Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heads Will Roll!

I'm shopping for something a little different today.

Lias said:
"Are you sure i'ts not a nefarious plot to take over the internets?"
Orfeu said:
"My Motivation is simple.
I am a fuckwit, and dont know any better.

As for Lee...I should think it is obvious to any impartial observer.

She is Evil.
Pure Concentrated Evil.
She pulls our strings like an Evil Puppet-Master.

So if any of you have a beef with me...just remember, it wasnt my fault.
Lee made me do it."
Lee said:
"Damn it. I've gotten soft. People never used to talk like this in the old days. I'm gonna have to fix this little problem and it's not going to be pretty! Heads will roll!"



Fine print:  It's a joke.  No one was really threatened and no real horses or virtual people were harmed in the making of this blog post.  And yes, it is a movie reference as well as a forum thread reference.


  1. When I described you as the font of all evil...I meant it in a friendly caring way.


    ps thanks for getting me out of that contract with artie shaw...oh and getting me the lead in that movie.

  2. Just remember how the favor system works when the time comes. I like forgetfulness about as much as I like chatty disloyalty.


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