Friday, August 12, 2011

gV Forum Ban Appeals Process

"the right to appeal
in the event that an inhabitant is subjected to quarantine or scrubbed, they will be afforded an opportunity to appeal to the community for relief."

If you get banned from gV and wish to appeal, it helps to solicit a sponsor to appeal on your behalf so you don't circumvent the alt rule and create grounds to be banned again.

nina said:
"i will say this though, the Inhabitant Rights state that pep has the right to appeal his banning. start a thread dedicated to peps appeal and lets see how people feel about the topic"

colleen said:
"Who reps the banned person?"

nina said:
"if there is a case where nobody wants to rep the banned person... that says a lot right there hey"

Precedent Case Study # 129

Appeal to Unban Pep (a mature area17-NSFW-Red thread with poll)

Lee said:
"I'd like to see Pep's ban be called a "temporary ban" and lifted. Quarantine him to NSFW maybe and let him decide if he is comfortable there, but I don't think he deserves a permaban. During some of this contentious back-and-forth over the last couple of days, when I, and others, tried to bump non-argument threads with light content up, like the game threads, he participated. He was one of the very few who participated. There have been a lot of nasty posts, mine included, a lot of argumentative posts and a few posts in the non-drama areas. Pep posted argumentative and non-drama alike in the last couple of days and none too different from what the rest of us posted. When he's not annoying the hell out of nina or fending off posts from people throwing old baggage at him, he's a delightful, intelligent, challenging and interesting poster who raises the bar and contributes to a place like this.

ETA: You want to be different from the other forums? You've already got Wasted and Wad, Lias and Lain...add Pep back in and be the forum that has room for all of them."

inhabitant 129

Mars said:
"the appeal for inhabitant 129 is now concluded.
the appeal thread has been marked read-only.

the inhabitants permanent ban has been commuted to a one week ban. by logging in, the inhabitant will agree to the following:
their username will be reverted to 'pep', without a reboot of the cooling down process
they will carry a 10 point infraction penalty for 120 days
inhabitant will cease with any attempts to negotiate behaviour with the mcp
this appeal is the final verdict. there will be no further appeals of this ruling.

please allow this to serve as a reminder: the antivirus modules function outside the realm of infractions and warnings. this is how it has been since day 0, and this is how it will remain in the future.
if an inhabitant finds themselves being followed by one of the antivirus modules, it is suggested they take stock of their behaviour and take the steps necessary to appear less virus-like.

edited to add: yes, we have taken note of this read-only poll, which does appear to be a bug."

Precedent Case Study # 368

inhabitant 368

Mars said:
"inhabitant 368 has been deactivated as per the alt abuse policy outlined in the community standards. it is not permitted to use a secondary account (alt) to flame or to stalk, harass, bully, or otherwise violate the community standards.
allowing an alt account to act out in such a manner will only contribute to a mistrust amongst inhabitants."

Isakk Hunt said:
"in the event that an inhabitant is subjected to quarantine or scrubbed, they will be afforded an opportunity to appeal to the community for relief.

So you poeslaps I have had to register another avatar to take up this right of appeal to the community. Lets start with the fact that Rudi was scrubbed for supposedly being the alt of someone who has a main here. I say I dont have a main here. I have lots of other avatars in forums and playing games all over the internet but why should that be relevant. Who is supposed to be my main account here at gotvirtualEarth and what evidence do you have. Or is this just another kultur klash that you would prefer not to have to justify."



  1. In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.

    These are their stories.

  2. I don't think Rudi/Isakk will be getting that appeal now.


  4. My give a fuck meter needs new batteries. I used them for my sarcasm meter. :D

  5. @Lee: Why not? Rudi does not have ANY active mains who can post in gotvirtual so how can he be an alt?

  6. @ Rudi/Isakk: Because you need a sponsor for an appeal and possibly a ruling on the "active main" qualifier you've introduced that does not exist in the Community Standards.

  7. Lias really likes that life cycle pic.


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