Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Gala for Gala (July 9 - 16)

And a controversy for the grid.

Update:  A new location for the fundraiser.

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Fundraiser announcement:
Fundraiser announcement:
Fundraiser announcement:
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Screenshot of the Hush "Copyright infringement" post:

Court documents:;jsessionid=0001f7HusaaVUubjpSQ7CDn0Ove:1HBMQVRDD?fileNum=1094813&type=1&lang=eng

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  1. If, only for example, The Coca-Cola Company took action against PepsiCo Inc. or PepsiCo Inc. took action against The Coca-Cola Companyhow many of you would donate to assist with the legal costs of either Company, and what is the reason for your answer?

    How is a legal issue between two virtual companies any different, and spare me the sob srories, the gossip and rumor based rants and stick to that courious thing called the law. Also, if you are going to quote intrepretation of the law to me include your legal qualifications.

    I would suggest rather than fund what is a corporate legal battle peopel would be far, far better giving to RFL or a similar worthwhile Charity, either in-world or in RL.

    Rory Serpente LL.B (UQ), LL.M. (Cantab)

    1. Because Gala isn't a corporation. She's a member of the community. That should be enough reason.

      Because Hush Darkrose is perpetrating fraud, and everyone has a moral obligation to do what they can to ensure she doesn't get away with it. That should be enough reason.

      But even if both of those seem insufficient, the simply because it's what people wish to do. It's a free country, and a free world. Don't like it, don't participate.

    2. Don't know if I'd donate to Coke or pepsi.. Probably Coke. But that is not anywhere near the point.

      The point is As Darien said. A member of the community, who was stolen from and a victim. If Hush can do it to Gala.. Then.. anyone can do it to anyone else. *shrug* Why donate to this cause? Eh.. Cause I feel like it. That's reason enough, don't you think?

      I would suggest that if you'd rather give to RFL or some other cause then you do so and let those of us who want to support Gala when she needs it do so. Thank you.

    3. Hey Rory, you could look at it this way... we're helping to defend Gala's human rights:

      Article 23.

      (1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.
      (2) Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.
      (3) Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

      Or, we just don't like lying, thieving b1tches.

    4. An individual "doing business as" (which is what we've got here) is not the same thing as a corporation. Gala and Hush are individuals. I'd have thought someone who purports to have an LL.M. from Cambridge would have heard of the Case of Sutton's Hospital, but maybe not.

    5. Haha an internet lawyer. We've never seen one of those before!

  2. I think I am understating the case when I say that it is a real stretch to compare individuals doing business to major corporations doing business.

    I also feel absolutely no obligation whatsoever to "stick to the law" when making decisions about my time, energy, efforts, interest and money.

    I do not feel compelled in any way whatsoever to quote interpretations of the law or my legal qualifications.

    How kind of you, a individual I know not at all, to offer advice to me on how best to use my personal resources though.

    Thank you.

    - Lee (private citizen)

  3. I do research the things I comment on, including Gala and Hush...and Rory Serpente.

  4. "How is a legal issue between two virtual companies any different..."

    Let me count the ways.

  5. Issues between individuals in virtual worlds are sometimes about things like griefing, harassment and theft.

    Virtual businesses are sometimes more than hobbies and less than global corporations, they are sometimes basic livelihoods and sometimes they are the "babies" of intellectual creation. Sometimes they are both.

    Support among individuals in virtual worlds are sometimes about things like friendships, community and principles.

  6. Voting with our dollars. The market at work. Vive la freedom of choice.

  7. "I am not suggesting for a nano-second that Relay for Life, or the other legitimate Charities are not wonderful causes and worth supporting, and I don’t question all the funds raised go to the Charity. However as a RL lawyer, albeit not in the US justice system (I get to wear a wig and fancy dress) should I have to prove in Court of Law that all funds raised in SL go to the Charity concerned could I?"

    - Rory Serpente

  8. What happened to ?

  9. "Think about it and if you have a reason not to buy at Fashion for Life email me at

    I am in no way associated with Fashion for Life, or this blog, other than as a buyer at Fashion for Life and a reader of the blog." - Rory Serpente (formerly Wilberforce Beaumont)

  10. Btw, I didn't support the Blogger Hall of Shame. I was against that action.

  11. "CONTENT CREATORS – my L$ transaction history is testimony to your work" - Rory Serpente

  12. And seriously, who puts their professional and educational credential abbreviations on their avatar name? I mean really.

    1. Well, for all his education and credentials he has no common sense whatsoever. The difference between Coke, Pepsi and Gala Phoenix is that those corporations have a ton of money and, no doubt, teams of lawyers to back them in any legal dispute that may arise. Gala, on the other hand, is just one individual without the finances to defend herself and her livelihood against these false accusations. I'm glad to see the SL community of content creators support her and raise money to fund her battle.

  13. Oh, look at that. Rory Serpente has a virtual copyright.

    This just gets better and better.