Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fresh Turd On The Loose!

Today is a good day.  There is a fresh turd on the loose.  That is to say, the potty blogger has posted.  (ALERT:  Turd on the Loose.)

Late last year Stephie and I stumbled across two blogs written by an anonymous potty blogger in San Francisco.  We probably spent about six hours one night, connected by Skype, laughing so hard we nearly pissed ourselves reading the entirety of the two sites all in one go and pointing out our favorite lines to each other.   Some were hilarious, some where alarming, some were gross, some led to uncomfortable questions, some just left us stumped and cautiously curious.  The whole experience was tremendously entertaining and to this day we are fans of the potty blogger.  We're not alone in this, he has many fans and has even made the news with his potty-centric posts.

If you like toilet humor, you may well find you are a fan too.  Check him out:!/pottyblogger

The Potty Blogger said:
"This blog is not about poop. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man."
"This ain’t toilet porn, friends. It’s a community of freedom fighters."

A post script and a little trip down memory lane.  The blog is about a men's room.  There are some aspects of the culture and language of the men's room that Stephie and I just did not know, so we asked some of the male forum whores on in the old Leeland social group and in a public thread entitled "Questions for Men."

Lee said: 
"What is meant when a man says he kept his hands on 'the wheel' when relieving himself at a urinal? What is the wheel? Steph said it might be a nickname for penis, but if that's the case, why? They're not round. Not any that I've seen. Oh wait. Is it a driving metaphor? Like 'keep both hands on the wheel while operating the vehicle?' That makes some level of contextual sense."
Mitch said: 
"just like in driving... you want to stay on the 'road' you had best keep your hands on the 'wheel'... or you might find your feet get wet...."
Kris said: 
"I've never heard of this term before, but I'm going to say it leaves very few interpretations, and that the most likely would be the one easiest to let the mind wander to.
That being said, I don't think I've ever taken both hands off the wheel while urinating, I find it rather odd that there are some who do.
Oh, and you have some very strange tastes in blogs."
Lee said: 
"Seriously. It took me more than half an hour to work that one fully out. Pardon the phrasing, given the topic. I actually posted the urinal pic because I was looking for a wheel-like object. Then Stephie and I worked out that the wheel was a penis and then it became, 'well, why?' As you can see, I did eventually get there...even without a wheel of my own.

Steph on Skype:

[9:00:46 PM] Steph: BREATHE!!
[9:02:20 PM] Steph: get a glass of water ffs

Trip down memory lane continued here.

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