Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Virtual World Forum Wrap Up Support

If some poor sod, excuse me, some wonderfully committed and creative soul is going to do weekly-wrap ups involving multiple SL-themed forums (Mulch doesn't ask for much does he?*), then he, she or it may need a little help.  What kind of help?  I have a few ideas on that subject based on observation and experience in the Utherverse forum.

There used to be a wrap-up post in the Utherverse forums some time ago. There was a submission thread tucked out of the way of the General Discussion area where people could post ideas or nominations with links for the wrap up. This made things easier for the wrap-up writer. The wrap-up writer would review the submissions thread and get a lot of ideas and leads and check things out. Made it easier than being omniscient.

Some of the things people put in the submission thread were:

1. Quote or favorite post of the week.
2. Thread of the week.
3. Fashion trend of the week.
4. Siggy or tag of the week.
5. Picture of the week.
6. Video of the week.
7. Newcomer of the week.
8. Flounces and exits.
9. Challenges.
10. Guest writer of the week.

For that last one, people would nominate a guest writer for the wrap up in order to give the regular writer a break.

For nostalgia's sake, here are a few examples of submissions for quote of the week:

"you will have to pardon my directness but I put tact and generally not giving a toss in the washer today ... they should be dry and ready to wear again tomorrow I hope ... ;d"

"Better out than in.
And I'm not talking about bellybuttons."


"User was deleted by the message....lol"

Link to third-party SL-themed forums here:  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Discussion_forums#Third-party_forums

Repost.   Today, 12:49 AM  http://www.secondcitizen.net/Forum/showthread.php?p=369764#post369764

*  Multi-forum wrap ups with redundancy for safekeeping, tit pics, real-life hook-ups, drama...

If you have something that you want added to the forum wrap up, you can go to my blogger profile page, click on the email hyperlink and email me descriptions, links, pictures, etc.

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