Sunday, July 10, 2011

The most heinous crime u can do to an officemate according to the violator

Yeah.  That's the V I know.  


  1. I'm adding your blog back in to the couple of SL-related blogs I still read (Pep's and Caitlin's). I find it 97.734% entertaining and/or educational (of a sort) (and the rest is pure rubbish! :) ) (at least it is "pure" rubbish...

    I don't remember you being so verbose though...

    (the ex-avi formerly known as S. Rae)

  2. What a fabulous compliment. Pure rubbish it is! Thank you.

    If you get to a point where you are irretrievably bored and at a loss for something to do (say it isn't so!) or need something to help you get to sleep...check out my other blogs. You may wish to join Orfeu, Pep, Steph and I in a conversation in the Psi Shrinkers area for example, should we get one started up again. (In another place and time Psi Shrinkers was a'hoppin'. Archivists are nostalgic, ya know.)

    I also have Pep and Caitlin's blogs on my shortlist.

    As to the penultimate bit (yes, I used that word purposely and with a wink), about my verbosity, I will take that with the ironic humor with which I am sure it is offered. My friends will laugh uproariously and Steph in particular will likely rib me about it on Skype. She ribs me a lot, which is good, as I need and deserve it from a friend like Stephie. I, in return, volley back with...walls of text. *grin*

    And yes, S. Rae L. I remember you and your singular initial from "Forum Confidential."

    Welcome back to Leeland.

  3. I have now, of course, completely ruined the austere, simple beauty of this post with my predictable wall o'text.


  4. Fine print:

    1. "Penultimate" used with full knowledge of its meaning and recent usage on "Forum Confidential".
    2. "Singular" was used for its ironic punning possibilities.
    3. Yes, I am aware that "Yeah. That's the V I know." is one of the shortest blog posts I've ever posted.
    4. Say S-Rae-L together as if it were one word.

  5. Don't worry. I won't post inance blog comments all day. I've got to leave for class in 60 seconds.

  6. Make that "inane." I may see what I can do with "inance" when I get back.

    Shup, Stephie. :p

  7. 5 comments to 1! I think my head hurts now. (>_<)

    You do realize I said this blog was only 2.266% pure rubbish, right?

    Inance [ih-NANts]
    [from Latin inanus + Vulgar Latin altiāre]
    See also:

  8. Great. Now I have to post 5 more? ;p


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