Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monna Says Goodbye on SC MKII

The time has come (SC MKII)

ramonna says goodbye (gV)


  1. News travels fast. Mulch's lovely post about Monna on FIH:,132.msg711/topicseen.html

  2. Like most of her posts, the one supposedly saying goodbye reads like a mixture of something she has copied out of a website she has found in Google by keying in a couple of mis-spelled search terms (the literary equivalent of Miss Piggy's video posts) and a paragraph or two of a "guess the missing words" game. She would be amusing if she had not historically wielded so much power, like a blind woman on a firing range.

    Pep (wouldn't be surprised if the intent of Monna's post was actually to explain that she was going to the corner shop for a while to get some bread, because she needed some to make sandwiches for her daughter's sleepover; but she might be some time.)

  3. I wonder who she will give her stuff...

  4. Did Fester say goodbye in the SCII "Nobody cares" thread as well?

    Pep (That would make it a Doublegood Celebration Day.)

  5. i fear for the future of SC now

    monna was stability in moderation

    the lord of darkmere just inherited some subjects as the transformation from SC to SLU MKII is almost complete

  6. Fear for the future of a forum? LOL?

    People come and go, everybody is replacable. Some will be missed, others not so much.

  7. Forums are like adolescent pimples on the visage of the internet. They appear unwanted, people pick at them, they become filled with bilious pus and erupt only to disappear and are forgotten other than in the form of disfiguring pockmark reminders on the face of the 'net, only for the irritation to resurface elsewhere to repeat its painful lifecycle.)

    Pep (qv gV which will be lucky to make its first birthday.)

  8. Nice to see the gV kiddies playing true to form.

    Instead of just saying goodbye and/or good luck, or just following the old advice of "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" it becomes a bitchfest of butthurt.


  9. @ Harvey "If you haven't got anything nice to say ( about gv) , don't say anything at all"

    Oh dear...I see infinite recursion beckoning.

  10. Alas, orfeu has bested me with his superior intellect.

  11. LOL @ Harvey using "Alas" to address Orfeu.

  12. Thank you Harvey for your prompt admission of defeat...I had alarming visions of us posting the quoted part in a never ending circle.

    Oh...and LOL @ Alas.



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