Friday, August 12, 2011

gV Drama...It started with a little thread about desktop images. (Part II)

Here's an update on the "What Computer Desktop Image Do You Use?" thread on gV.

A new poster personality, Rudolph Ukka, made an appearance on gV (SLF and FC too) and caused some alt hunting, natch, before one of the planets orbited him.

Rudi said:
"I saw this fucking thread written about in LeeHeres blog so I singed up to come and say that you are a bunch of fucking pussywhipped morons leading a fucking wimp of a fucking owner by the nose becuase Immy has not been proved to break any laws not even the rules of this fucking forum. Immy has got an infraction becuase she did something against the kultur of this forum or at least the kultur of the most vocal fucking morons here. You suggest that fucking Lucifer over in fucking SCII has stated that cartoon lolis are illegal in his country but you dont even know what fucking country he lives in. Is it Ireland England or fucking Scotland. And what are you going to do if I tell you that fucking lolcatz are fucking illegal in fucking Tristan Da Cunha? Does that mean that you all have to promise to stop posting fucking pictures of fucking lolcatz or even links to sites that have fucking lolcatz. And get rid of all the fucking posts in this forum that have fucking lolcatz in them. Rudi"
Charming, eh?

Lias responded:
"LeeHere has a blog? How frightening."
Pep said on FC:
"Pep (is surprised Rudi's posts are still up in the official forum; are the mods there confused about whether his posts have already been moderated?)"
Which is all the more humorous both if you know the current moderation practices on SLF and if you've seen Rudi's posts there.

colleen was accused of Donning the thread (as in posting like Don Mills, not actually wearing the thread).

A discussion about the merits of the individual sartorial styles of both colleen and Lias ensued nonetheless.

A discussion about the merits and significance of high post and like counts ensued.

Storm entered the fray and stirred things up managing to both publicize FC and draw Jolene's rapt attention in the process, which inevitably led to a rehash of the Seicher Rae-Ima-Willem brouhaha on FC and even a little of the Jolene-Jumpman-Wasted debacle and many more posts and pages.  Lain's Larry was mentioned.  Fuckwad too.  Even Gnat was invoked.  Scylla too, natch.  And of course, the more current drama surrounding the rumor that the Ts are, in fact, our own Storm and Venus.  Ima finally sorted out her password problems and jumped into the mud with everyone else.  If you haven't posted or been mentioned in this thread yet, you might want to call your publicist.

Storm said:
"FORUM CONFIDENTIAL killed Mulch. Stayed tune for details."
Storm said:
"I have a question for this forum, or anybody who is reading this thread: how many alts do you think it will take to put out the fire that Jolene started on this thread? I say 4."
Jolene said:
"I just vehemently will fight his little games to get his blog posted anywhere."
LeeHere said:
"Well, I guess Storm is the Donnie Deutsch Trump of the SL-circuit then. I want to see a reality machinima next."
colleen said:
"I do see, but .....just like IRL The Enquirer ....wants to know. Headlines gotta come from somewhere. huh"
nina weighed in on Immy's links.
"i dont have much of an issue with the link personally
that being said, it could be interpreted as a violation of the community standards, so mercury was right to infract imo."
nina finally got around to asking colleen and Lias about their falling out.
"i must have missed something...
i thought you two were mates?"
LeeHere said:
"Jeebus, but you are behind. Still not reading your own forum?"
nina said:
"i am aware that they havent gotten on for a while now, but this is the first i have asked about it."
Bladyblue (Lias) made an appearance.

Mitch threw spaghetti at the wall.

Mary and I reminisced about my Candy Tetris quest.

GradyE bucked the thread trend and posted a desktop image with a subtle little plug for Mulch's new Feted Inner Hangout forum.  I've already been instructed not to call it "fetid."


colleen may have summed up the thread best when she said:
"Christ its like a nightmare that never ends."


Oh, and Harvey wants y'all to see this.

ETA:  Isakk Hunt has joined us on gV.


  1. I was on my third manhattan when I wrote the FORUM CONFIDENTIAL killed Mulch headline for gV.

  2. That was short but fucking sweet neh.


  3. Mmmm...Manhattans. Gimmie your cherries.

  4. What? I have been busy all day and am just now catching up on all of the pummeling.

    Storm, I will spot you one Manhattan for 1/3 of a bone. I think that is fair!

  5. 1/3 of a bone? That sounds very unsatisfying. Why not bone until you're both done?


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