Sunday, July 10, 2011

Violator1200, the Ninja Biker

...from V's gV profile page:

violator1200 It's been a terrible time recently... I'll just let this video explain..

This is his Youtube Channel page:

I also posted this information on gV in the Forum Whore Alert thread and in the Forum Whore rally points on SC MKII and SLU.  

V is posting updates in the gV thread.  

violator1200 said:
"I will be at L.A. superior court tomorrow with the other Activists to rally against this Injustice."
Kick Frenzy said:
"May the wind be on your back!!

Related news reports:

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Midnight Ridazz, in Group of 100 L.A. Cyclists, Plowed Over by Young Female DUI Suspect in Culver City; Some in Critical Condition:
11 Injured When Suspected Drunk Driver Slams In Midnight Ridazz Cyclists:
Driver slams into group of bicyclists, injures 11: 
Christine Dahab, Drunk Driver Who Plowed Through Group of 'Midnight Ridazz,' Gets off:
Los Angeles Bicycling Groups Demand Safer Streets:
Cyclists demand investigation into crash injuring 11:

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