Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bulging Packages

For Ima, who likes nice packages.

And yes, that does say "Warhead."

Good way to maximize the package.

More like "lewd."  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Here's one for Stephie...

I don't quite know what to say about this one...


ETA (Aug 5):  This one probably needs its own blog post space, but I tripped over it while searching for products for my Camel Toe post and decided it needed to be seen even if I did try to cram it down here at the bottom of this post.  Apparently demons and horses wear jeans and belts some days.

Horse Bulge Sign



  1. So, I went tsk! I'll read a little more anyway. Had I realized you were going to display '126' packages, and none of which resembled *mine*, I would not have continued reading.

  2. Look at all of these packages! It is like Christmas, stuffed stocking and all! Nice.

  3. @ storm: I would happily remedy that with a pic of your own package were you to provide me with one.

    @ Ima: Glad you enjoyed. ;-)

  4. Look at the attention to detail in the white patriot briefs and the grey athletic sweats. There's a hint of head ridge in both.

  5. Most of these look like the guys have stuffed a hollowed out melon down inside their briefs.

    Pep (Most of the models look like the type who would do that, too.)

    PS Presumably the male models are the fantasy commercial avatars of dessicated old spinsters who don't even watch internet porn.

  6. Head ridge?
    Like on Neanderthal man?
    (checks to see if my head ridge is showing)

  7. This brought about a memory of my daughter when she was four years old. One day I found her standing in front of the potty, under garment and shorts dropped to her feet, pointing her thumb at the toilet. She was visibly frustrated, so of course I made inquiry as to what she was doing, to which she explained that she had seen my BFFs son, who is 6 mos older than she is, peeing with his thumb earlier that day during a play date. She wanted to pee with her thumb too. Just before I passed out from the internal organ injury brought about by silent laughing, I explained to her that it just looked like his thumb was peeing, that in fact he was holding his penis. She would hear nothing of this explanation because she KNEW what she saw! So, I pulled out the birds and bees book that I was saving for "the talk" that was to come a few years later, to show her the boy part that he was holding. She looked at me utterly perplexed by this difference and asked me, why does his boy part have to wear a fireman's helmet?

  8. @ Pep: "Most of the models look like the type who would do that, too." LOL

    @ Derek: "checks to see if my head ridge is showing" If you find it is, please send us a pic.

  9. Notice the ETA in the blog post. It's hard to miss.

  10. Dammit Lee, are you one of the original PlasterCasters?
    I envision you in a room wallpapered with the examples you have collected.
    Or is there a private blog somewhere out there with them posted for the perusal of paying members of your club/clique?

  11. /me purrs.

    I'm a private collector, Derek. Non-profit. Well, financially speaking, that is.

    Although this does sound like fun:

  12. I don't think she realized the potential monetary return that the porn industry capitalized on.
    Such is the life of an artist.

  13. Yeah, when I read the Wiki article, I thought, "How do you let something like this peter out?"

  14. An idea that definitely needed some corporate stroking.


  16. It wouldn't do to be premature.

  17. lol @ the two "cry" votes by button push

  18. So more verification that 105% of male models in SL look gay....In Rl its more like 85/90%... but the problem here is...women don't mind their male models looking gay...and hetero males do.

    If the intended market is hetero males...then WTF??

    Has anyone figured out a way to market to Hetero males yet...or is all this dependent on the "gift" market.???

  19. Mayalily said:

    "Yeah, but that's talking or writing. Women still want the visual enjoyment too, well at least I'd enjoy it very much but that doesn't mean I want to go to their place to see their attachments.

    Can't these attachments stay on and then stretch over the pants; a flaccid type look of a bulge, you know... because on women all the tops certainly stretch from a 0% cup to a 100% cup; lots of stretching there. So if the tops for females stretch to fit any size like that, how come men can't have something that say attaches to say the pelvis area, and then the pants are stretch to fit in that area as pants go in the pants area, not the pelvis.

    Have I stumbled upon the next several million dollar idea here, or is it futile for me to try to figure out how this would/could work?

    For instance, I can attach my chimera to my lower arm, and my bracelets don't detach.

    I'm going to research this."

    Yes, Mayalily, yes they can.

  20. LOL Venus to the rescue!

    "Maya, sit down and I will tell you something.
    The attachment that male avies use to do the deed can remain attached and 'transparent' unless one does a Ctl-Alt-T, in which case, one will see that something is 'there'. The thing about your chimera on your arm, is that your sleeve will not stretch over it. It sits outside your clothing layer. Same with the male attachment. If a male avie keeps his on, yet transparent, it will be attached outside his pants layer.

    Occasionally, a male will come into the club where I work with his attachment on and not set to 'transparent'. Whoopsie.

    Since you have such enthusiasm for this topic, I suggest that you research away. Ask your male friends to 'demonstrate'. Take photos. Enlarge as necessary. (/me laughs as I imagine your eyes widening)
    Have fun!

    ETA: What I have described for the human (thank you Deej!) male attachment is true as well for the female attachment. It can be made transparent but if the wearer forgets to do that or does not detach, therein lies potential for embarrassment."

  21. Holy throbbing member, Batman!

    squashy Beeswing said:

    "You can now buy a male attachment that throbs. I've seen it do it. Physics enabled attachments surely can't be far off. I wonder how many guys would (attempt to) use this option were it made available. Imagine the hilarious sights we'd see!"

  22. Ah yes, the old CTRL+ALT+T trick to see what one is wearing. On Caity you will see the Katana she is always wearing in her right hand, always.
    It keeps male attachements far away...

    Hang on.

    Maybe that's why I have trouble finding a date/dancepartner?


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