Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Forum Bits June 15, 2011

Wasted Engineer aka Perry Weirsider aka Perry Mizin aka Carlos aka etc. etc. announced on his own website that he had been banned from SLUniverse.  Again.  This on the heels of recent corning and banning in SC MKII and gV respectively.

Mars announced more changes to the functionality of gotVirtual including a rotation of random photos from people's gV albums on the Home and Forums pages and a Most Liked Posts page.  Sarah Nerd currently has the most-liked post with 16 "likes" for her How to fix any computer post.

ImarangSL, JackArnica, J.D., Thawk, john mccormack and testSubject III are gV's newest members.

nina has an album that works as a kind of gV museum installation displaying the various avatar pics nina has used across the net.

I am curious to know how many places in total, not just the SL-themed forums, nina has been banned and why.  Maybe we can convince her to do a thread post on the subject.

SC MKII has added a Forum Confidential feed bot to the forum so Citizens were treated to a peek at Storm's letter to TC and TT wherein he expresses some frustration about people calling the official SL forums "boring," a fairly common response when a website tries to clean up and rid itself of drama...common response referring both to the accusations of "boring" and "nothing interesting" and also to the frustrated reaction demonstrated by Storm.  It's the circle of forum life in virtual world themed forums.

Forum Confidential is either benefiting or suffering from a similar dynamic to gotVirtual of first quarter 2011, i.e. two main posters dominating the site with their dramarific posts and others responding by commenting or getting fed up and getting the hell out.  gotVirtual had the Lain & Lias Show and Forum Confidential has the Ima & Seicher Rae Show.  Just as nina & Mars appeared to be content with the state of gotVirtual, so do TC and TT appear to be content with the state of Forum Confidential.  How long can Ima and Seicher Rae keep the show going?  This is the internet people.  The internet is forever.

Edited To Add:

Existential SL, A Riddle, Seicher Rae's Blog formerly at, has been taken down.  Seicher Rae's last blog post said:

"It's been...real?
My SL account is closed as is Leia's.By tomorrow my gmail and blogger account for this blog will be closed.
IMs in SL will NOT go to email as of 5 pm 6/15/11"

Seicher Rae's sister blog page, Apropos of Nothing at, is also down.

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