Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ricky Raver



  1. Now read Orfeu's posts with that image in your mind.

    /me accidentally snorts tea as she laughs.

  2. but...but...I did 'imagine' him like that. :)

  3. And how did that make you feel?

    /me gestures to a couch and indicates that you should lie down and open up.

  4. OMG! Storm is the FC Troll of the Week.

    And how did that make you feel, Storm?

  5. How did such a lovely thread go so terribly wrong?

    Storm's not-so-ecoFriendly Thread

  6. It aint easy finding an Afro in Sl any size smaller than LUDICROUS !!!.

    As for the rest of this charming ensemble...might I advise that you steer clear of the brown acid man...It is not specifically too good.

  7. Mein Gott! Orfeu has joined the Guards.

    Pep (It's not a busby, it's a bearskin.)

  8. @ Orfeu: Made me look.

    Yeah, I saw a nice tight 'fro for women, but all the others are either pretty big or part of the skin.

    What about a tidy cornrow?

  9. Oh. Here's a reasonable male fro:

    And yes, Orfeu, I do realize you already have one, but you know what I'm like when curiosity gets a hold of me. ;-)

  10. Well I have about 20...but I only ever wear one.
    And yes I have a bunch of cornrows too.

    I buy all of the one linden demos...but often end up buying the product see how it looks when shrunk to something like Normal size.


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