Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pserendipitous Wit

The question was asked (repeatedly).

"Maybe you should give us a quick sample of your humour right here so we can assess your bookability . . .

Pep ( . . . and you can decide if we are your sort of audience.)"

"I have heard that clothing shops around American bases did a roaring trade in a line called Quick Release Underwear, which were sold with the advertising slogan "One Yank And They Come Off".

Pep (is not old enough to verify this personally.)"

Regarding your edit explanation [about tilting at windmills]: Did I mention my real life surname is O'Tay, and that because I am so well-endowed my school nickname was Donkey?

Pep (tries to live up to his soubriquet.)

"The true poetry of love . . .
 . . . lies in the unconditional acceptance of one who pongs, farts, belches and picks his nose. 
According to Carole Franizzi, that is. 
Pep (has just realised why all those women are still vainly chasing after him.)"

As Pep (Psvengali) would say, feel free to add some of your own collected Pepisms in the comments section below.


  1. My real life surname is Lewis, and during my irresponsible twenties in swinging London (actually, it was the punk era) my reputation was such that I was known as Foot Lewis and Fiance Free.

    Pep (really was.)

  2. How about: "She's so fat that a normal BMI would mean she'd be tall enough to play Guard for the Boston Celtics"

  3. I spend a lot of my spare time sharpening tylenol tablets . . .

    Pep ( . . . for splitting headaches.)

  4. Why is there no tylenol in the jungle?

    Parrots eat 'em all.



  6. Ewww...No wonder she is often bitter. I would divorce without hesitation a nose picking, belching, stinking, farter...for the love of heavens...that is poor form.

  7. Since it's "Pep Week" here is something that your archiving may not have previously picked up:

    Pep (there's more, to quote a popular Irish comedian from the 80s.)

  8. Actually, I think you might have quoted something from that archived thread, but here is a little something that the insightful and original Deira Llanfair composed:

    The meaning of “Pep” is a difficult matter,
    It isn’t just one of your forum themes.
    You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter,
    When I tell you that “Pep” must have three different memes.

    First of all there’s the meme of the signature format,
    With parenthesised comment, addendum and quips.
    Then there’s the rigorous spelling and grammar,
    Optimistically hoping this meme will transmit.

    Last of all is the meme of the known personality,
    Challenging, knowledgeable, pointed and sharp.
    “Sit up! Pay attention! Yes - you at the back there!”
    I’m Pep and no other – and I’ll leave my mark!

  9. Deira that name is a blast from the past...she used to make some very good animations...a cut above the usual stilted movements.
    Pretty good poem too...your heart must fairly glow with pride. :)

  10. @Lee at the risk of sounding like I am whining, but could you make your blog 'mobile' friendly? A simple adjustment in the 'settings' that will not affect the blog look and appearance on the web, but will make a major improvement for people that read on mobile devices.

  11. @Orfeu: Occasionally I provoke *good* things from my readership . . .

    Pep ( . . . not just demands for disciplinary action.)

  12. @ Storm: I'd love to. I'll go look at the settings and see if I can figure it out. Cross your fingers.

    @ Steph: Stop laughing.

  13. @ Storm: Is it just this?

    O Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.

    I just click that?

  14. @LeeHere: you know, if Brent Farve had that view on mobile device setting on his weenis, it may have actually filled the entire screen of an iphone. I'm just kidding. When you are hung like a tic tac, no screen adjustment or zoom setting will hide the awful truth.

  15. Did you know that I try to write a poem every day as soon as I get up.

    Pep (goes from bed to verse.)

  16. @ Ima: I hope no man hung like a tic tac ever has to pass a stone.

    @ Pep: LOL. Cute.

  17. I wonder if Luc would take any action against Ishina if he realised that she is stalking me in SC2 after failing historically to impress in that archived Pep thread from Residents Answers I quoted just above the poem. After all, I was Cornfielded on no actual published evidence of having had a dispute with Elora, whereas Ishina's obvious irrational disagreement with my style of forum presentation is plain to see in the archived thread.

    Pep (assumes SC2's Ishina is Ishina Xue; the writing style is reminiscently unoriginal, lacking any verve or personality, like a Woman's magazine letters page contributor.)

  18. @Lee: Perfect, thank you.
    @Pep: Perfect, thank you.

  19. @ Storm: You're welcome. Thanks for pointing it out to me and thank you for joining us.

  20. BAD ASSES...

    "Pep said...
    You have misspelled the description in my case at least.

    Pep (is a bard ass.)
    Mon Jul 18, 10:56:00 AM PDT"


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