Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Internet Death Threats

How do you know when they are the real thing and not just the hyperbole du jour?

Has Mulch been issuing them?  Veiled or otherwise?  Is he "ashamed of his history"?  What is his "history"?

Is Clancy ashamed of whatever it is he is "planning to do"?

Will there be a confrontation?  A confession?  Will this story blow up or will it stay "off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush"? Confidentially inquiring minds want to know.



  1. Stephie's preparing to make death threats in the Neva interview post.

  2. And I hadn't even read this entry at the time. :D

  3. LOL Great minds...or, um, something.



  6. I found a severed horse head smiley.

  7. Oh dear.

    Mulch said...

    "Woodside, ny

    you want me?

    can you deal with it if i show up at your front door? wont protect you, you fail at hiding behind a weak ass proxy, coward

    so, are you ready to deal with mulch face to face?

    when mulch comes knocking, you cant hide behind your keyboard anymore

    are you SURE that it is ME that you want to test?

    think carefully, as i have SAID BEFORE AND HAVE proven WHEN i was threatened with gunshots, i am not intimidated, i am not scared, and i WILL show up...

    are you quite certain you want to see me in person as i settle this with you once AND for all, face to face, coward?

    choose carefully... i have a reputation for backing up what i say i am going to do.... and you seem to be tempting me to prove it to you, to your face, man to man, once and for all

    try me... bitch"

  8. Clancy said...

    "Mulch, it's been sort of entertaining so far but now it's just sad. If you keep on threatening me with harm in the real world and posting purported real life facts about me you will be banned from this forum."

  9. Earth moderator said...

    "the talk of rl violence is not necessary."

    Lias, volunteer moderator, said...

    "Why don't you just stop harassing him and then he has nothing to say to you at all. You purposely go after him and start negative situations and then go hide behind the moderator.

    Stop taunting people and calling them crazy and you won't be so frightened."

  10. Summer is the time for repeats....but we need something new for the autumn season.

  11. I saw your post on gV. I "liked" it. I see Mitch did too.

    Play your cards right and the next "Rumble in _____" could be on a cruise ship. ;)

  12. Someone's cruisin' for a bruisin'.

    (I sense we could riff on this theme for hours.)

  13. Hmmmm Rumble on The Love Boat doesn't sound too good huh?

    I genuinely like Mulch....he seems very lively...and has a great sense of fun...but all this RL violence stuff is so last season.

    Perhaps instead of the brutish macho stuff...someone should do a gay version....where they track you down....and break into your apartment and re-decorate it while you are on vacation.

  14. "Rumble on The Love Boat" vs. "Homo Home Hijack"

    Hhhmmm, which would get better ratings?

  15. Lee said:
    ""Rumble on The Love Boat" vs. "Homo Home Hijack"

    Hhhmmm, which would get better ratings? "

    Depends on who presents it.
    The homo home hijack clearly needs a British presenter...cause they are "colourful" by default right??

    Rumble on the love boat prolly needs a Nautical pugilist of some

    Mulch doesnt seem to hip to the changes that have happened in the last 30 years.....all this beating your chest malarkey...kinda looks desperate and faggy these days...say...he aint British is he ???

  16. orfeu said...

    "...he aint British is he ???"

    Sidestepping the Brit-bashing humor for just a moment...

    I've spoken with Mulch on Teamspeak3 voice. He's an American male.


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