Saturday, April 21, 2012

Second Life. I'm in. Now what? (Part V - Go find something to do.)

5.  Go find something to do.

I have yet to find someone who doesn't log in to Second Life and respond with, "it was huge and there was NO ONE ANYWHERE."

I know.  I thought the same thing my first time too.  Wide open spaces and tumbleweeds and maybe one person who quickly made themselves scarce.  And it looks like all of Second Life is that way, right?  Nothing to do, nothing to see, no one to talk to and you can even hear the wind howling if you have your speakers on.

Here's the dirty little secret of Second Life.  There are millions of us in there and we are all hiding from you.

Well, it might as well be, because your experience as a newbie is a valid one and yet there is an inexhaustible supply of things to do, places to go and people to see.  Once again, you just need to know where and how to look.  You also need to get some gumption and get off your mental couch and get with the program.  The beauty of Second Life is that it is a platform and you can do or be just about anything or anyone.  The key to that is you.  Go.  Do.  Be.

I'll drop some links in this post to get you started.  Be fair warned though.  I know what's out there.  I've been exploring for two years and I'm still not done.  I also have a bat and frying pan in my inventory and limited patience for whining or lack of initiative.  If you tell me you read this blog post and you couldn't find any people or anything to do, then I will beat you to a pulp with my bat and pan and then we'll both have something to do.  Isn't that nice?

Now for the leads and links...

The Second Life Profile Feeds at  People post pics with little hyperlinks that say "Visit Location" all day long showing what they are doing and where at that very moment.

Bloggers.  There are thousands of Second Life hobby bloggers out there posting about fashion, freebies and the latest cool club or roleplay sim or live music event in Second Life.  Check 'em out.  There's a whole bunch of them on this blog in the "Lee's Links" section at the bottom.

Forums.  People post about stuff and people answer questions about stuff.

Destinations & Events.  Second Life puts a handy-dandy Destination and Event guide on your Search in your Viewer and on their online site.

Search.  Type in a word that interests you.  Maybe "dance" or "music" or "golf."  Check out the results paying particular interest to the "sort by traffic" pull-down menu if you are looking for people.

Maps.  Your viewer maps will show green dots.  That's where the people are.  Wanna get there fast?  Teleport or fly.

Groups.  Join groups in Second Life and get notices about events.

People.  Ask them.

Curiosity.  Yours.  Follow it.

More links:!-People!-Life!-Chat!-Activities!

My Feed snapshots:

My albums:

You'll notice I find plenty to do.   ;-)


n00b at heart


Guitar Zane concert at Tequila Cove


Book reading at Caledonia


Amusement park rides at Black Pearl Beach


Haunted House at Sevenfold


My bat

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