Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank Yous & More

Thank you to TC and TT at Forum Confidential and Pep and Seicher Rae for including my blog link on your own blogs.

Thank you to Randall Ahren and Storm Clarence for your kind posts about my blog in the SL GD Forum.

Thank you to nina for, Humpty for, Monna for SC MKII and Cristiano for SLUniverse.

Thank you to Mulch for linking my blog on gV and SC MKII, making comments and putting your boot on my back.  Maybe I should return the favor...

Thank you to Han, Orfeu, Mulch, Pep, Seicher Rae, Randall, Stephie and Storm for blog comments, post-reads, content ideas, links and/or support.

Forum Confidential
Pep's Parenthetical Postscripts
Voice:  Yes or No?
Wanted:  Good SL blogs to read

I wanted a kind of organization to my blog so I broke it out into five blogs.

1.  Lee, Here in a Virtual World
2.  That's What She Said
3.  Psi Shrinkers
4.  Total Randomness
5.  General Lee

1.  Stuff about stuff on the internet...forums, blogs, drama, virtual worlds, etc.
2.  My sexually-themed blog posts...real and virtual world adventures, experiences and thoughts.
3.  Amateurs discussing human thinking and behavior and getting a little more in-depth and verbose with it.
4.  The title says it all really.  Much like my "Non sequitur" in and "Left Field" on
5.  Posts mostly popping into my head from my experience as a corporate trainer, educator and manager.

There is a method to my madness.

I'm LeeHere Absent and this is my blogosphere.  Welcome and thank you for coming.

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