Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog & Forum Snapshot (July 13, 2011)

Ima registered on gV (ImarangSL) and is now posting on gV, SC MKII, FC, SL-official, here and on her own site (not so much on her own forum), and other places, I feel sure.

ImarangSL said in the "New Member Alert" thread on gV:
"10 Likes??!! Here is to hoping at least 9 other people don't know me ":)

gV strikes me as a good site for Ima and her, uh, fellow conversationalists.

tb324, dffggg (who is the spitting image of Aeriq Ravenheart, both are pictured above), No Shoes ("from Spanish Help Island,") Jamil, Rat, predator89, Dreamweaver and Quest also recently registered on gotVirtual.

There was a discussion in the "a gV advertising campaign II" thread about inducing guest pervers (spelled correctly, I'm talking about perving a thread) of the popular "Naughty" thread to register and become perving members.

GradyE, former "highest post count holder" on gV, once passed the baton to me and now I pass it on to colleen, the new "highest post count holder" on gV.

Mulch was unaccountably cranky in the "Lain (is Bams) (or anyone else), FreeBSD?" thread, but managed to get Lain is Bams talking about BSD anyway and even brought ev0L back out of hiding.  Heeeeee's baaaaack.

Wasted Engineer continued to dominate the What's New and area-17 sections of gV and Pants appeared to express some concern about that.

Pants said in her gV Status:
"Everything on here is Wasted. It's driving away the humans"
Perhaps, in addition to being asked what brought them to gV at the time of registration, gV members might also be asked to do "exit interviews."

Wasted's own site ( is down again.
"This Account may have reached its limit, is suspended or this domain no longer exists."

After Wasted declared himself a serial killer on gV, Cale Vinson declared me a serial referencer on SCMKII.

Cale Vinson said in the "Chaos Factor:  I'm calling you out" thread:
"Oh, for the good ol days, when serial-referencers were flogged in the town-square as a righteous warning to all. !!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!! 
And don't you dare reply "Maybe I would have liked that" missy !!!!!!
I responded by threatening to make Cale Vinson banners.  (She does leave banner-worthy posts lying all about the place, ya know.)

Han Held made some cool new banners for SC MKII including the one with the cyclists above and this one below.

I've made mention before that my favorite part of SC MKII is the (sometimes ironic) wit of the banners, parodies and tags.  Take a look at this tag on the banner thread:  banner i just met her

Then there is Jen's recent parody of Coco's "Some Atheists are a Pain in the Butt" thread entitled, appropriately enough, "Some Altruists Are a Pain in the Butt," which prompted Ishina to grunt out the following:
"Must... resist... urge to... trash... that evil... bitch... Mother Teresa...

And in a completely indelicate and questionable segue I close this post, not with Monna's HoHos for diabetics comment (her version of Pep's "ladies who lunch"), but with this comment from Storm, not to be confused with Stormy...

Storm said on Forum Confidential in the "ISHTARA DEFENDS RAPE CHARGES" post:
"My last post required I enter 'gonereha' to authenticate."


  1. I am really starting to get the feeling that you have coined me a one trick pony, Ms. LeeHere. Say it isn't so. I obviously have not spent enough time at GV to understand the 'why' of your opinion that it is a good home for me...but I suspect it must house those considered the virtual dregs of ether society?

    I have neglected my is true. I'm sure that both of my loyal readers are near devastated by this and are right now scripting harshly worded emails to voice their dissatisfaction with my neglect at textually providing evidence of my blunt force online personality and potty mouth. I have not posted to the SL Forum since April (if I recall correctly). Too much nice gives me a headache. FC brings out my hidden masochist and provides me the justification I need to comfortably consume large quantities of chocolate to soothe my injured heart ;) I like your no frills blog. Just the facts ma'am, and I was attracted to the links to the potty humor. A shocking revelation, I'm sure. I don't post elsewhere. I'm sure I will settle on a new home soon. It is no fun being a homeless troll. I hope I get invited to my own pity party ;)

  2. I leave you on your journey of feeling a little longer, Ima. It's still early days in some ways and suspense and doubt are fun toys.

    I will, however, point out one obvious fact for consideration: I'm a poster on gV. Second highest-posting poster for that matter.

    And yes, there is a...perception...that gV houses the virtual dregs of ether societies. It's the Mos Eisley of virtual world themed forums.

  3. Blog *and* forum neglect? To neglect one site, Ms. Rang, may be regarded as a misfortune. To neglect both looks like carelessness.

  4. Thank you. I am glad you like my no frills blog o' facts and potty humor links. Looks like you are in the right place. You are welcome to make yourself at home here for as long as you like, natch.

  5. Heya, Lee! Thanks for not only showing off my banners, but highlighting the BSD thread from Gv. I'm going to have to start following your "wraps" and other posts here!

  6. Hey Han! Thanks for coming. And you are most welcome re: the banners and the thread. My pleasure. I'd be delighted to have you come back and read and post. Thanks again.


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