Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing Isakk Hunt

Pep said:
"I have seen Rudi post in other places and am now awaiting the appearance in our orbit of his nemesis, Isaac Hunt.
Pep (understands that many of these ambiguous names started life as contributors to Terry Wogan's Radio 2 Morning Show.)"

Isakk Hunt said:
"in the event that an inhabitant is subjected to quarantine or scrubbed, they will be afforded an opportunity to appeal to the community for relief.
So you poeslaps I have had to register another avatar to take up this right of appeal to the community. Lets start with the fact that Rudi was scrubbed for supposedly being the alt of someone who has a main here. I say I dont have a main here. I have lots of other avatars in forums and playing games all over the internet but why should that be relevant. Who is supposed to be my main account here at gotvirtualEarth and what evidence do you have. Or is this just another kultur klash that you would prefer not to have to justify."

Isakk Hunt said:
"Haai cuiters. I just got fucking scrubbed from gotvirtual for being Spam when I asked who the fucking moderators thought my fucking main was and what fucking evidence they had that Rudi was the alt of someone who had another account on their fucking forum. They are really pulling out all the fucking stops to try to avoid being fucking embarrassed today arent they."

Isakk Hunt said:
"I made the Isakk account there because it says in their fucking rules that you have the right to appeal against being scrubbed. Fucking difficult if you have been scrubbed neh."

Rudi, we hardly knew ye.



  1. I will keep making ******* alts until ******* Nina allows a ******* appeal like it ******* says in the Rights section of the ******* Guidelines at gotvirtual.


  2. You should get a sponsor.


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