Saturday, July 23, 2011


I self-corned and self-quarantined myself.  By "self" I mean that I did it to myself by myself without assistance, direction or pushing from admins, mods or owners.

I quarantined myself to the the "area below the line" on the Utherverse forums and to the Social Groups on  I quarantined myself to area-17 on and I quarantined myself to a compost heap on Second Citizen MKII.  I've been doing it in varying degrees for some time now.  I like getting comfy in a relaxed-and-groovy sometimes wild-and-crazy freewheeling space out of the way of the main drag.

The quotes below are all mine.

From Mitch_Wexler is a poopiehead on
"Yes, I did self-corn and I did self-quarantine in area-17 too. I have not been officially modded or corned or anything. I just try to confine myself to a limited area where my style of posting is acceptable and out of the way of people who might not enjoy it as much as I and others do.

It solves some problems, but creates others, particularly for people who don't like people who appear to draw attention to themselves and for people who don't like structures or systems to be used in ways they were not originally intended or stated to be used. Like willingly going to a Cornfield without being sent there by a mod, opening all threads in area17 regardless of initial content, using forums like blogs or social groups like forums, etc., etc., etc. The act itself can be distressing for some people. Add to that content, personality and so on and it can get really messy. Welcome to humanity.

If you're into "Colors" (personality tests and types) at all, it's kind of a red/brown vs. orange/green thing. I color outside the lines."

From the Move or Delete thread on
"I'll say this again too. I volunteer to have my access to the admin section removed now. In fact, I volunteer to be quarantined to the area17 and NSFW sections now. And I support the request to customize "views" to block those sections. I'm quite serious about that. I'm here because this forum is "clean" both in function and moderation. I'm here because I'm an adult and I want to post on an adult forum as freely as possible. I've invited my friends for that same reason. I agree with VVI on the desire to post free and unfettered. I'm happy to play in my own sandbox with whoever wants to willingly join me."

From Forum Questions (a mature area17-NSFW-Red thread on
"Regardless, I don't think there is any rule in the Community Standards proscribing me from starting threads in the NSFW section. I'm allowed to, for now, and I did so.

I stated, more than once, that I would likely quarantine myself to the NSFW section. This should be no surprise to anyone who read those statements..."
"Perhaps my next question should be, 'if I continue to 'reside' and post exclusively or almost exclusively in the NSFW as a personal choice to self-quarantine, is this going to be a problem and will it garner me infractions and a ban?'"

From Second Citizen MK II > The Sandbox: Second Citizen > The Cornfield > Crimes Against Convention: LeeHere Absent
"So, I put myself into the Cornfield of my own volition. Self-corned. No mods or admins corned me. I'm actually still free to move about the forum. The Cornfield is available and not off limits. I've chosen to remain here. Is that clear enough?"

So I got the idea from CaTo to corn myself in Second Life and take a pic.  (Ya know Halloween is my favorite holiday, right?)

Here I am arriving in the Cornfield.

Some dead guy getting handsy in the Cornfield.  Typical.

Oh yeah, I could get comfy here.

Works for me!

 Home sweet home.


  1. TC said...

    1 ear Pep corn
    1 ear Cato corn
    2 ears FC corn
    Sprinkle a little Lee corn.


    Fri Jul 22, 06:02:00 AM PDT

  2. Hey, sex and Halloween, baby. I'm all for it.

  3. I don't think you have it quite right. Confining yourself to posting in a cornfield (and limiting yourself to reading the posts of others there - as opposed to the boring contradictory meanderings of those who offer diet plans immediately after summations of the colossal amount of caloriess in their favourite pie recipes - is eminently sensible, not a self-punishment (the punishment, actually a form of censorship, is NOT being able to post honest opinions regarding the fallibilities of others in supposedly non-drama mundane threads focused on personalised versions of the Goldilocks story.

    Pep (of course, you can still read anything you like without logging in, and comment to your heart's content "behind their back" - shock, horror, awe - in public, which rather defeats their object unless they self-censor themselves and do the ostrich thing of confining themselves to a restricted environment; shame isn't it!)

  4. Makes sense to me — which probably isn't a great endorsement!

    I'm a good girl, in that if I join something that has rules I will play by the rules. I also dislike arbitrary moderation and hypocrisy and will speak out against it. The two methods are not always compatible. It sounds like you found a great loophole. "Out is the new in!"

    I enjoyed wandering around the SL Cornfield last year although alas I missed the crotch grabbing skeleton.

  5. 'Out is the new In!'....Oooh, I like that one!

  6. OUT IS THE NEW IN! (I like it too. Thought I'd start a chant like the frat boys only slightly less offensive.)

    Back in the Utherverse, where they had a "Wasteland" section, we used to say that the Wasteland was the new black.

  7. L, give us a pic of you in the Cornfield. Link it or send it to me and I'll post it. DEWIT!

  8. Lee, all of the pictures I had in the Cornfield were of SR or Leia Aie, both gone, their pictures with them. There are only a handful of pictures left of either on my hard drive. I do not have an avatar in SL at the moment. So no pics or I would gladly send them. The RL me standing in an Ohio cornfield...that won't be happening! :)

  9. Well, maybe sometime in the future, we'll get your virtual cornfield pic, L. Thanks for posting.

  10. Pep said:

    "Ursula, wouldn't YOU like your own little part of the internet where you know you are not going to be bothered by ridiculous LOLcats posted by idiots who can't express themselves clearly using their native tongue (inter alia) or where the thread is going to load slowly because of vanity postings by "females" displaying cankles and linebacker thighs (as well as a pitiful ineptitude rearding composition) or intrusive videos, the only relevance of which is that they turned up first in a misspelled Google search of whatever cliche your current standard mindless response is.

    Pep (or perhaps you're quite happy posting in places resembling the above.)"

    Tell us how you really feel, Pep. ;-)


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