Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Come on, colleen (over to the dark side of blog commenting)

colleen in a red dress

Come on colleen,
I swear (well he means) At this moment you mean everything,
With you in that dress my thoughts I confess verge on dirty
Ah come on colleen.

Come on colleen, I swear, well he means
Ah come on let's take off everything,
That pretty red dress colleen (Tell him yes)
Ah come on let's, ah come on colleen, please.

Remember Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye
colleen I'll hum this tune forever.

My apologies to Dexy's Midnight Runners.

colleen has reverted to a Spam can avatar on gV (most likely due to the events in the Crime thread). Hence the blog post. I hope colleen will pop on by and I hope Stephie gets an ear worm.

Link to colleen's blog:  http://colleencriss.wordpress.com/

ETA:  colleen's here!  And she gave me this:

ETA2:  colleen gave me a more current picture of her in a red dress.  It's up at the top of the post.

ETA3: colleen in mesh...


  1. ROFL

    OMG at that pic Lee!! It's so so old....I think according to Lain and Lias tho the photo should be showing ass crack. I'll send you one if you like and that song *poor Stephie*....

    I actually like this one , she might too....


  2. Woohoo! There she is! Glad we got a laugh outta ya. ;-)

    Sorry about the old pic, I was just trying to find one of you in a red dress to fit the song, so to speak. ;-)

    YES! Send a pic and I'll post it.

    Don't you go feeling sorry for Stephie. Y'all don't see what she does to me behind the scenes. For a hint, see here: http://totalrandomnesshere.blogspot.com/2011/08/ear-worm-august-4-2011.html

    Van Morrison's "Star of the County Down"...ahh, "sweet colleen" in the lyrics. I know Van Morrison, but I will confess this song is new to me. I like it. Thank you. I'll have to add it as an ETA.

  3. That's not the real * Colleen***It's a * fake***All the words are * spelled correctly**none of them are * profane**and most Surprising of all it even seems to make * sense***

    Rudi**who has brought * punctuation into the 21st Century***

  4. Don't mind old Rudi, colleen, he's just havin' a go. ;-)

  5. @ Lee .... You're welcome ! I'm a Van fan and the song was once a very lovely dedication. Thank you for the laugh and the invite.

    @Rudi ......are you talking to me? Is this the real Rudi? It's impossible! You must be a fake!! This from the f bomb guy every other word? LOL
    Nice to see you.

  6. When Rudi's done can I have a go, too?

  7. Lordie, colleen, they're lining up.

  8. Line ups tend to worry me these days...never sure if I should duck and cover.... :)


    *chair dances while singing*

    Nothin' yet you old troll whore. :P

    EDIT: AHAHAHAHAHAHA... the captcha was ketards, that's a good name for a retarded kerbal. :D (kerbal space program)

  10. Btw... "Don't you go feeling sorry for Stephie. Y'all don't see what she does to me behind the scenes." SHE LIES! I'm only defending myself from her ruthless attacks!!1. :D

  11. Get back in your room, back, back, I say!

  12. Pay no attention to her, you'll only encourage her.


  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA8QrOAghZ0

  14. Where does Steph post? I don't ever recall reading her words.

  15. I don't, not on any of the SL related forums anyway.

  16. Riiiight.


  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRnq-PFboMI

  18. /me munches some popcorn and watches a bizarre quasi-flame war of Youtube urls. Odd. Very odd.

    Hi Colleen, I don't know you from Adam (or Rudi for that matter) but your photo gadget looks interesting on your blog. You can thank Lee for the referral. Oh well, it isn't important since I'm not in SL! :) But if I were the gadget looks interesting!

  19. Hello L! Nice to meet you. LUMIPro is great fun for photographers in the virtual world of SL. I don't know how they find those vids, I watched too but had no popcorn :(

  20. /me shakes Colleen's hand
    "L" is the account of the Avatar Formerly Known As Seicher Rae. Though I posted in the old SL GDF and some blogs I've never posted in other forums such as gV. Should I ever return to SL I'll be sure to look up your photo gadget, as one of my To-Do List items was to get better at SL photography. I like the looks of some of your night photos where the avi has illumination. Stunning.

  21. Those were shot with LUMI , if you ever decide to return to SL give a shout ! Thank you the comp on the photos! You will find the real experts here tho ... http://www.flickr.com/groups/lumipro/

    This was the SLCC 2011 presentation... http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16618181

    Photography and machinima have some such a very long way and will only get better. :)

  22. Here you go, colleen. A "Come back Colleen" thread on gV OP'd by Pants.


  23. Made it at last. I didnt realise just how late I was with this but never mind. It lets me find out that Colleen sounds as chirpy as ever which is about all I need to know.

  24. Yay! Welcome to the dark side of leeward blog post commenting, Saffy. ;-)

    (Never too late.)

  25. @Pants/Saffy ...Thank you :) for your kind remarks and thoughts. You too Lee and the vids were ALL awesome! Please let Liona that that one vid of ours was shot with shadows enabled ad well as projection prim and that projection prim can also be animated. This one and (warning, nudity) http://www.youtube.com/user/toranbabenco#p/u/16/TspZExOmXR4

    Is shot with LUMI, shadows enabled as well as 2 projection prims one is animated.

    AND I looked at her Baby Come Back and it took me a good long time to figure out I had seen one of the band members in a soap my mom loved...Ron Moss, Bold and the Beautiful fame ....handsome then yes BUT more so NOW http://images.broadwayworld.com/upload/24637/tn-500_28.jpg.

    TBH, I'm much happier away from from gV , even tho I do miss quite a few there. Please feel free to friend me in Second Life and catch me on the grid. Or even here. Or via email!

  26. I passed on your comments to Liona, colleen, who "liked" them.

    As for the your forum sitch, I hear ya and a half. I'm glad you're happy and I'm glad your posting in the blog comments neighborhood.


  27. At least you are not sick like Bunnie, Colleen.

    Pep (is physic as well as psychic.)

  28. @Lee ...Thank you =) .

    @Pep ... *pulls a face*. I didn't know Bunnie was ill at all. I'm guessing you're being cheeky. I suffer no illnesses and cleansing myself of toxic situations is the 1st step in any recovery. =) GTSY.

  29. http://redroom.com/member/laurie-halse-anderson/blog/meet-me-at-second-life-tonight



  30. First one is a different Anderson, not the same one.

    Second one is a former performance artist group in Second Life called Second Front that appears to have hosted Laurie Anderson and also been inspired by Laurie Anderson.

    Funny, I think you and I are hitting the same links today.


  31. Interesting. I see on the old Second Front website that they once released a video by Osprey Therian.


  32. :) I get lost in places like youtube and flickr for hours often!

  33. Jeebus, I'm with ya there, sister.

  34. I think you'll like this, colleen.

    “I’ve got a beautiful red dress
    And you’d look really good standing beside it..
    I’ve got some beautiful new red shoes
    and they look so fine
    I’ve got a hundred and five fever and it’s high tide…”

    ~Laurie Anderson, “Beautiful Red Dress”

    Grab the link for the red dress fashion pics.


    ”Well, push my button, baby
    Here I come!”

    ~Laurie Anderson, “Beautiful Red Dress”

  35. I can see you in something like this, colleen.



  36. Do you have my gmail address, btw?

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. colleen said...

    "OH ! I love Harper's stye , great blog! And yes that gown is fabulous she styled it perfectly.

    I don't have your email I don't think. Mine is colleenXXXX@gmail.com."

    I just knew you'd already be all over it if it was a fashion blog. ;-)

    I just sent you an email. You may want to consider deleting yours posted here now. Not sure how you feel about that being public information. You know the kind of attention I sometimes attract. ;-)

  39. I just updated the blog post with a more current picture of colleen in a red dress. Thanks, colleen.

  40. Nice snap of Colleen.
    There is definitely something about a chick in a red dress.

  41. :) @ Lee ...thank you

    @ Orfeu....thank you

  42. Don't tell me you include "Lady In Red" in your set Orfeu.

    Pep (Or if you do, that at least you don't whine like deBurgh.)

  43. @ Pep
    Fuck me...no...no...argggh the horror.
    Luckily I have a voice only a mother could love...so caterwauling that dreary tune is not an option for me.

    But in that pic... Colleen looks like someone you could have a deep and meaningful conversation with in SL...all about lights and shadows...and setting up the camera.

    (oh yeah.... and about fucking)

    sorry Colleen...I couldn't resist :-)

  44. @ Orfeu .... *just laughs* I love a good conversation thb right my head is wrapped around *movie/vid* plots and metaverse tv is bkmrk'd on my fav bar. For anyone who has not caught any for the Second Life shows you just have too. A SL friend of mine is doing "The Real Housewives of Beaver Ridge" a parody and so terribly fun and done with no script at all the characters just play of each others voice comments and show theme.http://metaversetv.com/blog/2011/08/the-real-desperate-housewives-of-beaver-ridge/

    She does Lucy Listens too. http://metaversetv.com/blog/2010/05/lucy-listens-8/

    And Torley has Torleyvision. http://metaversetv.com/torleyvision/

    Ok so now that I have bored everyone to sleep ...

    BTW O there is no sex in the champagne room :P

  45. @ colleen
    No sex in the Champagne Room huh?
    Pity...Champagne has such interesting uses.
    ( sneaky smiley )

    As you know, I was quite into machinima a few years ago....but I might wait a while before returning to it.

    Beaver Ridge ??
    er... what is the subject...and is it for adults only ??

  46. @Orfeu ... I remember you saying you had been and posted a couple links in one of the gV machinima threads. I enjoyed seeing them.

    Beaver Ridge is not adult X but adult R maybe? Basically its housewives of a trailer park and most all with a *southern drawl*.

  47. LOL at that rascal Orfeu and his champagne. ;-)

  48. Just passing through to say Hello, lots of lovely, lively people here which is more than i can say for me having a summer flu or something which feels terminal

  49. So ....Life 2.0 airs tonight on OWN. And I've been over here reading comments ....

    I wont give an opinion past some of the comments are pretty interesting.

  50. Totally addicted to mesh clothes!


  51. colleen caved! Ahem, excuse me. I mean colleen just posted a "birthday greeting to New Me Envoy on gV.


  52. LOL, You know I've always liked Clio as far as posts/style, I've never met her off that forum so her forum persona is all I have to go on.

    I'm well aware that I am not New Me/Envoy's forum buddy but I am a nice person and southern, so it was the nice thing to do and tbh I have enjoyed reading Envoy as well.

    But back to gV, no ....far too toxic there with the Lain/Lias/Clancy show/mods/forum wanna be owners. The thought that they are anything like that IRL is terrifying.

  53. I was just reading the official forum/blog....

    by Community Manager Linden Lab on 09-02-2011 08:07 AM

    Thanks everyone for your constructive feedback.

    We will be reviewing all suggestions for additional Premium enhancements and encourage you to continue the discussion in our forums.



    I think this is/was mainly more incentive for new accounts to go premium, which for a noob is a nice perk tbs and even as an established premium account the sandboxes are a nice perk.
    LL's needs to support places like NCI and mentors etc that are actually teaching/helping new members find their way and learn grid skills. JMHO

  54. Well, colleen, in my case, I would defer to you and your opinion on something like this as you know a lot more about Premium Second Life than I do.

  55. colleen! You and I now have exactly the same post count on gV. 8,355 LOL

  56. http://gotvirtual.net/community/threads/absolutely-useless-unofficial-gv-statistics.2438/page-19#post-115121



  57. http://colleencriss.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/second-names-for-second-lives/

  58. WTG ! :) I'm glad to pass the baton back to you!

  59. Do you want to bring back the old styles of surnames to Second Life where everyone had a chance to chose an individual last name to create an instant unique identity that no-one else could share?

    If you do, go here and vote for last name options!


    And to re-enforce your vote, you should also add your name to the “Watch” list.

    Please note:
    But we are not suggesting that Linden Lab should abandon the display name system for people that really want it. What we are asking is that Linden Lab should let people CHOOSE whether they want to be Residents, or whether they want a full user name.

    For more information, please read these articles in the Prim Perfect blog:
    * We can create a new style resident with an old style name – so why is Linden Lab reluctant to let us?
    * What’s in a (Sur)Name?


    And elsewhere:
    * Display names just can’t cut it


    Second Names for Second Lives!



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