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Random Blog Sightings Weeks of May 19 - June 11, 2011

Second Thoughts

I confess I'm not a major reader of Prokofy Neva's blog, mainly because I'm not as conversant in Second Life issues as I would need to be to make much of it meaningful to me.  But I do peek in from time to time and find myself occasionally rewarded with some Prok-Play.  Those are the golden moments and there's been a pleasant rash (or rush?  for gold?) of them lately.

Here are some examples:


2.  War on AnnMarie O'Toole

War on AnnMarie O'Toole
Tanks are amassing in Durango.

3.  UnHoly Rimpoche Kiama


How can you read "Who would be obsessive enough to come and find *ten chicken eggs* at various locations and then come and crush them? Only somebody who is unhinged," and not laugh?  That combined with the slack-jawed, gormless-looking pic of said egg crusher...priceless.

4.  If You Lived Here, You'd Be Gone Now
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Gone Now
Check this out!

5.  Prok Planking in Second Life


One last note, Prokofy Neva's real-life human operator recently celebrated a birthday.  Happy birthday!

Sleazy, silly, sometimes cruel, often fun, almost completely tongue-in-cheek...the Second Life tabloid that is "The Forum Confidential." 

Recent stories included:

Just be careful wading into the coffee-and-bile klatch comments section of this internet rag.  If you find some forums insular, incestuous, fixated, egocentric, self-indulgent and/or dramarific, you will likely suffocate in the intensely small, histrionic and tumultuous world that is the comment section of The Forum Confidential.  If you love extended soap operatic dramas with a handful of players you can get to know and love and hate, then this might just be your cup of tea with a side of lemon.

Ishtara's blog likely got a big uptick in views when links were passed around in the forum after Ishy retreated to Ishy's blog to write about an unpleasant experience in SLU discussing sexuality.  I say "discussing sexuality" rather than "discussing bestiality," which was the original topic, because the discussion evolved, as these discussions will, to include child molestation, rape and various other subtopics that might be included in the broad and loosely defined umbrella of sexuality.  The upshot is that Ishy seems to feel that the SLU posters turned into an angry mob.  And at the center of this mob?  No surprises for any forum follower...Joshua.

Excerpt from Ishy's blog:

When I signed up for a forum account at SLUniverse, I was aware that things might get a little rough. But it still came as a shock to experience the lynch mob mentality firsthand at the receiving end of the molotov cocktails, and to watch otherwise somewhat reasonable people turn into vicious harpies.
It all started with a thread about Florida's new anti-bestiality law. 
It started to rapidly go downhill when some immature, furry-hating dweeb called Joshua Nightshade informed me that I was "insulting the shit out of him" by suggesting that men have a fair amount of control over their nether regions, that he was "losing his patience", and that I had "reached the limit of his tolerance".  

Ishtara had a few thoughts on the SL-themed forums too.

I had been posting for a few weeks at the SLUniverse forums, since the rest of the Second Life forum landscape looks pretty bleak nowadays. The few remaining veterans of the official forums have succumbed to a Lithium-induced stupor, GotVirtual has devolved into a tiresome cross-forum flamewar, the circle jerk at the SL Offworld forum has slowed down to a one-fap-per-week crawl, and admitting myself to the online psych ward that is Second Citizen MK II is simply not an option. I might be crazy, but not that crazy. 

Hybrid Angel

Exciting news on Hybrid Angel. Grady's avatar was featured in a real-world book.  

Fashion Drawing ~ Michele Wesen Bryant

Congratulations Grady!  Well-deserved indeed.

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