Friday, June 17, 2011

What Old Smell Is This?

I was asked to summarize a couple of old bits of forum drama since these particular stories tend to get referenced in new or newish dramas and across multiple forums.

1. Plurkgate:

Lourdes is a registered member of gV, SC MKII and a former virtual lover of Don Mill, also a registered member of the same forums. It appears the relationship ended badly, both for Lourdes and Don and for Don and the forums.  Someone on Lourdes' friends list, with access to non-public views, posted screen caps of Lourdes' Plurk after she and Don broke up, i.e. Phoenix Psaltery (P2) on SC MKII. Lourdes had said things about how Don broke up with her in SL because she would not meet and have sex with him in RL and that he had pressured her and lied to her and so forth. P2 deleted the screen cap after people reacted with alarm and distaste over the violation of privacy and forum etiquette.

Per Wikipedia:
"Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as plurks) through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length."

Per Grady:

Pertinent links listed below.

2.  Larrygate:

There was an account on gV called Larry that acted like a trolling asshat complete with trademark (HIC)s.  Much speculation on whose alt it was.  Then, as is often the case, the owner of the alt screwed up and posted as the alt using both the alt account and the main, getting the two mixed up, both using the trademark (HIC)s and trolling behavior.  

Turns out Larry was the alt of Lain is Bams...sort of...maybe.  Lain got called on it and admitted it and then said something in the neighborhood of the following, that a) it was used to get revenge on the Forum Whores b) that it was not used to get revenge, that would be silly and who cares anyway, but was actually used rather playfully to generate content and views for her cartoon blog and c) that it was not really so much her as it was a group of people via a bot application she had created and that she knew who the group of people was, but did not know which person posted which post and she would not reveal the names of the people in the group because that would violate their privacy and trust.  Larry was a shared alt, she said, used in fun and to support her blog.

This caused a huge uproar. Larry was banned and closed.  Much bitterness and drama ensued and it was still a major topic and would possibly have continued to be were it not for the three stooges (Mulch, Fester and ev0L) riding in like bumbling knights and taking everyone's attention off of what Lain had or may have done (Larry and the potentially falsified Don-rape mails and colluding with Lias on getting revenge on the Forum Whores...Lain posted a screen cap of a private conversation between Lain and Lias about it) which is why it was pointed out that Lain should thank the three stooges and send them fruit baskets for their effective PR campaign.  Much of the negative attention on Lain subsided and she managed to start gaining support in a beautifully soap operatic new arc of renewal for Lain...until Don's legal letter surfaced and the issue of the potentially faked rape mails was raised again...and then died for lack of oxygen and possibly a "six of one, half dozen of the other" attitude towards Don and Lain.

Pertinent links listed below.

3.  Don "BullDick!" Mills Alleged Rape Threats in Back Channels

Lain is Bams claimed Don had sent her some pretty harshly worded, and clearly not intended for dark humor or roleplay, rape threats.  Don denied this and asked Lain is Bams to post her evidence.  She did.  The content was alarming and, as Lain had said, crossed the line into angry, creepy, offensive and threatening territory.  Everyone was on the same page about the content, but not the evidence itself.  Don claimed the screen shots had been altered to include sections fabricated by Lain.  He said that he had sent gmail/gchats to Lain and that some of them appeared in the screen shots posted, but that the rape threats never happened and had been added in by Lain.  Don posted his own screen shots without the rape threats and Lain countered saying that Don had deleted that content.  Both accused the other of manipulating the evidence and trying to frame the opposing party.  Don then threatened to hire a lawyer and, it would appear, did so, as nina received a copy of a  letter indicating that lawyers were in contact with the forum host service attempting to identify the owner of gV and, presumably, information about the poster Lain is Bams.

1.  Plurkgate links.
Don:  "Phoenix Psaltery posted Lourdes plurk explaining why she was not going to come to my defense in SC." 

Lias claimed there had been an unflattering discussion about the size of Don's dick on Plurk.

Phoenix Psaltery:  "I apologize for the indiscretion of posting Lourdes' plurk without consulting her first. I was under the influence of NyQuil and should have known better. 

This does not change the fact that Don Mill is an asshole.

"Reason: edited at P2's wifes request"

Sansarya:  "On our part, I guess we just want to avoid any potential hassle with libel threats (we're just now paying off the hospital bills, we can't afford to be sued! ) from Don or Lourdes or threats to SC or whatever. P2 was annoyingly indiscreet in that post, esp. knowing most of us don't use Plurk. Maybe I'll box his ears on principle. (Yes, I'm a bully to my husband.)"

2.  Larrygate links:

The Origins of Larry.....

3.  Don "BullDick!" Mills Alleged Rape Threats in Back Channels

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