Friday, June 17, 2011

What Fresh Hell Is This?

"Would you post the way you do...," asks Awaken Yoshikawa on SLUniverse, if you "were in the same room with the person?" Another charged old chestnut of an internet forum question. (Awaken's join date on SLU is December 2010.) Thirty hours and 41 pages later (SLU), the "Standing invitation for SCMK-II and SLU People who have an axe to grind....." thread on gV is reactivated by Lias who says to Jolene, "I see you" or words to that effect.

Lias says:
"Jolene, back up off me in that thread over at SLU. That's between Ari and I. She chose a horrible analogy based on a outrageous stance.

A forum moderator justifying name calling and verbal attacks - outrageous.
At least Nina and Cristiano take a neutral public stance. While Ari, the moderator from SCII, says people verbally attacked purposely 'run into fists' when they post opinions that oppose the rest of the community's opinions. And Lucifer, another SCII mod, keeps agreeing with her.
I'm not going to be bickering with you over there so I just ignored you, since you don't have an reputation of attacking people's opinions at SLU."

And then, of course, there is the ongoing and somewhat related drama of the Tracy Morgan threads, a gay marriage thread and an unfortunate "Awaken" poll, now locked.


Note:  This bi-forum and multi-thread drama comes complete with accusations of bigotry and trolling.


  1. I am MUCH nastier in person in real life (in comparison with the empathic fellow traveller role I adopt online) to those who deserve my disapprobation. Usually a combination of my ex-profootballer physique (cuddly!) and an inadequate intellectual capability to comprehend my words give me sufficient protection, and it tends to be the smaller (in most senses) and stupider victims who take refuge in (usually coarsely abusive) written retaliation when out of swinging distance. I haven't met a female with a firearm during the course of an argument yet, though, which is one advantage of living in a civilised gun-free country.

  2. Yes, but do you get all cuddly and frisky after a couple of glasses of Welsh whiskey?

  3. Not any more. Barosinusitis, in a life-diminishing double whammy, now precludes any indulgence in alcohol. Why do you think I am getting even more grumpy?

  4. Truly tragic. Something must be done.

  5. Something must be done? I'll just wait. My male predecessors have a history of cardiac arrests at about 60, so I have only a few years to go.