Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Times on gV

High stakes too.

Cato Badger, not to be confused with Caitlin Tobias, is currently engaged in a semantics battle with Dakota Cody over whether the Badger always says "its not always malevolence but occasionally incompetence."

Cato Badger said:
"As I always say its not always malevolence but occasionally incompetence."

Dakota Cody said:
"Liar. This is the first time I've ever seen you say that."

And so on for twelve more posts and two pages with no end currently in sight.

Take a look at the choice of insult being bandied about between the two.

"You are HumptyDumptying."

Caitlin Tobias, for her part, is currently passing tout like a battle ship in the argumentative night, just missing each other over some long not-lost and not-forgotten SLF forum grudge that involved, you guessed it, Pep.  Much of this is going on in, of all places, the "gV Unofficial Useless Statistics" thread opened by Lias.

Just prior to all that the argument over who can lay claim to the forum use of "I'll be your Huckleberry" raised it's shaky head again. Lias continues to support her gV claim and Grady's SC MKII banner claim. Fuckwad's first use of it on the Utherforums remains largely uncontested, though Maryanne feels she used it more and there may be a higher claim in that. Which has more weight? First usage or amount of usage? I went off-forum in pointing out the 1993 usage in the movie "Tombstone" and Pep took us to 1900 with his blog post on the subject.

Jolene and Lias have been arguing over who is stalking who.  I'm not even gonna link ya.  It's all over the place.

Remember these blog posts?

gV Drama...It started with a little thread about desktop images.
gV Drama...It started with a little thread about desktop images. (Part II)

And this thread on gV? "What Computer Desktop Image Do You Use?"

Well you can get new episodes in these threads:

"Reddit pervs and pedos put paid to: no more Loli for you"
"2 or 3 Lollies, cosplay and circumstance."


Wasted is back again shilling for his own forum and going on about how, yep, you guessed it, "The SL Related Forums Positively Suck."  He's also been going through a heart-wrenching roller coaster ride in his relationship with Lias.   All he can do now is stand back and trust that she is doing the right thing.

Did I mention that ew0k made a brief and nearly forgettable visit to gV?  Yes?  No?  Oh well, never mind.

"Forum Feedback" is back! Current discussion? The alt policy and an opt-out feature.  Funnily enough, the "legal threats/actions, death threats, etc" thread also sprang back to life.

nina said:
"sockpuppeting generally means using an alt to agree with your own arguments or team up with yourself against an adversary. or perhaps even using the alt to agree with an adversary and align with them using a strawman argument or otherwise trying to discredit their argument via 'guilt by association'.
rorting the trophy system is just that. using an alt to like your own posts to inflate trophy points and such."
"i have been contemplating the idea of having two opt-out options. one option to opt out of nsfw and another to opt out of sfw. if one opted out of either they wouldnt see any trace of any forum with that classification."

Lias said:
"I only did that to try to get normal functionality so I could like other's posts, select a mood, make an album and do some other updates.
If people could register a new account as an alt account and it could be given normal functionality immediately then that would be helpful."

Maryanne and Pants got a little overwhelmed.

Pants said:
"Oh dear, i cannot sort the CaTos and the catos and the Caitys. Who are the bad guys? I need to know"
"me groans. Ok just tell me who to Like please"

Maryanne said:
You have a manifesto?!?
I gotta quit skipping meetings."

masonboob lover got booted and banned for being underage while forum whoring and perving the "Naughty" thread.

masonboob lover said:
"ha ha very funny im 12 years old bitch and my iq is prolly on the up side of 110"
What is the up side of 110?

It appears Bunnie got both her groove and her forum avatar back as the Spam can is gone.

Speaking of Bunnie, the latest post in the "Standing invitation for SCMK-II and SLU People who have an axe to grind....." thread is this one:

Bunnie said:
"After hiding out for I don't recall how long, I see Don Mill is Bulldick! posted over on SLU. Must be looking for someone else to file a suit on. Cristiano better watch his step! ;)"
Last, but not least, consider enjoying a few drinks in the Saloon.  You'll need 'em.

ETA:  In addition to the "gV Unofficial Useless Statistics" thread started less than 24 hours ago, we now have a new companion thread complete with detailed scorecard graphic courtesy of Lias. "Absolutely Useless Unofficial gV Statistics"

ETA2:  This one is from Earth in the "Absolutely Useless Unofficial gV Statistics" thread.

ETA3: The Badger explains "Humptydumptying."

"Humptydumptying means claiming to use a word in a particular way that is not the way in which it is usually perceived to be used like using say when nothing has been voiced or in forums when you have been caught using the wrong word like prosperity rather than posterity at which point you attempt to claim the moral high ground by saying that everyone knew what you meant and that it was only a bunch of letters with spaces on each end anyway and english is not a fixed language and if enough people use a word wrongly it becomes accepted usage and anyway english is not my first language and how many languages do you speak anyway and you are discriminating against me because I am a foreigner and I am a professor of linguistics in my own country and am an international soccer referee and can say penalty in sixteen different languages."

And this helpful quote and link from the changeling operating Mitch Wexler's avatar at present*:

"There is the problem of humptydumptying, whereby a person gives an unusual and private meaning to a word with a more common and public definition and thus causes unnecessary confusion."

*Mitch used to have a bit of a tendency to prompt other posters to say JFGI on the screen, under their breath and/or in their minds, so I have no idea who this Googling, surfing, quoting, linking fool operating his avatar now is or what has happened to Mitch.  It's what prompted me to say this in gV earlier.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Fine print: "Fool" here is meant playfully as someone doing a lot of something with a certain amount of abandon, not an unintelligent jerk.

Ooh, look. A philosophy forum.

mickthinks said:
"Lewis Carroll had Humpty Dumpty say 'Words mean what I want them to mean'."

ETA4:  A link to a list of gV posts with the most "likes."


nina said:
"a thread is nothing more than an initial post."

ETA6:  Snapper is back.


Cato Badger said:
"You know what that reminds me of? This might annoy you though, but still: there was like a "movement" a little while ago, where homosexuals wanted to start calling themselves "Gays" rather than homosexuals because homosexual had too negative of a connotation or something. Well this caused a lot of consternation, because using the word "gay" to describe someone colloquially means you're calling them gay, and trying to refer to homosexuals exclusively as "gays" implied that they were gay to the exclusion of those who were not "gay". They tried arguing it, like "but gay is a noun!", but everyone knew it wasn't, and eventually that silliness just kind of became accepted because otherwise the homosexuals would have complained of homophobic discrimination.
Pep (And so we lost a good meaningful word.)"

Cato Badger said:
"Did you like it because I thought that since I have been posting like Pep and everybody has been suggesting I was Pep I would give everyone ammunition to point to in days to come to prove I was Pep.
Pep (Did it strike the right sort of resonant chord???)"

ETA8:  Poor Saffy Pants.  We're going to drive her mad at this rate.    See here.  Hey, this is why I pick a name and a forum pic (and even a color) and stick with it.   ;)


  1. I thought the exchange between Cody and Cato was fantastic. I laughed so hard. Both were really fun.

    I also enjoyed Cody's response in different thread: the one where he had to puff up his chest :)

  2. I do not know Mz. Badger from anywhere I don't think.

    Why is tout mad at CaTo ( Caitln)? or visa versa....

    Wasted returning is yet one more reason I'm glad I'm off elsewhere. I see in his posting Lias tried to hand him her book of spells errr I mean list of rules on proper posting, he almost had it ...then the meds wore off.

    I had to laugh at Lias and Lain needing nina to *explain* about death threats, alt abuse and proxies. DIAF is really important to attracting new members to any forum.

    Now on to fun things I've been following ...
    ::HH:: Hucci Eau de Hucci Mesh Jumpsuit
    So, I'm going to be cleaning off all previous installs of older viewers and d/l'ing the mesh enabled.

    Don't for get to check out Life 2.0 on Oprah AND the I Will 9/11 tribute.

  3. @ Storm...Yeah, I thought that was amusing too.

    Cody said in the "Come back Colleen" thread...

    "Doesn't matter; Pep doesn't post here anymore because he was banned like a little b*tch."

    Lee said...

    "Did you puff up your chest when you posted that? ;)"

    Cody said...


  4. As for Rotpaulette tout and what her beef is, well, this is what she had to say.

    tout said...


    Like i will never forget my first love, i will never forget the first time i was trolled.
    Oh i am not talking about fun and nice trolling like i did with Wad for example, i am talking about hateful and very mean trolling.
    on SL forum...Pep.....on GV CaTo and Storm under their supervisor Pep....on second citizen Morgaine and vivianne.

    Everybody from the old SL forum knows how Pep used to do with noobs, the man do need attention and admiration from everybody that why he was always pushing new people with ridicule*

    * i will need GradyE certainly for some traduction.

    Like i am not so weak and shy, i did some reactions, it is not because i am feeble in English that i would let me walking on my feet

    And i emigrate here on GV.
    And the man send me ihre two feet lickers on my shoulders.
    Of course they are more dumber as stronger.. so nothing for me to have agited sleep.

    And here was our lovelies Cato and jimmy Bond with a front attack on my RL and in my friendship with Suspiria.
    You will have to remember how Suspiria was hated from the Pep'clan.i mean Pep was afraid because somebody was smarter and full of charism.

    Well, we could get more informations i am sure from LeeHere, but for me i am going to play with those both submitive any time they are talking to me ...Good maybe a lil more .

    Good if you have any questions, i will be pleased to proceed.

    Of course you.. you are a smart one, and you are doing right now your very best for the dark side...more could be too much.
    We all remember this war between Suspiria and Pipi, over one year on every threads from SL forum.
    That why SL made a new one, and eliminated both.
    And our Pipi with his followers !! hum.... just tryed right here.
    And i am please to see that you stayed a little outside ;)

    yes and russe and commie, disgusting yes.

    Ah CaTo, you are just born to serve, you will have to accept it. Just of course you put yours monnies, i mean you bet on the wrong horse....Capital mistake...

    It was just bad horses on the start line."

  5. Cato Badger replied...

    "Pep is this your latest forum persona a really stupid and incomprehensible ESLer??? If it is you I must say you are doing a great job of it. Also you might all want to know that I will be making a few alts to like my posts so I can change my name to Katy which is what I am called in real life or Agent K."

  6. I remember Rotpaulette tout nipping at Caitlin CaTo's and Pep's heels when we were all relatively new members on gV. The beef seems to be about the dividing line caused by the dramatic public rift between Pep and Suspiria. Pep's not on gV anymore and Caity never mentions Suspiria, but tout keeps the torches burning with her self-styled "good" trolling, her description, not mine.

  7. This is what Caitlin said...

    "Oh and now....I am waiting for the rest, usual it is quite predicable.
    tout goes on her lil troll routine, thinking she is all funny. Says something to me about my `master´ what or whoever she means, yaps on about Pep and other people, then goes on being the so-called innocent poor ESL'er who needs translation services and tries to be all cute and sweet. People actually believe that. Fine, it's all a game eh?

    Then after a couple of days, usually 3-4 and she will show up in my PM's with apologies and that she did not mean bad and all that crap. I ignore that.In fact, I delete the whining and begging. It's sickening.
    She will then wander off, only to return in a couple a weeks.

    Isn't she the cutest? Makes me puke. Specially the begging for attention in PM's here and other forums."

  8. Pep keeps the Suspiria, Scylla and Elora torches burning, well, pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

  9. I checked your blog, colleen. Great stuff. Great pics.

  10. Check out the ETA I just added.

  11. Lias "condemned" the original thread with a graphic.

  12. LOL I think she needs some medical advice from Tarzan. Good lord!

    Your ETA ad almost made me mop up iced tea from the desk.

  13. Well my aim is good then. ;-)

    Yeah, my Mom used to always say a bath, a walk, a cup of tea and some socializing would cure just about anything, but in Tarzan's world it's an Ativan, a Prozac, a mental health professional, a hooker and a shower.

  14. Canoro Philipp is perving my CAC. He's been a member since April. When is he going to post? ;)

  15. LOL ....scary stuff. I don't get all that past SLF history , but I hope they all survive. Surely there is a statute of limitations on this stuff?

  16. NEVUH!!!

    (Regarding the statute of limitations on forum feuds, not regarding the possibility of Canoro Philipp posting on gV.)

  17. Example of old SLF drama courtesy of Pep's blog.

  18. So I guess I don't get where the queen of gV is going with her stats errrr useless stats.

    Still reading last 2 links RE SLF.

  19. Great Scott, colleen! You're as bad as me when it comes to reading forum history. ;)

  20. The ordering of the "Absolutely Useless" table is interesting in its randomness . . .

    Pep ( . . . presumably because by any criterion other than threads Lee would be #1.)

    PS Ignoring Colleen, that is, which seems reasonable.

  21. From the way Canoro posts - a la LWL - I thought Canoro was a she not a he.

    Pep (or maybe like Gypsy, Canoro's just a forum castrato; an ESL version which adds to the elusiveness of meaning in Canoro's posts.)

  22. Statistically speaking ... huh...nevermind.

  23. Great stuff Lee.I am a terrific addict of reviews (we both saw the same movie, but did we see the movie the same)and this has the same fascination.

  24. I gurgled at "book of spells"

  25. Oh I just read tout kept yapping on about me after I was done with it. Oh well. Good for her fans I suppose.

  26. @ Pep:

    1. I found the order interesting too.
    2. I don't really know Canoro, but I checked his profile information on gV before I posted that and he identifies as a male. He also joined SLU in April of 2011 and has made only 10 posts. Zero posts on SC MKII, joined March 29, 2011.
    3. Apparently "Canoro" does mean "sing."

  27. Saffy said...

    "Great stuff Lee.I am a terrific addict of reviews (we both saw the same movie, but did we see the movie the same)and this has the same fascination."

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. ;)

  28. I just added a second ETA. This one is from Earth in he "Absolutely Useless Unofficial gV Statistics" thread.

  29. Orfeu is doing rather well in the stats I see. ;)

  30. ETA3: An explanation of Humptydumptying.

  31. ETA4: A link to the most "liked" threads on gV.

  32. Correction.

    ETA4: A link to a list of gV posts with the most "likes."

  33. Orfeu, you stud, you. Your First Life pic post is on the list of top-20 most liked posts in gV. ;)

  34. well no wonder, yanno....yeah. I think I'll wake early in the AM and call my priest and then after confession I'll go directly to the nearest shrink.

  35. @ Lee
    Yeah everyone Loves me.

    You cant blame them really.
    I am humble guy....I have got a lot to be humble about. :-)

  36. Hey Orf. You'll be glad to know Ishina made another return to gV.

  37. Never mind! I should have known you'd be all over that like white on rice.

    Orf's already been in there.


  38. Fine print: "White" used in this context was *not* used to denote race or make reference to any race or racial issue.

  39. Not once have I regretted leaving gV, they're welcome to their little shithole.

  40. Aw Stephie...shithole??? that is a little unkind.
    It is full of fascinating posters

    Hmmm...I may have to get back to you on that one.


  41. Steph said...

    Not once have I regretted leaving gV, they're welcome to their little shithole.

    Steph, Let me just apologize if I caused anything to make you dislike posting at gV.
    FWIW I did ask a couple times where you had gone off too.

  42. No need Colleen, you have nothing to apologise for. :)

    I may have thought you were nuts a few times ;) but I had no issue with you, just the attitude of certain people that think (forum) age gives them some kind of status and the right to be "abusive" towards others, particularly newcomers.

  43. I'm lovin' the friendly vibe, but I fear Orfeu will be along soon trying to figure out how to get you two to make out now. ;)

  44. Orfeu can fuck off... that better for ya? :D

  45. Oh my.

    If I were wearing pearls, I might clutch them.

    And no, that was not an invitation for someone to give me a pearl necklace.


  46. Shup, bish. Don't be neck blocking me.

  47. @ are a natural for posting at gv...give in to the dark wants beckons all you can be....( evil laugh).

    @ Lee...I got ya pearl necklace right here.

  48. "you are a natural for posting at gv...give in to the dark wants beckons you."

    Yeah umm, No.

    You know those people that argue with retards on a forum for pages and pages and not getting anywhere, essentially pissing everyone else off in the process, only to realise they're just wasting their time and that the other person is never going to see their point (for whatever reason) and then decide to just drop it and not bother?

    Yeah see, I completely skip step B upon realising back in step A that it's just not worth wasting the time and effort.

    As I told Lee, if I'm going to take on trolls I'll do it in LOTRO. At least there the trolls die and sometimes drop some good stuff.

  49. Stephie rolls trolls for the gold in their teeth.

  50. "Stephie rolls trolls for the gold in their teeth."

    Most of the time the bastards only have a few coppers. It's much more profitable to kill several, take anything they drop and then go sell it. :D

  51. @Stephi
    "You know those people that argue with retards on a forum"

    Nope...never heard of them.

    /me hides shameface.


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