Sunday, April 29, 2012

I opened one of those Jira whirlygigamajiggy things. Wish me luck.

Can we get three links added up there on the bar at the top of the Feeds next to "What is Second Life?" and "Destinations" and "Shopping"? One that says "Download" that leads to a download link for the Second Life LL viewer and one that says "Answers" that leads to the Answers page in the Second Life community forum and considering the fact that most of the Lindens have the Support Portal as the place to go for help in their own profiles, how about a link to the Support Portal. That would be super. Thanks.

Second Life Support Portal Popular With Lindens

Three out of four Lindens say, "if you need help, go to the support portal."

"Riviera" by Sonatta Morales

Sonatta Morales opened a new store with a new collection today.  Riviera.  I just wish I had the equipment (including graphics capability) to give it justice.  I'm sure others will be blogging and pic posting soon enough.

If you like beautiful, vintage-inspired pixel clothes, or if you are still looking for signs of life in Second Life, check it out.  There are a lot of beautifully dressed people milling about Sonatta's new store.

Congratulations, Sonatta, you've done it again.

And to everyone else...enjoy!   (and link me on the good pics, will ya?)

Sonatta Morales 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, Vintage Couture, Ballyboo (138, 198, 1191) - General











Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feed Lead

Rɑίɲίҽ posted this on the Feeds tonight.

"BEACH party!! 80 avatars here!"


See?  That's where the people are.

Second Life. I'm in. Now what? (Part V - Go find something to do.)

5.  Go find something to do.

I have yet to find someone who doesn't log in to Second Life and respond with, "it was huge and there was NO ONE ANYWHERE."

I know.  I thought the same thing my first time too.  Wide open spaces and tumbleweeds and maybe one person who quickly made themselves scarce.  And it looks like all of Second Life is that way, right?  Nothing to do, nothing to see, no one to talk to and you can even hear the wind howling if you have your speakers on.

Here's the dirty little secret of Second Life.  There are millions of us in there and we are all hiding from you.

Well, it might as well be, because your experience as a newbie is a valid one and yet there is an inexhaustible supply of things to do, places to go and people to see.  Once again, you just need to know where and how to look.  You also need to get some gumption and get off your mental couch and get with the program.  The beauty of Second Life is that it is a platform and you can do or be just about anything or anyone.  The key to that is you.  Go.  Do.  Be.

I'll drop some links in this post to get you started.  Be fair warned though.  I know what's out there.  I've been exploring for two years and I'm still not done.  I also have a bat and frying pan in my inventory and limited patience for whining or lack of initiative.  If you tell me you read this blog post and you couldn't find any people or anything to do, then I will beat you to a pulp with my bat and pan and then we'll both have something to do.  Isn't that nice?

Now for the leads and links...

The Second Life Profile Feeds at  People post pics with little hyperlinks that say "Visit Location" all day long showing what they are doing and where at that very moment.

Bloggers.  There are thousands of Second Life hobby bloggers out there posting about fashion, freebies and the latest cool club or roleplay sim or live music event in Second Life.  Check 'em out.  There's a whole bunch of them on this blog in the "Lee's Links" section at the bottom.

Forums.  People post about stuff and people answer questions about stuff.

Destinations & Events.  Second Life puts a handy-dandy Destination and Event guide on your Search in your Viewer and on their online site.

Search.  Type in a word that interests you.  Maybe "dance" or "music" or "golf."  Check out the results paying particular interest to the "sort by traffic" pull-down menu if you are looking for people.

Maps.  Your viewer maps will show green dots.  That's where the people are.  Wanna get there fast?  Teleport or fly.

Groups.  Join groups in Second Life and get notices about events.

People.  Ask them.

Curiosity.  Yours.  Follow it.

More links:!-People!-Life!-Chat!-Activities!

My Feed snapshots:

My albums:

You'll notice I find plenty to do.   ;-)


n00b at heart


Guitar Zane concert at Tequila Cove


Book reading at Caledonia


Amusement park rides at Black Pearl Beach


Haunted House at Sevenfold


My bat

Second Life. I'm in. Now what? (Part IV - Stop Looking Like a n00b)

4.  Stop looking like a n00b.

a.  We all look like n00bs our first time in Second Life.  Don't sweat it.
b.  Not everyone wants to follow this step.  There are regular Residents who have been around for years who still walk and type like newbies.  That's their choice, that's their thing and glory hailballs for freedom of choice. Lots of other people, however, want to wash off that new avatar smell as soon as possible.  Here's how.

1.  Get out of the prefab Linden Lab skin you wore on day one.  Change skin, shape and clothes.

2.  Get an AO (animation overrider) and stop walking like you have a dried corncob up your ass.

3.  Stop your typing animation.

4.  Rez, do not wear, boxes.  (This is one I still do to this day.)

5.  Step off of landing points as soon as you can.  (See the people hovering over you?  They're waiting for you to get out of the way so they can land.  More are coming.  Move.)

6.  Don't ask everyone you meet if you look sexy or if they wannafuck and don't tell every female avatar that you meet that they are really a guy.

7.  Pay attention to region maturity levels and don't walk around naked or in XXX attire in General areas.  And put your cock away.

8.  Don't push people and don't walk or bump into them.

9.  Check your screen for helpful IMs from the people around you.

10.  Learn and practice some of the etiquette of the new culture you are in.  Utilize some of the etiquette you learned in real life in Second Life too.

Links that may help:

Note:  I keep linking  It's a third-party virtual world forum.  You have to join and become a member to view the content.  It's a small, quiet, easygoing little forum with good people in the membership ranks.  It's a good place for new people to go and put their toes in the water without getting blasted by people who like to game forums.  Also, back in 2010 I spent hours assembling a boatload of guides, many of which still contain a lot of useful and relevant information as well as links, slurls, screenshots and step-by-step instructions.  Am I an expert in SL?  Hell no.  But as I went through those early days and figured stuff out, I made note and pic of it and I'm sharing it with you now.  And only now.  Use it or lose it.


Second Life. I'm in. Now what? (Part III - Find the Free Stuff)

3.  Find the free stuff.

You can have a completely free and fabulous experience in Second Life and you can do it with good quality stuff.  You just need to know where to find it and that's not as hard as you may think since people love to blog and talk about free goodies.

The best way to get the good stuff is to join the groups of good designers and content-creators and to keep an eye out when good designers and content-creators offer gifts or just go to the Second Life marketplace and sort your searches by cost looking for the freebies.

You need to do some research of your own, but here's a head start:

Now take your stuff to a sandbox and rez it, open it, copy it, use it and have fun with it.

Second Life. I'm in. Now what? (Part II - Find and Landmark a Sandbox)

2.  Find a Sandbox

You need a sandbox in order to rez (open and show) stuff that you will need.  Find one you like and landmark (bookmark) it.  You can find one in Search by typing in "sandbox."  Some of the help locations I mentioned earlier have their own sandboxes.

Help Island has a sandbox.


More sandbox links:

More links:


Marigold, Blue Dolphin.  Allows rezzing.

Second Life. I'm in. Now what? (Part I - Get Help)

I posted about how people were asking me how to get into Second Life here.  Now I figure I ought to make mention of a few standard "once you're inworld" things to know.

I'm no expert, I'm no "helper" and everyone enjoys their virtual experience their own way.  These are just a few tips based on my own experiences and observations.

1.  Get help.

The learning curve in Second Life is huge.  Worth it, but huge.  Get help.

There are plenty of places and people from which or from whom to get help, but I'd advise you to spread it around.  Some people log into Second Life, find a generous soul who helps them with a few basics and then latch onto them and bleed them dry of all good will.  Helping new people when you have a hobby you love is a pleasure.  Feeding a leech who turns your hobby into a grinding job is a special kind of hell. Don't be a thoughtless leech.  Find multiple resources and spread your questions and requests around.  Besides, I guarantee you there are some questions you are going to ask more than once and if you can ask it of multiple different people you will feel like less of a forgetful dork.  Either that or people get fed up and bail before they even know what they are missing.  Don't be that guy either.

Where can you get help?  Good question.  There are LOADS of places to get help.  That and the payoff in terms of Second Life enjoyment make being a n00b worthwhile.

There are multiple forums offworld that include Resident members who have been in Second Life for 5 or more years.  Many of those forums have Answers or Guide sections and people willing to give of their time and knowledge to answer questions for you. Start with the official Second Life forums and then try SLUniverse, the largest of the third-party forums.  Branch out from there and you may even find a forum community you want to be a permanent part of, or at the very least, bookmark for the occasional question.

Youtube has video tutorials.  Inworld clubs, groups, schools and volunteers have blogs.  Lots of Second Life hobbyists and even Second Life professionals have blogs.

You should also check out the Second Life Wiki.

Here are some helpful links:

Here are some forum links:

There are GREAT Second Life tutorials on Youtube and beautiful Second Life machinima too.

There are also inworld help centers and help groups in Second Life with volunteers devoted to helping you through that big learning curve I mentioned.

Pull up the Search menu on your viewer and type in "Help" and see what comes up.  You could also look for:

Help at Caledon Oxbridge University Community Gateway, Caledon Oxbridge (92, 197, 27) - General

Help Island Public, Help Island Public (119, 115, 26) - General

White Tiger Help & Learning Island. New Resident Services., Lawst Paradise (138, 18, 21) - General

NCI Dream Seeker New Citizens Incorporated - Help/Classes, NCI Dream Seeker (44, 198, 23) - General

The Shelter, Isabel (34, 226, 81) - Moderate

There, that should get you started.



The Shelter


White Tiger Help Island

ETA: From Void Singer via Sy Beck on the SL official forum...

Void Singer's post:

I had a thought to compile a list of official resources, available from Linden Lab, as a go to source for official information regarding problems one might encounter in SL.
The list I'm attempting to compile is of only the LL direct sources, since most of the informal sources (such as these forums) are fairly well known and often suggested, but not everyone is aware of all the official sources...
so to jump start this list, I'm going to throw out some categories, and populate a few of them, and would welcome any suggestions for Official LL Resources only (which I'll do my best to update into this post)

UPDATED Dec 16, 2:58 PM (PST)

Information on current events and changes within SL:
Basic Information and Common questions:
  • @SupportLinden (A twitter account that redirects users to the likeliest resource)
  • Knowledge Base (a collection of preformated questions and answers on a variety of topics)
  • Video Tutorials (collection of video detailing how to do many basic tasks and showcasing SL content)
  • SL Wiki (only some information found here is official)
Basic support:
  • Quickstart Guide (something to get you started if you are new to SL)
  • Billing issues (can't save your payment info? got overcharged by LL, go here)
  • File a Trouble ticket (AKA Support Portal, for problems that you are personally experiencing, should be logged in if possible)
    • Live Chat Support (must be premium member and logged into the website, limited hours)
  • Jira(find out about known bugs, possible workaraounds, and keep updated on the ones important to you)
Active Focus Groups:
  • Server Betauser group (meets on beta grid [aditi] focuses on upcoming features and fixes)
  • Server/Sim user group (meets twice weekly on main grid [agni] focuses on current server limitations and workaraounds)
  • Scripting user group (meets weekly on main grid [agni] focuses on scripting bugs and new features)
  • Content Creation user group (meets week on main grid [agni] focuses largely on mesh)
  • Community Tools user group (focuses on webside resources for SL) - Closed

I only gathered some of the obvious links, it could used fleshed out with contact phone numbers, emails and other direct LL supported resources (one in which an employee of linden lab either directly answers, or can point you to the correct resource)

Additional comments (see linked thread for posters):

wiki ?

If you're gonna list Rod's Tweeter feed, why not list his SL profile feed as well?

Thanks much, Void. I have just one suggestion to add to your list: Billing Support? Oh, and maybe a link to the Quick Start Guide?

May I also suggest under basic info the video tutorials:

Colleen's link leads from the SL Feed:
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