most of the posters of the official Second Life forum would clutch their pearls and faint dead away in the Utherverse (RLC) forum. Those that decry, or even those that supposedly engage in, bad behavior on gV,SC MKII and SLU would likely blanch over there. I suppose it's worth pointing out that the Utherverse (RLC stands for Red Light Center) is a virtual world with a primary purpose of adult entertainment, so that colors things a bit. There's not a big team of educators or corporate suits likely to wander into the forum. You might be interested to know that the Utherverse has clear designs on being more "Second Life like" and branching out from the adult entertainment industry like a porn actress who wants to start doing mainstream movies.

I did take a look to see if there was a site that review the forums and I found this:  I'm not satisfied.  I think there is room for a more in-depth review.  Besides, it looks more like a cheery, superficial advertisement than anything else.
"One of the favourite past times for many Second Life residents is writing about their Second Life experiences. There are many blogs relating to Second Life and a number of forums where people interact, share ideas, help each other, discuss pressing Second Life issues, as well as troll, flame and argue! Here is a short list of the most well known and well used Second Life related forums."

Orfeu was kind enough to give me a screen capture of the blue-barbed wire problem, by the way, so I hope I was able to fix it for this blog post by getting rid of the embedded titles.

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