Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm going public.

Let me know if you want to buy stock.

Lee said on gV:

"I decided I wanted one here too. A cross-forum virtual RICO-style syndicate with branches on SC MKII, FIH, my own blog and possible expansion plans for FC and SLU."

  1. Crimes Against Convention: LeeHere Absent (SC MKII)
  2. Crimes Against Convention: LeeHere Absent (FIH)
  3. Crimes Against Convention: LeeHere Absent (gV)
  4. Crimes Against Convention:  LeeHere Absent (Lee's VW Blog)


5.  Crimes Against Convention: LeeHere Absent (FORUM CONFIDENTIAL)
6.  Crimes Against Convention: LeeHere Absent (Utherforums)

ETA2:  "Damning with faint praise?"  and  "LeeHere's Crimes of Convention"



7.  Crimes against convention (SLF)
8.  Crimes Against Convention:  LeeHere Absent (SLUnleashed)


Crimes Against Convention (the Forum)


  1. Another money grubbing call for investors?
    I had originally perceived this as an announcement that you were putting your nether regions on display.
    My disappointment knows no bounds.

  2. Frugality is wealth.
    Are you selling penny stocks?
    Got a fiver till Tuesday?

  3. Does this RICO guy know?

    If your syndicate is that similar in style he might have a case for trademark infringement.

  4. I'll get my consigliere on it.

  5. I thought it was gonna be this one actually...

  6. That too. Goes with the severed horse head in an earlier post. 'Course these days I've actually been thinking about the bunny scene in "Fatal Attraction."

  7. Hey now, let's not go over board here.

    It's not like this is gV. ;)

  8. You have already gone public.

    Pep (You had written someone's name on it.)

    PS Verification was "hedgedem" which sounds like Google reckons the market in your stocks is likely to plummet.

  9. Lemme know when you go pubic.

  10. "Damning with faint praise?" and "LeeHere's Crimes of Convention"


  11. Aw, it's like old home week in the Utherforums.

    Glutch said...

    "If you actually read some of the stuff and do some clicking you will find out it is the same old group with some different, some the same, names posting to different people on different boards but the same old drama they always cause. Shocking to say the least. I was wondering where they ran off and hid when they got the boot from thier last board they thought they owned."


  12. Lovie doesn't seem to be feeling the love. Don't know why.

  13. My Crime branch in the Utherverse got borked, so to speak. The Uthermods used it as a dumping ground for moved posts that were offensive to the GD. ;-)

  14. oddly, a forum run by mulch has your least drama filled version

  15. Mulch said...

    "oddly, a forum run by mulch has your least drama filled version"

    Give it time!

    (I'm totally kidding.)

  16. Oh, and Lovie and I worked it out. He's having a rough, well, year, little tense and all that. We're all good now.

    /me sends some virtual blog love to Loveheart.

  17. ETA:


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