Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eavesdropping (July 3, 2011)

Chicken killers, collateral damage and crimes against humanity and the community.

"Sluniverse Tries for a Summer Blockbuster Sequel -- Yawn" on Second Thoughts.

Prokofy Neva said:
" Sharia Court is in session again -- they haven't had any good bones to pick over in quite awhile.
Even so, the drama is well past the sell-by date -- it all feels like last summer's blockbuster movie with a lacklustre sequel like "Jaws 2" or something.
Creepy! These people are malicious chicken killers -- and that's of course emblematic of everything they were. "

More on chicken killers here and here.

Hot Coffee on SC MKII

Trout said:
"One of the representatives of McDonald's referred to her on the stand as "collateral damage" in the burger wars. Fucking COLLATERAL DAMAGE!"

Jorus said:
"This is why powdered creamer is a crime against humanity."


Also, another tip for anyone entering the SC MKII [you] community...

Know the players.

Vengence Opus (2 Es and no As) said:
"I took my name, years ago, from the misspelling of a kung-fu movie has worked charmingly over the years for pointing out the pointless people who have nothing better to do than try to deflect when someone calls them on their stupidity. 
I wouldn't expect you to know that, however, since you are not a part of this community, the first or second iteration. You have no ground to stand on outside of pure rhetorical nonsense, and must, therefore, claw madly like a cat in a bath for something. I look at you exactly like that: an animal responding out of fear and reflex. It's ok, little guy. If the name is the best you can do, I'll give you a *patpat*.
That from the "Example of another worthless scumbag politician in the US" thread.  Funnily enough, GreenLantern Excelsior, otherwise known as "GLE," an SC MKII member since 2009 with 1,928 posts and even some "hey where are you, we miss you, hey he's back" comments from other posters, the OP of the thread and the recipient of Vengence's remarks, is enough of a member of the SC MKII community to have his prior posts and tropes referenced in the thread like old, commonly recognizable memes.  The bar is set high, intrepid registering members.

And just a funny little coincidink from the old SL forums:
"Vengence Opus tastes like chicken legs"

Kick Frenzy in "Chaos Factor:  I'm calling you out" on SC MKII said:
"Or is it too much to ask for me to be able to just give my opinion on shit without everyone screaming 'He's typing again! Someone stop him!?"
That man's commitment to his role would give the most emaciated method actor an inferiority complex.  Get the man another beer.

I'm reminded of a line from the 2004 version of The Stepford Wives.  Matthew Broderick as "Walter" speaking to Nicole Kidman as "Joanna":

"And your whole attitude makes people want to kill you.  It makes people try to kill you."

Do you think Kick has met Scylla, Ima and Seicher Rae?  I see a potential SC MKII subforum in the near future.  Monna and the Admin Bunneh are probably already on it.

Cristiano on SLU dangerously courting another browser war:
"I spent a little time looking at the statistics for June, and noticed a few interesting things.
From the browser stats, I noticed that Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer. I imagine the remaining IE is all Beebo."

TT said on Forum Confidential:
"We love comments about Pep and, what's more, Pep loves comments about Pep! Perhaps you sent your letters to Monna and they got lost in her habit."

Pep said on Forum Confidential:
"You're just jealous that I am a better attention whore than the rest of you."

"Oh, and thanks Lee for the compliment over on SC2; no one has ever compared me favourably with a cup of tea before.
Pep (is usually compared with coffee; strong and bitter, occasionally foaming, but always hot.)

"Pep (thinks "Ptolemy" would be a suitable portmanteau label for any joint Pep-Lee mind meld personality.)"

Ima Rang said:
"Will there be pictures of the Pep-Lee mind meld?"
"I'm not sure your earnest attraction to Pep, your proclivity for diplomacy, along with your obvious reluctance to suck a hematoma on the duodenum of Pep's waste tract would make pictures a snore fest or collectors item"

We're all a bunch of bloody voyeurs, aren't we?


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