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Virtual World Theme Sites (Blogs & Forums)

Blogs & Forums 

☛  The Metaverse Journal:

☛  Metaverse Wire:

"Metaverse Wire is a an aggregated website of blogs, articles, and topics focused on the different topics surrounding the metaverse. The goal is simple, to provide a quality, organized, and easy to follow look-thru the happenings of Second Life™, it’s related communities and technologies. To accomplish this goal, Metaverse Wire feeds selected and submitted blogs, news, stores, and stories that are focused on the Second Life™ community, and the greater metaverse community and it’s happenings."


" started in March 2008 because many people thought having a category driven Second Life feed would be easier for those people who like to blog about various things but don’t want their post about something off topic to appear on the regular feeds.
Metavirtual is a different kind of feed because you can manually choose to place your posts allowing all off topic content to not be fed to the Second Life community or you can decide to auto-syndicate into a single category if all you do is post about one category. No other feed offers this kind of flexibility with your blog."

The Alphaville Herald:

"Muckracking virtual newspaper investigating the darker side of virtual life in Alphaville."

New World Notes:

Hamlet Au's (Wagner James) metaverse news blog.

Blogs from a man committed to making your navigation and enjoyment of virtual worlds a little easier.

☛  Dwell On It:

plus virtual environments news and views, culture, technology and maundering

"Feldspar Epstein is a professional writer and aSecond Life user with a sideline in fashion. She also writes for The Metaverse Journal.
Tateru Nino is a professional writer and a Second Life user. She also writes for The Metaverse Journal."

☛  Hybrid Angel:

Life and fashion in Second Life by Grady Echegaray and Margaret Mfume.

☛  Ishy's Coherent Rants:

"Ishtara Rothschild's mostly coherent ramblings about Second Life and reality, sexuality and prudery, science and religion, news and history, virtual relationships and real idiocy, internet forums and intellectual debate, and other antitheses and matters of personal interest."

☛  Second Thoughts:

Prokofy Neva's popular and controversial blog.

☛  Forum Confidential:

Trashy tabloid blog covering SL-themed forums.


Second Life Forums

List of SL-themed third-party forums here:

The Utherverse (Red Light Center - RLC) Forums:

▉ More Blogs

  1. Across the Grid with Lindal Kidd:
  2. Alltop - Top Virtual World News:
  3. The Alphaville Herald:
  4. Arabella's Amblings:
  5. Ariane's Life in the Metaverse:
  6. Argus-Eyed:
  7. Auryn Beorn:  Second Life:
  8. Kick Frenzy's Bang Rumpus:
  9. Baring Witness (The adventures of a virtual muse):
  10. Be Cunning and Full of Tricks:
  11. Be Happy in SL's Blog:
  12. Botgirl's Second Life Diary:
  13. Brinda@Benares:
  14. The Brody Blog:
  15. Broken Toys:
  16. Bryn Oh:
  17. Cait's World:
  18. Chic at Phil's Place:
  19. Chrome Never Sleeps:
  20. Ciaran Laval:
  21. Colleen Criss's Weblog:
  22. Dale Innis's Weblog:
  23. Daniel Voyager's Blogs:  &
  24. Dark Eden Plaza:
  25. Immy's Darkly Cute:
  26. Darrius Gothly's DGP4SL Blog:
  27. dusan writer's metaverse:
  28. Dwell On It:
  29. The Ephemeral Frontier:
  30. Erotistyle:
  31. FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL:
  32. Fashion Feed of SL:
  33. Fashion + Freebies for Men:
  34. Fetid Inner Child:
  35. Forceme Silverspar's Adventures in Second Life:
  36. For-uhm Boredz:
  37. Forum Confidential:
  38. Gamepron:
  39. The Green Lanterns:
  40. Gwyneth Llewelyn:
  41. Han Held's Blog:
  42. Honour's Post Menopausal View:
  43. Hybrid Angel:
  44. Hypergrid Business:
  45. I Derryth (Rowan Derryth's Virtual Adventures):
  46. iheartsl:
  47. i live in science land (iliveisl):
  48. Immersive Intelligence Colleagues:
  49. Imperium Katana:
  50. In a Strange Land:
  51. (ir)regular guy:
  52. Ishy's Coherent Rants:
  53. The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research:
  54. Jwheels Recommends Second Life Entertainment:
  55. Kara's Korner, Second Life Adventures:
  56. La Galleria News:
  57. Lindenlabs's Blog:
  58. Linden Watch:
  59. Living in a Modem World (Thoughts on Virtual Living):
  60. Lost Sims of SL News:
  61. Mal Burns Metaverse:
  62. Mal Nurns Second Life:
  63. Meditations:
  64. MetaLibrary:
  65. Metaversally Speaking:
  66. Metaverse Arts:
  67. The Metaverse Journal:
  68. Metaverse Wire:
  70. Mistletoe Ethaniel's Blog
  71. My So-called Virtual Life:
  72. Nalate's Things & Stuff:
  73. New World Notes:
  74. Nordic Virtual Worlds Network:
  75. Once Upon a Time in Second Life:
  76. One Big Blonde Moment:
  77. Parktown Progress:
  78. A Passion for Virtual Fashion:
  79. Pep's Parenthetical Postscripts:
  80. Phasing Grace:
  81. Pings from the Afterlife:
  82. Pixels & Policy:
  83. Plausible Body:
  84. The Primgraph:
  85. Prim Perfect:
  86. Quest for the Golden Prim:
  87. Quick Change Lexxi:
  88. Quick Music Lexxi:
  89. Random Rants And Raves:
  90. Real Avatars of Genius:
  91. Real Travels in a Virtual World:
  92. SaveMe Oh:
  93. Second Life Art & Entertainment:
  94. Second Life, A Second Chance?:
  95. Second Life Fetish Fashion:
  96. Second Life Newser:
  97. The Second Life of Marx Dudek:
  98. Second Life of My Dreams:
  99. The Second Lifer:
  100. Second Marketing:
  101. Second Spaces:
  102. Second Thoughts:
  103. Second Tricia:
  104. The Seanchai Library (SL):
  105. The Shockwave Writer:
  106. Shopping Cart Disco:
  107. Sigmund Leominster's SL© on SL™:
  108. SL Arts Park:
  109. SL Chatter:
  110. SLex & The City:
  111. SL Jungle World - A private diary of Klip Klaar & Friends:
  112. Suspiria's Blog:
  113. Telling:  Like It Is:
  114. The Torch (SL Guide):
  115. Torley's Blogs: &
  116. The Train Wreck Love Life:
  118. Tukso Okey (SL Musician):
  119. The University of Western Australia in Second Life:
  120. VA Creations for Everyday Use:
  121. The Virtual Caravan:
  122. Virtual Fashion Feed:
  123. Virtually PJ:
  124. Virtual Outworlding:  &
  125. The Virtual World Technologist:
  126. Walking With Avatars:
  127. What a Waste of Time!:
  128. What Is This Crap?:
  129. Worthless Wor(l)ds:

▉ Blog Obits

  1. Girl Wonder Speaks about Second LifeⓇ
  2. Existential SL, A Riddle:
  3. Ima Feisty:
  4. Second Front:
  5. Seicher Rae announced that she would be closing her two blogs and two of her SL accounts on June 15, 2011.
  6. Tymmerie Thorne announced on Friday, April 29, 2011 that she would be ending the blog.

▉ Blog Limbo

  1. 23rdDJin's Views From The Bottom of a DJin Bottle:
  2. Mulch Maker's Guide to the Galaxy:
  3. Saffy's Predicaments:
  4. Virtual World Business:
  5. Waking The New World:

▉ Other Potentially Interesting or Helpful Sites

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