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gotVirtual.net Pointless Drama Treadmill Recaps May, 2011

Recap # 2

Time for a new recap.

* Mulch walked tall carrying a big post, a la Joe Don Baker and Dwayne Johnson, arriving in gV to get a drama recap and stir up new drama. He was extremely successful with both endeavors, hence the necessity for a new recap. He crowed... and was later cowed when a virtual gun was brought in to an escalating war of words. Many gV members acted like drunken revelers at a bacchanalian forum orgy with the usual silliness of drunken fools with virtual lampshades on their heads and bedsheets loosely tied to their bodies.
* Fester admitted his fantasy-stalking posts were inappropriate and crossed a line, but then went on to say that he intended to "poke the cunt until she snaps." gV members parsed the bipolarity of this potentially mixed message with limited results.
* Wad enthusiastically joined the fray and, consistent with his Fuckwad role, took the tension to Mach 10 when he said, doing his best James Gandolfini impression, that he was going to bring a gun to the Rumble in Reno right after he called CPS to report Uncle Fester. gV members' reviews were mixed. Many were entertained, some were bored and others were in various states of obliviousness. Some gV reviewers felt the new plot development hewed closely to the tone and content of prior scenes and organically pushed the story forward, others felt the new content fell into awkward NC-17 territory and still others dismissed it as the desperate deus ex machina of a writer clumsily trying to close out a story.
* Mulch offered to reprise Harvey Keitel's role as The Cleaner in gV. (Did you know Keitel played that role twice? Once in Point of No Return and once in Pulp Fiction. Mulch, if his offer is accepted, would be the third incarnation of The Cleaner. They say the third time is the charm.)
* nina slipped away quietly to go post in SLU.
* ev0L, doing his best Joe Pesci impression, attempted to capitalize on the Rumble in Reno with a pay-per-view show on ustream, but was ultimately disappointed when it appeared the fight would be too brief for Ring Card Girls.
* Lain is Bams, no doubt delighted by the success of ev0L's truce, attempted one of her own with Uncle Fester.
* Wasted, humiliated by the Wastedgate scandal, saw the increased activity in gV as an opportunity to quietly slip back in the forum and try to sweep that annoying little exposé of his nefarious activities under a rug, but was foiled by watchful Wastedgate protesters.
* Kick went all Haight-Ashbury and Woodstock in area 17-NSFW, unfortunately many seemed immune to the contact high.
* colleen made multiple funnies and appeared to be finally getting her forum legs.
* SC MKII readership of gV increased again, this time with commentary in a parallel FAO: Mulch thread.
* Morning commentators arrived to drink coffee and editorialize on the night's proceedings while others searched the kitchen and medicine cabinet for forum fatigue remedies.

Drama memes: Proof ghosts, real-life threat fantasy scenarios, Wastedgate, back-channel deals, mobs & families, vengeance and war, truces, hippies.
Number of new topics created in the sfw section during the orgy: 6.
Number of new topics created in the nsfw section during the orgy: 6.

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Recap # 1

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Alternatively (to ev0L's droll summary)...

* Fester overplayed a fantasy stalking card and back channel campaign and ran away when it blew up in his face.
* ev0L turned out to be the smarter, more nimble and more entertaining slhacker when, after realizing his fauxrage campaign was petering out, he switched up his game and went the frisky comedy route...many lulz.
* ev0L proposed...both a marriage and a truce. Lost out on the marriage deal when he started expressing contempt for clits and also obsessively chewing on clits.
* Lain has been enjoying a massive uptick in her credibility polls as her PR team has implemented one of the most successful image renovations yet seen on a virtual world forum. Larry who?
* Don...Don who? (Again, major props to the rodeo clown PR team.)
* Tarzan turned out to be a pharmaceutical rep spamming for Eli Lilly-brand meds.
* nina came out of the planetary closet.
* Forum Moderation drama got moved to page ten...of the classifieds.
* area 17-NSFW continues to be the most popular (threads with most posts and most views) section of gV.
* Pep & Pis turned out to have more than Pepperdine in common.
* Wasted has been outted as an opportunitistic griefer pathetically riding the coattails of Bell Boyd, Nightmare Rausch and the Lindens with his fauxamateurtest (the complete opposite of a real protest).
* Forum Whore membership on gV went up.
* SC MKII readership went up in direct proportion to Lain's credibility polls. Coincidence?

And Lain's axe-to-grind thread reached 250 pages, 5,000 posts and over 45,000 views despite being moved to the relatively private dev/null section.

Repost. LeeHere Absent, May 18, 2011  http://gotvirtual.net/community/threads/pointless-drama-treadmill.1638/page-2#post-77209

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