Monday, June 27, 2011

Eavesdropping (June 27, 2011)

Child-Avatar Lobby Tries to Forcibly Re-Size the Virtual World on Second Thoughts.

Prokofy Neva said:
"The outrageous premise of the stubby robot child of SL with adult female features plopped on her in a rather creepy way is that the entire sizing and proportion functionality and features of SL are 'broken'. That's because 'people aren't really 6'3'' or 7'1"' and therefore we must resize the entire world."
"It's breath-takingly ballsy software hubris -- but also quintessential child avatar lobby outrageousness. They hate feeling like a despised minority, so their solution is to re-cast the world in their image and make everybody else fit into their 'vision'. Yuck."

The Cathedral and Bizarre on Second Thoughts.

Prokofy Neva said:
"What I'm interested in as well is psyching out the "why" of this attack. My working hypothesis now is that it is the work of a very troubled gay man who is not "out" in RL, is conflicted about his homosexuality, experiences deep hatred for women, especially older women, is over-attached/involved with his mother, is absolutely hypersensitive to any criticism (mama's boy), has experienced a number of RL and SL failures or obstacles or setbacks, and has lashed out at me as a visible public figure, where he knows his griefing will get maximum visibility and effect."
"Fuck with my land and my tenants and my build? I will engage in Internet sleuthing and pop psychology on your motives and madness, big guy."

Some Feedback from a banned to share on gV.

Tarzan said:
"Using a image of a Klingon delicacy to make a point is racist."

Blog posts on Broken Toys.

Scott Jennings said:
"There Ain’t No Drama Like Spaceship Drama Cause Spaceship Drama Don’t Stop (Now With 200% More)" and "I Feel A Disturbance In The Force, As If Several Servers Cried Out In Terror, And Then Were Silenced"

I just like the blog post titles.  Even more so in juxtaposition with Neva's and Tarzan's quotes.

The true poetry of love...on Pep's Parenthetical Postscripts.

Pep said:
"The true poetry of love . . .
 . . . lies in the unconditional acceptance of one who pongs, farts, belches and picks his nose.
According to Carole Franizzi, that is. 

Pep (has just realised why all those women are still vainly chasing after him.)"

Yes, that must be it.


Ishina said:
"Oh! This reminds me of that time when nothing interesting happened."

Got Milk? on SC MKII.

Dakota said:
"YES it's gross! I've got spit in my mouth all the time; it mixes with everything I eat and drink and I swallow it. That's not gross. Someone else getting their spit on me? Gross. It's that way for all body fluids. Mothers feeding their own babies is the sole permitted exception. Would you let some woman you don't know just walk up and start breastfeeding your baby? She could have hepatitis or bird flu or something!"

Mulch said:
"what is your opinion of bukkake?"

Stephie liked Mulch's reaction on that one.  Cow's milk and bee's vomit (honey) was later referenced.  Who's hungry?


Storm said:
"Fuck you anonymous, my letter was not for you, regardless of who the fuck you think you are."

Anonymous said:
"Who the fuck I think I am? I know who I am. YOU don't know who I am. Pronouns are important."

Oh, the irony.

Raise Social Security on SC MKII.

Lum said:

"I'm trying to catch up with this thread but I'm confused. Are people with totalitarian personalities supposed to advocate leaving the elderly to die on ice floes to make the Volk weak? Or are people with totalitarian personalities supposed to steal the money of the poor oppressed hyperrich in a vain attempt to keep the losers of the world from starving to death, thus blocking valuable growth opportunities in soylent products?
I'm also confused by Mero posting as a caricature of a Randian hyperdarwinist (with Wad madly nipping at his heels in METOO fashion) while his avatar is of a manipulated chump in a bad Vin Diesel movie. Is this metacontext - does he see his role politically as the antihero pulled to one side than the other before finally kneeling at his better - or merely marginalia? 
Or is he just hot for Karl Urban? 
I'M SO CONFUSED fuck it time for Oprah to buy everyone a new retirement plan."

Who's fucking with the Coco? on SC MKII

Ayu Sura said:
"I find the parody threads distasteful."

Not the parody threads!

Community Assistance - RAGEQUITTERS Seeking guidance..... on gV.

Liona Clio said:
"Ragequitting is for the weak.
Ragestripping is the new ragequit. DO EEEET!

And last, but not least...a stolen picture.  Lula's Coco-lovin' Loki.

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