Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Color me feliz. dadatic is on gV.

In the "Spanish-Language Culture" thread on gV...

Lee said:
"And if I'm really super lucky, maybe I will get dadatic (an old and beloved friend of mine, and Mitch, Steph and VVI's too) to pop over and contribute."

dadatic said:
"And with strict Spanish punctuality too."

Here is a link to some of dadatic's blog posts:
Here's a link to my dadatic fan thread:


  1. "Apparently some customers are happy about bugs in the software, unclear rules and arbitrary enforcement. If they are majority, then Utherverse is doing well. I can only say that in my case those things diminish my satisfaction."

    Pep (doesn't understand how anyone could not love this guy, but will simply flash him as he does not have Maryanne's physical apparatus to offer her alternative.)

  2. Dadactic said
    "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this is the final thread.

    Well, it is not. This is only a thread about the final thread, as the title says. Or do you really believe that I would otherwise use the word "thread" in the title, like you don't know this is a thread?

    But for example Rudyard Kipling wrote a book titled "The Jungle Book", which was not a book about the Jungle Book, but the Jungle Book itself. No doubt you will ask what can I argue about that. All I can say is that it was not me who gave him the Nobel prize, so stop bullying me and obediently accept that it should have been simply titled "The Jungle".

    But probably the final thread won't be titled "The final". That would be too easy. The final thread won't necessarily be about the final. It could be about any subject. The important thing about the final thread is that it will be final. It will be so important to everybody that no one will ever post to other threads again. Everybody will post only to the final thread.

    The final thread will be something like the mother of all threads, except it will in fact be the daughter. The daughter of all threads, a situation that you'll easily understand if you have lots of parents. Do you remember one of those sunny days when suddenly it gets cloudy and starts raining sperm and all women get pregnant with the same baby? Well it will be something similar.

    This is an important warning. Something should use some of that sperm rain and make a sticky. Now go back to your regular threads before this becomes the final thread."

    Ok I see what the fuss is about.
    He is like a Borges but turned to dark evil humour.

    Wonderful...deranged comedy.

  3. I find it amusing when ESLers find English amusing.

    Pep (So would John Searle: )

  4. Sorry - should I have posted that on your psishrinkers blog?

    Pep (thinks if whether it should have been there or not then multifarious links will be posted from all over the blogyrinth.)

  5. Searle's arguments could be rephrased as "Does Pep exist independently of the words you have read purportedly written by him on the net?"

    Pep (Brian Blessed notwithstanding: )

  6. Orfeu said...

    "Wonderful...deranged comedy."


    Pep said...

    "Pep (doesn't understand how anyone could not love this guy, but will simply flash him as he does not have Maryanne's physical apparatus to offer her alternative.)"

    Ha! LOL I love it. ;-)


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