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Forum Feedback (aka Lee's Manifesto)

LeeHere said (April 2011):

"Again, the emotionally-filtered revisionist-history comments seem to miss the fact that we were asked and encouraged to discuss gV governance and that Mars indicated that changes were going to be made and policies and practices instituted. People gave their feedback and disagreement occurred and people have kept the disagreements and discussions going.

Discussion in 'gV governance' started by Mars, Apr 3, 2011

Discussion in 'news' started by Mars, Apr 3, 2011

Discussion now in 'area17-NSFW' started by Lain, Apr 2, 2011

Community Standards - part II
Discussion in 'gV governance' started by Mars, Jan 10, 2011.
Forum Feedback Updated Friday, April 8, 2011."

LeeHere said:

"Forum Feedback Updated Friday, April 8, 2011. I will post it whole here and now, but I also intend to break it down into chunks as people have pointed out that there might be sections they want to "like" or not separately.

Forum Feedback (Draft - Work-in-Progress)

I thought was a forum for all things virtual...virtual worlds, online gaming, forums, blogs, sex, etc. I thought that, like many topic-specific forums, it had areas for off-topic conversations about things like politics, world events, movies, television, music, art, literature, games, etc.

I also thought it was a forum that had been started based on a response to the old forum taunt of, "well, if you don't like it, go start your own forum then." I thought that most people came to this forum for a low-mod (consistent and fair) and low-ban adult forum experience.

I am posting my feedback because I am invested in and I am hopeful about what it can become.

I object to the deletion of Ishina's, Pep's and VVI's posts in the admin thread and request that they be moved to the area17-NSFW section.

I also object to the deletion of VVI's post in area17 and request that it be restored in its original location now that area17 is the area17-NSFW section.

Renewed Request - Move & Restore
I request that Pep's and VVI's deleted posts, what would have been posts numbered 12, 13, 14 and 15 in the interface modules - part Ithread, and Ishina's deleted post, what would have been post 30 in the please... thread, and VVI's post that would have been post 45 in thegotVirtual Dodgeball thread, be restored and moved to the area17-NSFW section.

Request - Move
I request that planetary-observed or gV-member-reported posts that, upon review, appear to be "potentially volatile subject matter, such as cross-site drama or other content which may encourage aggravation" be moved to *mirror threads* in area17-NSFW and planetary-observed or gV-member-reported posts that, upon review, appear to be "adult content" be moved to *mirror threads* in the mature-NSFW section.

Suggestion - Mirror Threads
I suggest that *mirror threads* be created for posts that need to be moved. I can actually link examples of *mirror threads* from other forums for people's review if they are interested in how that works in practice, but I will describe it as follows:

Let's say someone posts a thread called "Apple." Let's say that this "Apple" thread is in an SFW section and NSFW content gets posted in it. The NSFW content might be noticed by a planet or reported by a gV member. A planet would review the content, make a determination, and, seeing that it was NSFW content in an SFW thread, move the post to the appropriate NSFW section in a *mirror thread* called "Apple *Mirror* Thread." Both threads would remain open and people could post to both threads.

Request - Delete
I request that planetary-observed or gV-member-reported posts that contain illegal information or images, real life information or images, or information or images that could jeopardize the existence of the site through legal issues (child porn, copyright violations claims, for examples) be deleted with a comment.

Position on Banning
I do not support the banning of gV members unless the registered gV member is using an account solely for the purpose of spamming (commercial content across all sections, for example) or posting content containing illegal information or images, real life information or images, or information or images that could jeopardize the existence of the site through legal issues (child porn, copyright violation claims, for examples). I am not advocating the banning of anyone except the kind of spammers one used to see in the SL blogorums who got teams of accounts posting solely about Linden schemes, the ones defined in the current version of the Community Standards ... or accounts usedsolely to post real life information, images or threats, or content that would or could harm

Renewed Support
I also renew my support for those who wish to customize their experience by blocking the NSFW sections of the forums if and when that function becomes available. (Support originally given in the admin section.) I would also add this: I think there might be something out there for all needs and tastes.

More Votes of Support
I support an area marked "SHITS & GIGGLES - SFW." I support the idea of color-coding the sections.

I like titles with "tags" like "area17-NSFW-Red" and "SFW-Green" so people can see where they are and what they are doing when they post no matter what view they are in, but I also support the suggestion that the entire forum, with the exception of the admin area, be NSFW. Either way.

I also renew my vote of support for the site of gotVirtual as a whole. That's why I'm investing time, thought and energy into this forum feedback.

I support the idea of self-moderation and letting Mars, and even Deimos or any other planet or administrative mod entity take care of the rest, if, and only, if they agree to, and adhere to moving and deleting as suggested in this forum feedback.

I support this statement from Grady: "It isn't about porn, and it isn't about personal attacks. It's about thread and post deletion. It isn't about blackmail either. It is simply that many people joined here for the chance to speak their mind, and if they find themselves in dispute with another member, at least be assured that they don't have to worry about a capricious mod stepping in on one side or the other. I see nothing wrong with someone simply stating their preferences as what kind of forum they hope this is or becomes."

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mars for making area17-NSFW an NSFW section. I also like the new Community Standardslink on the Forum view page.

And thank you to everyone who has expressed support of my method, message or madness.

Thank you also to all those who have posted feedback that has enabled me to refine my own forum feedback.

Spamming as defined in the current gotVirtual Community Standards as updated by Mars, 16.jan.11:

Mars said:

spamming - posting unrelated and unsolicited commercial advertisements is forbidden. we are referring to spam a la vi@gra, nokia, nike, casinos, teens, etc. legitimate advertisements may be posted in the commercial advertisements subforum node.



  1. While I am an infrequent poster on the off-SL forums, I appreciate that those who fled the SL-sanctioned forum or just seek another place in which to express themselves might wish them to be something they do not come to despise (for whatever reasons).
    I hope that your respectful, reasoned feedback gets the review and discussion it deserves.

  2. Thank you, Venus.

    It's funny you should say that, actually. My "Forum Feedback" thread became a drama thread and one of the most-viewed threads on gV (22,283) views. I was accused of trolling, spamming and creating a manifesto hostile to gV and its founding members by some and supported by others who either supported the feedback or discussed it rationally and intelligently as they worked through their own thoughts about gV moderation.

  3. I'm probably one of the top recruiters for gV as well, but I have also been accused of recruiting trolls in an effort to take down and destroy gV.

    It's all a matter of perspective, eh? ;-)

  4. You should see all the hateful, destructive, spammy, trolling threads I created on gV too.

    It's a wonder gV is still up at all. Thank God for the members who fought against me and kept my nefarious ways in check.

    /me grins.

  5. Lias said:

    "Lee, I made the mistake of clicking your blog link - and I was assaulted by that goddamn Manifesto again, plus a new addition: some sort of diagram detailing some 'process'. What the fuck?"


  6. If only we got lucky and it made her brain explode ala scanners.

  7. @Harvey: You are assuming she HAS a fucking brain.

  8. Did I ever mention that I used to work for Lias/blady?

    Twas a few years ago but...still....

  9. To Venus... How's the therapy going?

  10. @Harvey: Ohh..did not last long. There was one traumatic incident but so long ago all I can do is laugh at it (and my reaction to it).

    I would say that I survived quite nicely.

    She does like the drama, though.

  11. But she does it so fucking badly. Like a fucking stuck record. Or should that be a scratched fucking CD. Or should that be a corrupted fucking mp3. Its so hard to be fucking street with analogies these days.




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