Sunday, July 31, 2011

Parted Mouth

Orfeu and I were commenting in the "LOGO Custom Skin Creator" blog post on how much we liked LOGO's parted mouth option on their skins.  I thought I'd provide a few more examples.


  1. I like the Lucy Lui look of the one in the middle. That one is called "Grace." I added the freckles and lightened the skin in the customization process.

  2. yeah lovin the look of Grace..especiall no 4...on the far right. That is a mouth made in depth chats inworld.

    I think freckles, moles, scars, tan lines, etc etc all add to the vibe of an is too easy to fall into cookie-cutter mode in SL.

    I love the nose on No1 by the has an imperfect quality that is rather attractive.

  3. The parted mouth looks like the avatar is talking.

    Pep (thought there was a certain resemblance to the blog owner.)

  4. This look is more appealing than the toothy appearance of some recent skins. Some look like rabbit mouths. The pouty look with teeth is even worse.

    Do not get me started (again) on random smilers. /me laughs

    A faced with a hint of smile about to burst is very appealing. This would be a close second.

  5. @ Venus
    Yeah the random smile thing aint really a winner is it?? The dreaded always smile attachment.

    Some chick in deep IM ...tells you her brother/father/husband died in Vietnam ...and you smile like a retard...ugggg.
    Maybe useful for photo-ops...but not for general use.

  6. I've seen a few of these and have mixed feelings...since for a short while I was a mouth-breather as a kid due to allergies & asthma and was TOLD in no uncertain terms to SHUT MY MOUTH (obviously to only a certain affect). So when I see these I think they either need to breathe through their noses or they are a short breath away from giving a BJ, which I'm sure is part of the appeal.

    That being said this skin looks pretty good and isn't overly done.

    The buck teeth and overly pouty overly downturned mouth is a stylized look I'm not fond of either (as mentioned by others). It is popularized in SL fashion blogs and skins like My Ugly Dorothy (whose skins I like!)but I didn't see too much of it inworld when I was there.

    I prefer the slider set to slight downturn like 45 in that direction but then again I'm a grumpy, shy, misanthrope.


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