Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Forum Sightings Weeks of May 29 - June 11, 2011



Cristiano began a frustrating correspondence with Google after losing advertising revenue when Google pulled their ads due to concerns about non-family friendly content on SLUniverse. Wasted Engineer, having been booted out of gV and SC MKII resurfaced as his alt, Perry Mizin, for another round of Wastedgate.  SLU has 16,190 members and 1,273,811 posts.



RLetc.com has 1,062 members and 96,509 posts.  Newest member is mister_funk.  Dale Innis and Don Mills posted about WoW.  MrsBo posted about Virtual Oopsies and Pickwick's Special of the Week.


SL Offworld Forum

SLO members celebrated the birthday of Theia Magic.  Maureen and Raul happily anticipated the June 26 season-four premiere of True Blood.  Peggy Paperdoll vented.  Canoro Philipp enthusiastically announced the return of the General Discussion Forum to the official Second Life forums.  Lillie Woodells made Live Music performance announcements.  pariht became SLO's newest member.  Random factoid:  Threads get "pinned" rather than "stickied" on SLO.  SLO has 132 members and 7,362 posts.



gV has 242 members and 91, 137 posts. 

gV saw the return of colleen Criss after an absence of about a week.  Ah, the siren call of a virtual world forum.  We've all heard it, haven't we?

Lum also returned to gV after a months-long absence.

Wasted Engineer and Jumpman Lane were banned from gV...Jumpman permanently.  A system glitch was discovered in the setting of Wasted's timed ban.  Regardless, the planets wasted both of them.

Kick decided, once again, that his Interferon interference services were needed, this time to infuse the lethargic gV with some  dramatic energy.  And so the beer-fueled, impotent "fuck this shit" thread was born and suckled on hairy Mulch teats.

Kick:  It's the drunk fucks you WANT to post at weird night hours.
That's when the real juice is squeezed!

Well, fuck. Time for some shit!

Of course, if the drama-seeking Kick had been paying attention, he might have noticed and enjoyed the minor kerfuffle going on in the What are you listening to? thread over the social value of the satirical songs of Randy Newman and the even smaller disturbance in the New Member Alert thread over the word "fu."

Newest members to gV are john thorpe, fschuenck, banane222, Shelby S and Moot. 

nina declared rather cryptically in her gV status that she "will not lose sight of the mission."  This might have been in response to the anemic trolling of the barely mysterious XxX in the LOL thread or it could have been in response to the collective behaviors of the squirrelly gV membership, myself included, naturally.

nina, aka the gV planetary system, was surprised to find that the relatively benign action of creating a new usergroup tier for members, inhabitant III, had the unintended effect of making some gV members feel marginalized as, well, literally second class members (inhabitant II).  The planets are now manually grandfathering in any inhabitants who request inhabitant III status without the required 159 trophy points for the next week.  The new usergroup, combined with the relatively newly acquired user albums on gV, means that inhabitant III members will be able to "create albums, and upload images to their user albums" and "initiate conversation with up to 10 recipients per conversation."

nina, aka Mars, also implemented a new usermood and the ability to edit thread titles.

The Naughty Thread(Pics, vids, etc. There will be nudity!) continues to be the most viewed thread on gV beating even Lain is Bam's Standing invitation for SCMK-II and SLU People who have an axe to grind..... thread, which died down a bit after it reached the 5,000 post benchmark.  Love created a parody thread, "Lias, listen please."  Ajax Manatiso lamented the observation that Guys Don't Dance.  Lias complained about the heat.  colleen and Tarzan peppered the board with headlines, as per usual.  The Reaction Shot Thread and RANDOM Picture Thread continued to be stable gV draws.

nina announced via the Mars account in the seriously? thread that she has received a letter notifying her of legal action due to comments made in the highly-viewed Lain is Bam's Standing invitation for SCMK-II and SLU People who have an axe to grind..... thread.

gV Bon Mots
Tarzan:  I think we are being unfair to Lester who, after all, has changed. Must I publish a gossipy blog that summarizes certain events at SC2 but avoids the mention of anything that might put me at odds with current in-crowd there and here, before you will believe in humanity?
Lain is Bams:  What kind of mood is "Pooptoast"?  Just askin'. There's no Smokey McPotts, or Baked Bams mood, but you can feel Pooptoast.
What kind of mood is Pooptoast?

People on both forums had their way with Anthony Weiner's weiner, as is to be expected.

Nostalgia was also a theme on both forums as old threads and memes were brought back to life including, HATLL YO.

SCMKII has 2,313 members and 370,682 posts.

Lum returned to SC MKII and was warmly welcomed.  Affinity finally registered and made her way off Ellis Island. Joining Affinity in her exodus from Ellis Island were Jolene Benoir, Melissa Yeuxdoux and Drunk Conductor who claimed to be protesting the Corning of his *ahem* brother, Wasted Engineer.

P2 celebrated a birthday.

Wasted Engineer and Jumpman Lane were PermaCorned after saying some line-crossing, vulgar and hateful things about Jolene Benoir that roughly 98% of multiple SL-themed forums were too disgusted by to tolerate...and that on top of their usual trolling and thread shitting.  Jolene expressed her gratitude for the multi-forum support, as did CaTo, who found herself surprised at the strength of her reaction to both the offensive posts and the supportive ones that followed.  Monna added her own apology.  Kick over-and-mis-played the "sensitive nice-guy wading into the fray to diffuse tensions among those who cannot see through their misguided rage" routine and was told to STFU.

Chaos Factor missed her self-imposed May 28th deadline for backing up some unpleasant claims about Ishina.  After having made cheeky hay of the anticipation of "Green Day" with green avatars, parties, banners, tags, jokes, posts and threads, a few of the SC MKII members began to express genuine concern as to Chaos' whereabouts.  Those that inquired in "back channels" to "Forum Whores" were assured that long absences between posts are not uncommon for the scrappy Chaos and that she will likely return unharmed and in fighting spirit.  Chaotic threads can be found here:

Chaos Factor: I'm calling you out
Evolution of Chaos

Fuckwad and LeeHere (me)  had a fairly significant spat in the Hey Io, Wad Called GV a "Snakepit" Birthed by SC, The "Motherload of Shit"[NSFW] thread created by Mulch. Some observers thought it was the end of a 3-year "Forum Whore frenemy relationship," some thought it was a lover's quarrel, some thought it was an overreaction with possible undercurrents unknown to most of the forum, some thought it was a delicious drama spike and some thought it was another bit of annoying performance art from tiresome forum trolls.

Lias officially became the Godwin of SC MKII.

Speaking of random forum sightings and performance art, I was pleased to see Uncle Fester's clean-shaven junk with the words "coco was here" written strategically in the lower abdominal area.  Uncle Fester bravely took one for the male posters' team after some of the female posters staged a protest over the obvious "pic or GTFO" inequality in SC MKII.

I stole this gif from the thread.  How could I not?

Not to be outdown by the drunken-posting Kick on  gV, Jolene, new to SC MKII (but not new to gV or SLU) did a little loopy and lubricated posting of her own, including 8 posts in a row in the same thread Fester posted his smooth junk in...finger spasms prompted by the sight, perhaps?

Sally Rosebud participated in 52 Weeks of Color.

Other SC MKII members prepared to Apply Now to Exhibit, Perform, or Volunteer at the Second Life Birthday Event.

Kirsten's Viewer Went 3D.

We got this news:  ZEXPO 2011 runs AUG 26 thru SEP 4: Celebrating the Adult Side of Second Life

SC MKII Bon Mots
Lum:  I challenge you to walk down 6th Street in Austin on Friday night and not think every UT student is a complete frothing jacktard idiot.
Lum: Aren't you just precious. A Randie calling people lemmings is like a Baptist calling people intolerant.
Ishina:  Every single one of your posts thus far contains another reason not to like you. And it's so methodical and predictable that I'm starting to think it's actually intentional. 
Ishina: I think your nerd adrenaline is wearing off. I think even you yourself must get a sense of how thin your replies are at this point.  
Ishina:  You've used this excuse way too many times. You're like the boy who cried "I'm awesome!", but when the villagers came to check, no awesome was actually found.
Ishina:  Masked vigilante ducks don't need to read, criminal scum. 
Ishina:  Why did it take you that many words to say "NO U"?
Ishina:  Because your tears taste delicious. 
Ishina:  It's like the Turd Fairy came in the night and left us Wad. 
Jorus:  You are literally the most annoying fuck in the forum for the last week running, yet two other people got banned. SHUT UP.
Mulch:  hey guys, i think i found out today that i am gay...   thanks, prok    
Cale Vinson:  And so it was that the Wad of Fuck did attain true enlightenment.  
Envoy:  Four "reserved" tags??? C'mon, people, shit or get off the pot! 

American Politics - Sarah Palin Version
Hey Io, Wad Called GV a "Snakepit" Birthed by SC, The "Motherload of Shit"[NSFW]
Hug a climate-scientist Day
Is it Libel (GV Edition)

Tags from the Is it Libel (GV Edition) thread:
!0 bams nina drama again?!1 anyone surprised?archiving servicesbams loses the internetsbeautiful schadenfreudeconfidential fodderdon don don dunh duh!don has no penis,don+bams=rite4eachotherhookers are cheaperpopa oo mao maoprovided by leeherereserved #1reserved #2reserved #3reserved #4reserved for envoyreserved for moreserved for mo2,retard battlesex with bams?stupid is as stupid doesstupid people are stupidsummer necro remindertucowswho called bams two cows?woahwrap this shit!

Tags from the Hey Io, Wad Called GV a "Snakepit" Birthed by SC, The "Motherload of Shit"[NSFW] thread:
boorishderail>(mulchxwadxpep)^∞dicks or gtfodidnt ask for assfuckin' hypocritesgood eggsgood titslias in trainingmulch > pep + wadpining for the fjordsshow some ballsskittlesex!,stank = curl(wad x pep)stiffen upstiffy contesttit frenzyw.e. = div (wad • pep)wad > pep x mulchwad=a2mwhagteger

Monna added new SC MKII banners to the rotation...banners she received from a not-too-mysterious "banner fairy."

Mulch waxed eloquent on the virtues of Ear Wax.

Mulch also waxed nostalgic for forum history.

A Brief History of Second Citizen (saved from SCv1) 
A Brief History of Second Citizen - Second Citizen Forums
A Brief History of Second Citizen (remember this?)
Picasa Web Albums - Wildefire - Expletive Acr...
All sizes | Second Citizen Banners by GE, 2007 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

It was a waxy week for Mulch.

Mulch announced that he was looking for someone to step up to the plate and blog about the weekly activities of the SL-themed third-party forums.  I was nominated.  I declined.  


Weekly SLU/SC/Plurk Wrap up for week ending 9/5/09 


Mulch played "unregistered bingo" while he waited.  You can play too.  Here's how:

I think I want to announce my new game

and you, the unregistered reader can help us play

just keep lurking without signing up, and YOU (without the {}'s) can help me decide what threads to obnoxiosuly necro 

i checked this thread out when i saw a guest reading it in the "who's online" section

and now it is ed

thanks to you, unregistered

please, unregistered, continue to lurk and read and tell me what threads to 
unregistered bingo FTW 

The Unregistered Bingo game took a turn for the serious when Mulch bumped a Madame Maracas thread (DJ Madame Jazzin' it up @ Beloved Galler in Steiger!) that was later locked by Lucifer.  Lucifer opened a new thread (Really Mulch?) to talk about the bump.

Forum memes:  before the 28th, unregistered bingo, no U, Lias as the official Godwin of SC MKII, Wad of Fuck, Coco's going off again to bake salad or something, You [you] newbies not in on the joke, Cocoing a thread, Kicking a thread, Interferon, drunken posting.

Link to listing of SL-themed third-party forums here.

If you have something that you want added to the forum wrap up, you can go to my blogger profile page, click on the email hyperlink and email me descriptions, links, pictures, etc.

*Please pardon our dust.  This post is still under construction.*


  1. Addendum:

    The ecstatic and waxy Mulch reposted this blog post on SC MKII at: http://www.secondcitizen.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=13715

  2. I was actually hoping to be slightly more subtle than that, but, oh well and welcome to the internet. lol

  3. I nominate Kita for the next one. (Though I do like CaTo's Forum Confidential idea and 23rdDJin's Ishina suggestion.)

  4. Hey Lee, great overview of the blogs! You read the blogs so we don't have to! TY!

    Well, in reality, you read the blogs, comment upon them which piques my interest and now I have to go scamper over to them and read more! Damn. Don't make me go to Prok's! People think *I* type long posts????

  5. PS.I've added you to my blog roll. You know this now puts incredible pressure on you to PRODUCE. Unlike, say, Pep, who has fallen down to the bottom of the list due to lack of posting. You can't compete with the fashion feeds that update constantly but try to stay ahead of Pep, ok?

  6. I do not yield to pressure, only bribes.

  7. Hmmm. Bribes. I'm as poor as a church mouse in both Lives so bribery is difficult. I might feature your blog in a post with links. Hm? Then you could get the three crazy people who follow me to peek in here? The 3 crazy people who keep looking for the dramaz to appear on my blog? (Damn, thwarted again!)

    (I'm kidding! Loyal followers all!)

    Somehow I don't think nude pics would be a bribe to you, but you seem to like asking for those! LMK!

  8. I feel certain the nudie pics would appeal to Mulch. Maybe the road from Seicher Rae to Lee is not a direct one. You might bribe Mulch to bribe me. Internet negotiating at its finest.

  9. It was actually not my intention, as I told Mulch, to *continuously* do a weekly forum wrap-up. This was a one-off for Mulch. I thought he and a few others would get a kick out of it. I don't have the stamina to read five SL-themed forums (gV, RLetc, SC MKII, SLO & SLU) with enough attention to do a wrap-up justice.

  10. I don't know Mulch. I know he(?) was being discussed along with Munch from L&O. That was confusing. I'm fairly uninformed, all things considered, which brings me back to the TY! for doing a Reader's Digest Condensed version of the blogs.

  11. I'm still hoping for a rotation of weekly guest writers.

    Hey Seicher Rae. Mulch wants these wrap ups and the nudie pics pretty badly. I'd say you have some leverage.

    Tits & Wrap Up or GTFO. A new blog meme.

  12. Munch = Mulch = Mulch Maker = Mulch Ennui = Wicked Smiley Face Chompin' a Cigar = a couple of alts with said smiley face in the avatar image

    Mulch is a self-proclaimed sex addict and drama troll. He posts on SC MKII and gV and would on SLU except that he got banned. *smile*

  13. Kita Dawg is Mulch's girlfriend. And yes, he's a heterosexual male just about everywhere except Prok's blog...where, incidentally, he is also banned.

  14. Uh, no. (Although the joke is not lost on me.)

  15. Joke?

    /me chuckles and waves

  16. "I don't have the stamina to read five SL-themed forums (gV, RLetc, SC MKII, SLO & SLU) with enough attention to do a wrap-up justice. "

    If you just stick to the active ones, that should only leave you with two to wrap up, three tops. I know at least two of those could be summed up as "still no new posts" :3

  17. LOL Naughty little feline. You encouraging me?

  18. do you NEED encouragement when your path is so well lit?