Sunday, July 24, 2011

Follow-up to "Eavesdropping (July 5, 2011)"

This is a follow-up to "Eavesdropping (July 5, 2011)."

RanmaTardis registered on SC MKII, passed through Ellis Island, and is now on SC MKII "asking to be forgiven" and to have that message passed on to Joshua in the SLUniverse too.  The following quotes are from Ranma's posts on SC MKII.

"Talking Hello

Hi I am Ranma Tardis and have been with Second Life since Nov 2005 and Inworldz since May 2011.
Oh not sure what to say, please ask me some questions.
Oh pleased to meet you and hope to meet some friends "

"Red face asking to be forgiven

I have been a griefer in the past and have flamed people who did not deserve the rude treatment. I humbly ask forgiveness of those that were wronged.
Yes i has said similar things before and am asking the community to keep me from falling astray.
It is my wish to be part of the community and learn from my interactions with others. Please accept my apologizes, especially to Siggy and Joshua. The sad part is I was not even drunk. 
So I am asking this community to guild me to a better future.


kind regards

"Could you pass along my message to Josh? I am perm banned in sluniverse. I am going to honor it by not posting as an alt.
Maybe with some guidance from this community can grow out of being a nerd."

Looks like nina made a guest appearance.

Anyway, keep us posted.  Confidentially inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and there's plenty of room in the Cornfield, Ranma.  Come on down!  Out is the new in!


  1. Heehee, it was me . . .

    Pep ( . . . or was it another Pep?)

    PS It's actually, "omigoshimissu" but I was drunk when I typed it.

  2. OMG.

    I thought it was odd, but I thought Ranma might be the one winding up and making the play. Figured I'd just keep an eye out and watch how it developed.

    Pep said in "Proof of Concept":

    "Well, how many times do I have to keep on proving my points? This time I registered as Ranma here - is there a copyright on names, is there a verification that you are an SL avatar, can only one person be playing Hamlet at any one time in plays globally? - and you all fell over yourself to insult the person you thought the SC2 Ranma was, and eventually censor "her" completely, despite all the efforts made to apologise for things "she" had never done.

    I have had an even better weekend this weekend than last weekend, and that was up there in my all-time top five forum exploits. Thanks for the entertainment guys, and if you have any requests, other than the "obvious" let me know what sort of forum games you would like to see in the future, particularly if you would like to have a particular forumite's virtual pants pulled down or a mental wedgie administered.

    Pep (Did I do a good job of being an ambiguous deranged post-adolescent fantasist?)"

    "Kick, "MOST" people here didn't actually know what Ranma had or hadn't done, they simply believed the interpretations and reiterations of Ranma's hyperemotional critics; they are too lazy to actually go and check what the reality of the situation was over in SLU. I did, but it was enough for those who joined in the excoriation that their fellow forumites had said that she was a spawn of Satan.

    And my point was not whether Ranma was or was not the spawn of Satan. It was that the inhabitants of SC2 apply double jeopardy in the most ignorant of ways. Reputation, not identity or behaviour, is the determining factor in how a new participant is treated, it seems.

    Someone will now pop in to say that anyone who registered a handle similar to that used in another forum - in ignorance or in full knowledge of the associations of that name - deserves to be treated as if they are that other person. Really?

    Pep (Then if you see Athony Hopkins in a restaurant make sure to call the cops, because he might kill you and eat you.)"

    "Your negative vibes are my positive vibes. Just because you get your own fun out of something different doesn't mean that you have a right to impose your morality or attitudes on me.

    Pep (points out that this is the internet, not the real world.)"

    "The best comedy ain't comedy if you don't do it with a straight face. (qv Leslie Nielsen)

    I only look like an asshole to those who don't understand what is going on, or eventually realise what is and feel foolish enough to want to enter a post hoc justification plea for mitigation.

    If I wanted highbrow humour I would certainly not post in SC2. Much more entertaining is seeing how high the kindergarten teachers here will jump when they sit on the tack I have placed on their chair.

    Pep (posted a LOLcat on his blog the other day; apparently, it's aversion therapy or something.)

    PS One way of obtaining evidence of truthfulness or otherwise is to attack what people say online; their reactions, especially if emotional, can offer a light into the darness of their souls.)"

  3. Lucifer Baphomet said in "Proof of Concept":

    "Bullshit on so many levels.

    No you didn't register as Ranma.

    No she wasn't censored.


  4. This is why the *Forum Confidential* choice to be a tabloid rag with an emphasis on sensationalism and entertainment over truth is an effective and efficient choice. Welcome to the net, folks.

  5. Maybe I should register another alt with the name Tool.

    Pep (could make it look like he was from the AOL generation by making the handle Tool8)

  6. Damn! It's already taken.

    Pep (Could try for Bl8d instead, perhaps)

  7. Okay, you win the "made you look" game of the day. I went and checked the SC MKII membership list for a tool of any number or description. (There isn't one. Maybe figuratively, but not literally.)

  8. Oh come on Lee, you of all people should know not to take anything I say seriously.

    Pep (Particularly if it involved anything onerous other than simply typing.)

  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was the excitement of the moment, the possibility of "formalizing" your role as a "tool" on SC. I was running with the meme and got carried away. Next I'll be claiming I was virtually raped by the meme...oh wait, someone's already done that haven't they. Goddamnit. I'm late to the self-corning, late to being buggered by the meme, I'll be first at something yet, by God.

  10. It's nearly midnight, I'm drinking a bourbon Manhattan I made myself, which is my way of indicating the alcohol content, and I have two books to finish reading, three essays to completely read and three papers to write. It goes to state of mind, your honor.

  11. You are forgiven, my daughter.

    Pep (What books, what papers? I don't suppose you are a member of Shelfari - although I might resign now Amazon have bought it, if they start messing with it.)

  12. I logged into Shelfari this morning after reading your post. It was my first login since Bear passed away. I have some fond memories of Bear and was terribly saddened when I revisited his book shelf.
    I hope to login more often in the future.

  13. No, I am not a member of Shelfari.

    Books: "The Spook Who Sat By the Door" by Sam Greenlee (almost done) and "Daddy Cool" (text version, not graphic novel) by Donald Goines

    Papers & Essays: Critical response to "The Gangster We Are All Looking For" by lê thi diem thúy (read it, now need to write it), critical response to "The Things They Carried" and "Sweet Heart of the Song of Tra Bong" by O'Brien and critical response to "A Dialogue on Racial Melancholia" by Eng and Han.

    After I get all that done, next up is I have to read "Bloodchild and Other Stories" by Octavia Butler and "Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta" by Braverman and write a critical response paper on the latter.

    And after that is Samuel R. Delaney's "Aye, and Gomorrah, and other stories" and so on and so forth.

    Thanks for asking.

    /me grins.

  14. Pardon me for asking, Storm, but who is Bear?

  15. Bear was a dude who posted on the forum; not often, but of very high quality, and humorous. He introduced the forum to Shelfari a year or so ago. I joined and Bear became my Shelfai book buddy (Pep was another.)
    Seicher wrote on FC that Bear passed away. I liked the guy very much. He was a good egg.

  16. If you join, please look me up -I will follow you. I like Manhattans, too. Makers Mark Manhattans as I love both the taste and the alliteration.

  17. /me grins at Storm. I like alliteration quite a bit too. I tend to drink Knob Creek or Woodford Reserve. I may well see you on Shelfari, but keep in mind, most of my reading these days is assigned. ;-)

    (I'm studying Lit at the University of Washington-Seattle.)

  18. @ Pep: Here are some of the overriding questions to be considered during this semester according to the professors:

    1. How does this text make sense of the past?
    2. What factors are likely to have influenced this interpretation?
    3. What other histories or scholarship does this text call to mind and on what terms?
    4. What are the consequences of constructing history in this way?
    5. Why did the author choose the medium or style used and how did it affect the message?
    6. How did the authors use their respective genres to go against certain forms of established "truth"? And what are those "truths" that they seem so intent on criticizing or explaining?

  19. The current focus is American Literature post 1900. One of the classes is focused on Black Pulp Fiction Literature and another is focused on Cold War Politics in American Historical Literature. Lots of stuff about race, civil rights, the Rosenbergs, McCarthyism, the Red Scare, the Lavender Scare, the Cold War, the Vietnam War and so forth.

  20. One of my professors is obsessed with the unreliability of subjective historians trying to make sense of the "messiness of events."

  21. And yes, I'm in my 40s. I decided to go back to school for another degree. ;-)

  22. Oh look. Pep Web. ;-)

  23. 1. I once dated an American girl who was studying Irish history by reading historical romances set in Ireland. I asked her if perhaps I might get a PhD in Modern American Forensic History by reading Superman comics and she dumped me immediately.

    2. The main factor would have been the need to sensationalise something boring to try and make money by selling more books.

    3. Just type the title into Amazon and check the "People who bought this book also bought . . . " suggestions.

    4. You might get slightly less poor.

    5. The author (almost certainly a teacher; only teachers write historical rubbish) probably just filled with text, off the top of their head, during breaktimes, a load of copybooks they stole from school, and then a talented but severely underpaid editor turned it into something more structured.

    6. There is no such thing as truth, qv Plato, Socrates and especially Diogenes.

  24. You ARE a "messy event," Pep. :p See if ELE is available as a forum handle. ;)

  25. Bear introduced me to Shelfari as well, and did seem a nice guy. I did not realise he had gone, and am sad. I hope he had a nice life.

    Pep (will have to establish another Shelfari account now, as I don't want to be reminded of the likelihood of my own imminent demise each time I log in there.)

  26. With regard to the stuff you are studying, Lee - I thought you were taking a literature course?

    Pep (has read all Samuel Delany's stuff and even enjoyed a lot of it.)

  27. Lee, take Pep's response back to your Prof's and plead with them to say "it isn't so!"
    I am still laughing.

  28. ???Extinction Level Event???

    Pep (thinks genocide is an unlikely consequence of a couple of fat jokes in a forum.)

  29. @ Pep: I am. Hey, I don't make the course reading lists. re: Delany - Cool. We're doing him after Octavia Butler. Ladies first, ya know.

  30. @ Pep: LOL. Yes, "Extinction Level Event," otherwise known, in Pop Culture Geek shorthand, as a "Deep Impact." ;)

  31. @ Storm: The Black Lit prof would laugh and bite the bait for fun. He'd also be interested to hear more about what Pep had to say about Delany. The Cold War Lit prof...not so much.

  32. From the course descriptions:

    "American literature in its political and cultural context. Emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to American literature, including history, politics, anthropology, and mass media."

    "Selected writings, novels, short stories, plays, poems by Afro-American writers. Study of the historical and cultural context within which they evolved. Differences between Afro-American writers and writers of the European-American tradition. Emphasis varies."

  33. I remember that movie.

    Pep (It was awful.)

    PS I thought it was called Die Hard V

  34. Yes, yes it was.

    "On the disaster epic scale, on which `Titanic' gets four stars and `Volcano' gets 1.5, `Deep Impact' gets 2.5--the same as `Dante's Peak,' even though it lacks a dog that gets left behind." - Roger Ebert

  35. I thought the main difference between Afro-and Euro-American writers was that the latter were less explicit about their disregard for the weaker sex.

    Pep (Until Brett Easton Ellis offered equal opportunity serial killing in American Psycho, of course.)

    PS Or did he? Was it all just a case of mistaken identity?

    PPS Did I hear they were threatening to make a MUSICAL out of that sick book?

  36. I thought Morgan Freeman did really well to get elected President after he had been released from prison in The Shawshank Redemption.

    Pep (But then, he had a few bucks to buy votes, didn't he.)

  37. I take your point as we are definitely discussing "classic misogynistic narrative" and the "politics of power, sex and violence" in the literature covered in my Black Pulp Fiction class wherein "whore comes almost an honorific term."

  38. Make that "becomes" and try to avoid any Freudian slip jokes. ;-)

  39. I have the DVD of "American Psycho." I'm disinclined to tell you how many times I've watched it.

  40. God (Morgan Freeman) doesn't do well, he just does.

    Btw, the main character in "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" is called Freeman. Dan Freeman.

  41. "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" on video:

  42. A totally random discovery that tickled me:

  43. Lee said:
    "2. What factors are likely to have influenced this interpretation?"

    Pep said:
    "2. The main factor would have been the need to sensationalise something boring to try and make money by selling more books."

    I agree with Pep here…most of the sane and rational stuff has been written a 100 times over…so that is a tough sell.
    But if your 2nd world war History has the title "Hitler…a nice guy, in the wrong job"…the publishers start visualizing the newspaper serialization rights….then they go and have a 3 hour liquid lunch.

    At the extreme end of this, you have people claiming The Queen Mother, and George Bush were Reptile Headed Baby-Eating Space-Monsters.
    Although maybe they have a point…I mean…someone's gotta be a Reptile Headed Baby Eating Space Monster…..right ?

  44. I dunno. I guarantee you the history books being read now at my old primary/grade/middle/junior/high schools are *not* the same ones I read back in the day. Same periods of time being covered, different content and interpretation, making for a very different read.

    (This is another "don't get me started" topic as it is right in the target zone of the classes I'm taking. There may be some Psi Shrinker blog posts coming up.)

  45. Which is not, btw, meant to close down the conversation, natch, just a humorous warning about the potential for another Lee Tsunami Damnburst Wall o'Text.

  46. David Icke! Professional goalkeeper, TV commentator and loonie alien conspiracy theorist!

    Pep (suggests you might get Miss Piggy involved if you want to investigate revisionist history in any depth.)

    PS Yes, you get a point for that.

  47. Woohoo!

    Pants: I am not flamewaring, i just wondered if Storm was the mastermind beind Forum Confidential

    Jolene: So, which are you TC, TT or TL?

    Storm: All three.


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