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Forum Bits June 26, 2011 - A Snapshot

It was a homecoming week of sorts on

Chaos returned and posted a qualified concession to Ishina in the Saloon thread.  Mulch alerted SC MKIIers on the return of Chaos in the "Chaos Factor: I'm calling you out" thread and got feisty in a gV thread he opened called, "So, Chaos Returns After a Month With No Internet At All," a title that slightly overstates the case as Chaos logged in on on June 16th and much of Mulch's OP is actually about nina and her forum policies and procedures, but his point was likely taken regardless.

Wasted Engineer's ban on gV expired and he had a few things to say about the experience in the "Some Feedback from a banned to share" thread.

And speaking of Wasted and his bans...having been effectively silenced on gV, SC MKII and SLU, Wasted resorted to using the wasteland of his own forum to post about his bans in a thread called "The SL Related Forums Suck."  Cristiano and Monna both got special mentions in the thread.

Wasted has a snazzy new banner, details of the evolution of said banner, including Sarah Nerd's role, are in the thread "Should I ban the banner?"

Wasted is also asking the general public once again for money as evidenced by a Shout in his Shoutbox on his own website.

Things got a little tense on SC MKII when Cocoanut Koala posted a thread, "BOYCOTT DELTA," in response to a Huffington Post article written by Rabbi Jason Miller called "Delta Adopts Saudi Arabian Airlines' No Jew Policy," an article that was later discredited.  Coco seemed to feel that the issues with airlines in general, e.g. partnering and servicing airlines and countries with discriminatory practices, reliance on Saudi Arabian oil, etc., extended beyond the contested article on Huffington Post.  A debate ensued.  Mulch responded with a parody thread called "Boycott El Al."  Coco was not amused, and in a move that surprised and dismayed many SC MKIIers, she excused herself from the forum.

In lighter SC MKII news, Fester celebrated his birthday, and finally, after months and months of waiting, received his spices from Mulch and Kita.  Season in good health, Fester.

sephirot@vella joined both gV and SC MKII. He was welcomed on gV by Lias for "a very well worded post and a fair offer" in the "Interested in SHARING a Private Full Region?" thread on gV and treated as a spammer on SC MKII after he posted his offer and a link to the aforementioned gV thread in the SC MKII ChatBox.

Kokoro Fasching said:
"git yer bloody spam out of my chatbox! That is what the forums are fer. I just stapled the spammer to the L person over on gV... :) "

gV was also joined by new members Ethel Lipsky, sinfilpeck, Mateo Lopez and BrittaBerry.  A gV form letter for newly registering members was created and gV holiday logos were assembled into an album.  Tarzan continued to provide news feed services for gV and Lias tracked both real and imagined flounces in the "Community Assistance - RAGEQUITTERS Seeking guidance....." thread.

SC MKII was finally joined by the charming poster, Deca, the pinko space muffin, and apparently has Quimby to thank for that.  My one complaint might be that Deca has abandoned her Agnes forum avatar...

Agnes from Despicable Me favor of this one: ,  a charming and amusing forum avi gif, to be sure, but I admit to being unduly influenced by people's avatars and Deca's "Agnes" avatar made me read her posts as cute and spunky, possibly more than some may have deserved, which is why I might describe some of her saucier posts as, well, "saucier," rather than say, "bitchy," "argumentative" or "flaming."

botalcks also registered on SC MKII but has yet to make it over to Ellis Island.  Politics continued to be one of the most lively sections of SC MKII.  And speaking of politics and homecomings, GreenLantern Exelsior returned to post on SC MKII this month after a four month absence.

Robert Jung, a member on SLU since September of 2008, decided to introduce himself with a new thread, "Introducing Robert."  Annabella, Teetefa, Ferran, Gio, davidventer, Highly Bashly, Neena Andretti and Sintax also posted introductory posts in the New Users section of SLU.

Hot Topics on "the largest and longest running community site dedicated to the virtual world of Second Life," otherwise known as SLUniverse, are:

➲  Firestorm Public Beta - Released!
➲  Mesh Coming to Second Life This Summer
➲  Controversial Viewer Feature Survey
➲  guess who's working on the new avination viewer?
➲  How to troll a dating site
➲  Game of Thrones or Borgias?
➲  We don't need socialized health care.
➲  Goreans outside of gor sims  & Do you judge goreans?
➲  What's the gentlest way to remove contacts from the friend list

Yevad Doobie, frustrated by what he felt were flaming pile-ups and bullying posts on SLU, decided to check out and registered there as a new member.

Yevad Doobie on SLU:
"I have decided to become an occasional visitor to this site rather than a regular one. When I began coming regularly I was yearning for a new forum home. I had been missing another forum and thought that SLU might be right for me, but it isn't. There is just too much nastiness here for my tastes. It is like a text version of the Jerry Springer Show most of the time. Not all the time, and there are some great people here, but how those great people live with the nasty ones is a mystery to me. I can't cope with it at the moment and I just keep making a fool of myself, so there is no point trying to become part of the 'family'."

rosane bento rodrigu also joined

Active topics on were in the playful game and chit chat sections as well as the sections covering Second Life, Inworldz, Avination and the Utherverse, with a focus on products, places and demographics.

The Bon Mots:

Tarzan said: "Wasted Engineer, you need a lawyer in this forum, that is obvious. You can hire me for 50,000 Lindens. As soon as you pay my account 50,000 Lindens I will begin to represent you against all of these "fakers" as you put it. Do not delay, pay me now so I can get to work."
Wasted said: "Tarzan if you defend me, God will pay to you."
colleen criss said: "'True tolerance is not a total lack of judgment. It’s knowing what should be tolerated and refusing to tolerate that which shouldn’t.'"
Tarzan said: "'True tolerance' is a tautological slogan I use as an escape hatch to avoid ever having to see the naked truth about myself."
Wasted Engineer said:  " can take my accout but you´ll never take my freedom."

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