Friday, July 1, 2011

Blog Snapshot (July 1, 2011)

Pep issued a challenge in his post, "Friday Competition."  It's a rare and excellent opportunity to get a LOLcat on his guarded-by-puppies blog.

Forum Confidential gave out awards ranging from Best Actor and Actress in a Comedy or Drama to Troll of the Week.  I won Best Set Decorator.  Go to the comments section of the post to see my acceptance speech.


Ariane blogged about virtual women and dating sims including...

Cloud Girlfriend
Web Girlfriend
Kari Girl

Ariane B said:
" recently did a list of Virtual Girlfriends You Can Date of which I am number 5.  Its an entertaining list covering many kinds of virtual dating with virtual girls. Stay away from #4 (3D Girlz) I got a malware warning when I went there.   Another list that had me as an entry is a list of dating sims at (link NSFW due to ads), a list of 36 other dating sim games available online.  A couple I have tried before were not that good, but that still leaves 34 I have not tried.

The bloggers at Dwell On It discussed the simplification of age-verification in Second Life and announced that Linden Lab is looking for a new spokesperson.  And look!  Duran Duran!

Tateru Nino said:
"Now Duran Duran has announced that they’re actually going to open up their Duran Duran Universe site in Second Life at last, after almost five years.

Well, it’s been announced a second time, leastways. I’m not exactly sure how high my confidence level is in that opening right now."

Prokofy Neva continues to talk about AnnMarie OToole's runaway vehicles, Rodvik Linden and childishly short avatars.

Prokofy said:
"It occurred to me today that if it weren't about height and proportion, it could be about almost any other thing -- the Scourgemobile "vehicle rights" that AnneMarie Otoole is demanding to impose on the entire grid, even on other people's land; on ARC scores; on who knows, avatar toenail polish. Someone could start complaining that it's unfair that you can't paint your avatar's toenails in appearance mode, and have to buy workaround tatoos that take up attachment areas..."
"'Just wait until the world grows!' Cocoanut used to say in many a forums argument with these people, because she knew that their sectarian and elitist arguments would wither when more and more and more normal people -- ordinary, everyday people who use virtual worlds instead of build them -- came in the door and challenged the insanity and cultishness of these freaks.

Daniel Voyager provided a list of significant real life companies still maintaining a presence in Second Life.  He also helpfully recapped recent SL news and provided a heads up on some July 2011 events.

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