Friday, August 5, 2011

Wasted Sees Me Too or Wasted Channels Lias During Apprenticeship

1.  Lias made a "LeeHere I see you" thread on (Feb 28, 2011).
Lias said: "Don't be that person on the internet following someone around being snarky, passive agressive and just rude. You may feign ignorance, but:
Now you are over at SLU giving likes to SCII Mods lobbing insults at me. We can co-exist without the bullshit. I don't want to have a year and a half of you showing up everywhere I am in the metaverse with some snarky 'joke' directed at me. I am just not amused.
Latch onto someone else. I am not the one."


2. Wasted made a "Leehere I see you" on (Aug 3, 2011).
Wasted said: "Leehere don´t be that stalker cat behind the window, I´m watching you  "
I love the playful irony of "don't be a stalker" and "I'm watching you."  (Never mind the whole "Here are my links, come see my website and videos" and "Aha!  You looked!" game.  Ah, Wasted logic.  I love a good parody thread.)

3.  Wasted posted these posts today.


Wasted said:  "Does anyone read the leehere´s blog ?
leehere, why don´t you remove that warning about the mature content? I never can read your blog, it doesn´t work on firefox for me."

I see you too, Wasted.


PSA:  Watch out for that whole clicking links and post-response buttons on forums stuff.  It's a trap!

Yes, there are readers.  You can see them making comments.  No, I'm not removing the warning about mature content, because I post, ya know, mature content.  As for Firefox, I'm reliably informed that there are numerous other browsers with which to view blogs.  Good luck with that.


  1. Update.

    Wasted recently posted this in his "Leehere" thread.

    "many views and still cant read the leehere´s blog because of the mature content warning "

  2. Wasted can't post here, so I'm helping him out.

    Wasted said:

    "Anyway, nowadays most of the Second life related web sites are a corny

    Your blog is like a tent hospital from the second virtual world war, with the nazis I would use the rotaflex"

  3. Wasted says...

    "And finally, I don´t care if the mocking mob don´t want to write in my forum, I talk to myself and I laugh at you all."

    "The Shameful Separated States of America"

  4. Wasted says...

    "The SL Related Forums Suck"

    "It´s funny how the SL Forums are now empty without me.

    Cristianito Nina and Ramona are the authority, they have the power, you are their subordinates, you are under them...

    They play the big car, the suit and the drinking glass...

    The others are now triying to copy me in everyway they can, they try to copy my style, my strenght, my power, but they are not able to do it not even if they get wasted on wine...

    They only talk meaningless discussions and nonsenses... pathetic drama is pathetic."

  5. Wasted said (5 hours, 57 minutes ago)...

    "leehere write this post in your blog and prove that you are not working for linden lab...

    why? IDK but, you can call it the liberty statue legs opened"

    There you go, Wasted, per your request, posted.

  6. There's something on Wasted's site for Lias too.

    Wasted said(9 hours, 39 minutes ago)...

    Lias - so now you got yourself hated at SLU and gV. And there was no reason for that. You got your point across. Get in and get out before you get pulled under by the trolling regulars. And to start a new thread to berate the owner, LOL.

    OK now, this is your third choice. I do not think you can find 20 people to call you names and troll you here - so you may be OK. You can see that your approach is not exactly working - so do think about trying something new here."

    Lias Bladyblue this one is for you

    How sweet.

  7. Wasted said...

    "Lias preaches for me
    I love you."

  8. "Access to this site has been temporarily denied.

    This is due to the site receiving high levels of concurrent traffic.

    Once the traffic reduces below the limit access will be restored.

    If you are the webmaster and are seeing this often you should consider upgrading at"

  9. Lee said on gV...

    "Why is it you say (on your forum) that you cannot go to blogs with "mature ratings," but you can post here on an adult forum talking about "cockbelts" and "mother fuckers" and "fucking children" and "cock sucking"? You can visit and post on adult forums, but not on adult blogs? Why is that? How does that work?"

    Wasted said on gV...

    "I don´t know, it is a mistery, I accept the cookies, javascripts, etc, but the warning page of your web site wont let me pass regardless if I accept or not.

    Anyway, Keep the Children Away."

  10. Wasted said on gV...

    "I just get the same warning page over and over regardless if I accept or not...

    One day I tried to fix it, and I couldn´t... It appears that I´ve denied some cookie from any and wont let pass... but the list of my restricted sites is so big I cannot find it... or I am too lazy to do it "

  11. Lain (is Bams) said...

    "Isn't it obvious, Lias is Wasted Engineer?

    Now let's all go back to our regularly scheduled whateverz."

  12. Ah, Wasted has removed my tribute thread from his forum. The bloom is off the rose.


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