Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prokofy Neva Interviews GreenLantern Excelsior of The Justice League United (JLU)

Prokofy Neva said...
 "...I don't feel that the Justice League United (JLU) got to tell their side of the story, in part because GreenLantern Excelsior, a leader, was suspended from the forums for 'disclosure' or publishing real-life information (in this case, of the already-self-exposed RL information of Deadly Codec, who died of AIDs).

GreenLantern Excelsior said...
"First, please don't call us vigilantes. JLU is a Neighborhood Watch in Second Life. All we do is observe and report. Linden Lab takes any enforcement action that's necessary."

(You know it's epic when the SLU summary thread is 3 pages.)



"Spy vs. Spy: Kalel Venkman Replies to Query About CheerGirl's Allegations" by Prokofy Neva on Second Thoughts


Pixeleen Mistral interviews (and harangues) GreenLantern Excelsior for The Alphaville Herald: "Interview With Green Lantern Excelsior of the JLU"

Pixeleen Mistral said...
"you guys need to stop doing secret things - because there is a large group that does not trust you at all now and that groups seems unlikely to give up anytime soon"

GreenLantern Excelsior said...
"They will never give up as long as JLU exists."

Imnotgoing Sideways said...
"Preeeeeeeecisely. (^_^)
So, please, stop existing and let the good people of Second Life have fun, for once. (^_^)y"


  1. I had to chuckle at this name (mentioned in the interview): Mullet Handsohn.

  2. I think Stephie might know him. KIDDING!

  3. Pixeleen Mistral is a member of The Wrong Hands (TWH)? The same Pixeleen Mistral who posted the "JLU Shamed – Green Lantern Excelsior Turns His Back on SLUniverse" article on The Alphaville Herald? The same Pixeleen Mistral who is so frequently mentioned on Neva's "Second Thoughts" blog?

    How veddy eenteresting. ;)

  4. Um, speaking of names that caught my eye...

    "VaginalSnot Bubble (banned)"

  5. *starts cutting up newspapers and magazines to make death threats from" -_-

  6. Only in a virtual world could you say something like...

    "Rembrandt had hired Overbrain Unplugged and Twinkie Swizzle to build the Bronies sims of Bronyville and Derpy, which may be why those two sims were removed also"


    "Twinkie Swizzle, an alt of Tizzers, was the founder of the Bronies group (a My Little Pony fan club) and was also peripherally involved with TWH"

    ...with a straight face.

  7. Steph said...

    "*starts cutting up newspapers and magazines to make death threats from" -_-"

    Oooh, I'm tellin'. I don't know who yet, but I'm tellin'.


  8. Maybe I'll tell VaginalSnot Bubble and Twinkie Swizzle. Anh?! Anh?! Then what'll you do, little missy? So there!

  9. Spray them both with disinfectant.

  10. There's a Mafia in SL? Are there Mafia wives and fashion too? And a reality show?

  11. "You have been widely quoted as defending McCarthy in that his methods were wrong but his cause was justified -- could you elaborate on what exactly your position is?"

    *audible groan*

  12. *Brooklyn accent* You didn't see nutin', capiche?


  14. "Well played."

    Thank you... FORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."

  16. O***M***G!

    GreenLantern Excelsior said...

    "The world was a very different place in the late 40s and early 50s. The Soviet Union was engulfing eastern Europe, and China had become a Communist country. The threat of Communism was on everyone's minds in those days. Senator Joe McCarthy had evidence about Communist infiltrators in the US government, and his speeches on that subject caused a huge media response and resulted in Senate hearings. The final Senate report, written by Democrats, said that McCarthy's charges were "a fraud and a hoax," while Senate Republicans called the report a "brazen whitewash of treasonable conspiracy." McCarthy's strident style and frequent accusations irritated Democrats and the news media, and he was vilified in the press. McCarthy's tactics could never be implemented today, and viewed through the eyes of 21st century Americans, he was a "fearmonger." But the truth is that McCarthy was right. The US government had been monitoring communications between the Soviet Union and people in the US, and it turned out that there were Soviet spies in the US government, as McCarthy had alleged. McCarthy's reputation and career were destroyed by the liberal news media, and these days 'everybody knows' he was a bad guy. He also happens to have been right."

    Where on God's green earth is he getting his "history" from?

    I just took a university class on McCarthyism and the Red and Lavender Scares. I'm trying to reconcile the two versions in my mind

  17. McCarthy walked around with an unvetted and certainly unread by him stack of papers with a supposed list of over 200 names and waved them in the air for the purposes of political grandstanding.

    Every single time he was called on and called out on the facts, he failed to provide anything other than fancy footwork.

  18. "McCarthy's tactics could never be implemented today.."

    No, they wouldn't, not here in the U.S. Thank God.

  19. And yes, I'd be happy to cite my sources. I've still got the bloody reading list from my class.

  20. Seriously. I'm willing to read alternate versions from legitimate sources. Just point the way.

  21. Soviets in the U.S.? Okay.
    Americans in the U.S.S.R? Okay.
    Governments monitoring communications? Okay.
    McCarthy? Please. You're hurting me.

  22. Are you now or have you ever been a communist? Fuckin classic :D

  23. Can I get into this conversation?
    Believe it or not I like Prok.

  24. That's why I like your blog, too.

  25. storm said...

    "Can I get into this conversation?"

    Of course!

    storm said...

    "I love lunacy. That's why I like your blog, too. Pure lunacy!"



    /me grins

  26. leave the gun take the cannoli is the greatest line ever written for a movie.

  27. I just said this in the Saloon on gV:

    "Yeah, I think GLE has lost his ever-lovin' mind to combine the two to make his point. McCarthy was a political flim-flam man who got lucky and destroyed innocent people's lives and put a black mark on our American history in the process. It's painful to see him positioned as some kind of poster boy of truth. It just makes me cringe. And there are other, better ways to talk about Soviets in the U.S. or governments monitoring citizen communications. Cringe, I tell ya!"

  28. I was just getting started, and you call the game over!

  29. Okay, okay. I'll let it go now. ;)

    But if someone mentions the Holocaust...


  30. storm said...

    "I was just getting started, and you call the game over!"


    (Do you know the reference? It's a favorite of ours, i.e. Stephie and me. Right up there with "If it bleeds we can kill it," and "hear de lamentations of de wimen.")


  31. Man, even I'm not touching the holocaust.

    Not cos it's taboo, I just can't think of anything witty atm. :D

  32. Smart choice either way, I think.

    Reminds me of a conversation I saw between Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock about the use of the notorious N word in comedy. Seinfeld said he did not use the word because he did not see the humor in the word...nor does he seek it.


  33. I like this interview idea. I would like to interview you, Leehere. You game?

  34. LeeHere Absent said...
    ""McCarthy's tactics could never be implemented today.."

    No, they wouldn't, not here in the U.S. Thank God."

    Don't bet on that. The Looney Tune Fringe is gaining more and more hold here. We are one burkah shy of having an American Taliban here if certain factions get their ways of Christian only, anti-gay, anti-anything. There are already intraparty litmus tests and all sorts of things. Sadly, I can easily envision a time of another McCarthy.

  35. Ima said...

    "I like this interview idea. I would like to interview you, Leehere. You game?"

    Um, sure.

  36. L said...

    "Don't bet on that."

    I know politicians and political grandstanders still attempt shameful McCarthy-esque shenanigans, but our press, and the blogger brigade, are a lot less likely to let some ass hat walk around with a pile of unchecked papers making specious claims.

    And as an audience for that kind of bullshit, we are, I believe, in general, a little more cynical and world-weary.

    Sure, there are plenty who still fall for the "enemy du jour" election machinations, but the voices who don't are a little louder and have more resources.

    I think people try to "be McCarthy," but I don't think the world is the same as it was for the original flim-flam man.

  37. L said...

    "Sadly, I can easily envision a time of another McCarthy."

    Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I think there are enough people who are wise to this bullshit and willing to be vocal about it who would put a stop to it before it got that far.

  38. Lee said:
    Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I think there are enough people who are wise to this bullshit and willing to be vocal about it who would put a stop to it before it got that far.

    I completely agree. If McCarthy tried to deliver the same claim of a list of known communist to a group of todays woman, he probably would have been pummeled with Prada's and Louboutin's. We are a more vocal society, and a society that is not above calling BS and making comedy out of these dumbasses. God Bless Jon Stewart and his ilk.

  39. Last post..My tenses are tensed incorrectly. You get my drift. Work is so distractiong!

  40. @Lee: "Call me a cock-eyed optimist..."

    You're a cock-eyed optimist! (I'm ever obliging like that. "Such a giver" (said like Jon Stewart doing his old NY Jewish lady voice))

    You think there are enough people wise to the bullshit... Then, explain why FOX "news" is constantly the highest ranked "news" network by a HUGE margin. Explain the "Tea Party". Explain my highly educated, profession boss who espouses the weirdest views and belabors them. (Nice guy, but thank the-god-I-don't-believe-in for at work!) While I would like to hope, and better yet, to see that reason prevails, I've seen little to no evidence of it, quite the opposite really. Sure there are those who still stand up and cry "BS" but guess what? They were there were during McCarthy's day, too. There's a LOT of apathetic people out there who choose not to notice anything other than the next episode of The Bachelor.

    Do I think that we could see a McCarthy clone, targeting Communism? No, of course not. But how 'bout that Homeland Security stuff we got a while back that's still puttering away?

    It wasn't said by Sinclair Lewis, but the now (in)famous misquote is an accurate one: "Sinclair Lewis aptly predicted in It Can't Happen Here that if fascism came to America it would come wrapped in the flag and whistling 'The Star Spangled Banner.'" (You may have heard the quote with "and carrying a bible/cross". That works too.)

    Or it could be that SW Ohio is just so steeped in the far, far, far right that my experience is skewed. Nahhhhhh...

    Long weekend! Yay!

  41. *...highly educated, professional boss...

    I wonder if I can ever make one post, just one, without a typo?

    (Heh, I think I just did!)

    (Hm. "professional boss" Ok. He is what is commonly referred to as "a professional". He also gets paid and part of his job is to be my boss, so I guess he's a professional boss...)
    (Hm. The Hillbilly Heroin platter I've been nibbling seems to be affecting stuff...)
    (Better Living Through Chemistry!)

  42. @L-You don't have to explain it because what you have written is not entirely true and accurate.

    Public Policy Polling reports that Fox News Channel is the second-most trusted television news network in the country, with 42% of respondents reporting they trust the network, compared to other major news channels (behind PBS which stands at 50%, and ahead of NBC at 41%, CNN at 40%, CBS at 36%, and ABC at 35%). Simultaneously, Fox News Channel is also ranked the most distrusted news channel in the country, with 46% of respondents reporting they distrust the network (behind PBS at 30%, NBC at 41%, and CNN, CBS, and ABC each at 43%). Overall this represents a combined -16% drop among respondents from the year before and places the channel fourth among Americans in terms of trust/distrust (behind PBS, NBC, and CNN, and ahead of CBS, and ABC).

  43. There are lies, damned lies and statistics. I got mine from the Nielsen TV Ratings Data — which of course does not carry the same impressive cachet as your Wiki Google.

    You do need (another) hobby Ima. Sitting around waiting to pounce on anything & everything I post is really kind of sad and pathetic for you.

  44. She does. Changed men and penis puppetry. Ha! ;)

  45. @Lee: Well that's positive progress and something that may even have some practical RL applications for her as well.

  46. @L=Dead Seicher: The point of my post was to demonstrate that the mosted watched, does not automatically equate to the most trusted. It is entirely possible that people watch FOX for the trainwreck entertainment factor and not because they are all paranoid, conspiracy theorist.

  47. @Lee: A funny thing about the penis puppetry...well, I think that you can figure out the issue without me laying out hard facts about the mechanics of said issues.


  48. Fox news ???
    How do they get away with calling it News???
    Isn't that false advertising??
    I doubt the Iranian News Channel is so fuct-up.

    It is the most tiresome bollocks I have ever seen.

    I am not sure I entirely share Lee's cock-eyed-
    optimism...but I certainly take her point that the opposition is more vocal and organised these days.

    Woody Allen made a great movie about being a shill for banned "Commie" writers..I forget the name.

  49. I will confess I did cringe a bit during my historical literature class at some of the current behaviors reflected in the unfortunate events of the past. We've come a long way, ba...okay, we've come a little way, baby.

  50. ETA:

    Pixeleen Mistral interviews (and harangues) GreenLantern Excelsior for The Alphaville Herald: Interview With Green Lantern Excelsior of the JLU


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