Monday, September 19, 2011


I called him.  Spoke to him.  Make of that what you will.

My take?  It's all real.  It is not performance art, calculated griefing or forum gaming.

He says he speaks some English, but struggles with it.  He says he tried to get a job at Linden Lab, but felt he was discriminated against when he was turned down.  He says he has serious mental health issues.  He says he really believes he is posting as a concerned activist working on a good cause.  He says it really does bother him when he is mocked and teased, but he feels he is sacrificing himself for the greater good.  (All of this is information that can be obtained from his public posting and not new information from a private conversation.)

One woman's opinion.

Fine print:
His contact information is freely given, publicly posted and easily accessed.  I will not, however, post it here.

He said he would "salute" me on the forums and invited me to speak with him again.  

ETA:  Wasted gave me permission to post about him and our conversation. 

ETA2:  Congratulations to Wasted who has recently obtained a job at a petrol refinery.

ETA3:  I think this is my Wasted "salute."   ;)

Wasted said on gV...
"I can report any crime next to me, If I was living in Washingtong (USA) , I would call the police every day to complain about secondlife."


  1. I have felt a little sorry for Wasted for a long time. I am glad he has a new job and I hope that it means his appearances in the forums will be fewer but of more quality.

    Pep (He does make me laugh; he reminds me of Donkey Jose)

    PS Or was that another Spaniard in the works?

  2. Yeah, I hear ya. That's nice of you to wish him well. He does make me laugh, and for the right reasons, some of the time. He can be quite funny when he's not being...well, you know. LOL at "Donkey Jose." ;)

  3. Did you ask him if he is really a serial killer?

  4. No. All joking aside, I handled the call seriously and with some care.

  5. He did say that he believes each and every time he has said something harsh, inflammatory or insulting that he has done it in response to someone mocking or insulting him and not as the first salvo. He also said that when he does respond to people mocking him or insulting him, he will try to think of the worst possible thing to say back and he feels justified in doing so on the forums he's posted on based on the behavior he's seen.

  6. He was incredibly open. *Too open.* The number I called, which is posted on the internet, is his home phone number. He was also willing to answer any and all questions I wanted to pose to him.

  7. Once I started talking to him and made the decision that I made about him, I was inquisitive, but gentle and respectful. He was, for the most part, the same. I say for the most part, because as you all know, he has a lot of passion behind the whole Second Life-Linden Lab thing and the forum environment as well.

  8. I have intermittently but persistently (as opposed to always, in case Cody might pop in here to be ridiculously incorrectly pedantic) thought that caring too much is the opposite of Pep's philosophy, and while it is admirable as a matter of principle, in practice it is the way that demons lie.

    Pep (Particularly if you allow it to consume you to such an extent that you are monomaniacal in expressing your unbridled passion in public on forums.)

  9. Uh oh.

    He must have really enjoyed our conversation.

  10. Wasted does seem to have a few problems....coughs....blinks.
    But I think he does have a good sense of humour.

    Yes he does get trolled ....he always has...but I don't recall anyone threatening to shit in his mouth or sodomise his mother.

    Having said makes me laugh like fuck when he says it.

    I know...I know....I am a bad person.


  11. Lee you are without one of the most fearless women I've ever met !!

    I'm glad he found employment! Maybe this will help his outlook. I've always thought he was mentally challenged and he scares the bejesus out of me more often then frustrated me.

    I also often wondered what position he felt he was suited for at Linden Labs?

    That combined with kids, gambling, alts and nonsense he spewed at LL I wondered if he may have add a gambling addiction. If had ever gone to San Francisco I have no doubt LL's would have had him escorted out or arrested.

  12. Well, thank you, Colleen. ;)

    Yes, Wasted is a troubled guy.

  13. Just to let you know that the job in the petrol refinery will be a very dangerous job.

    I will have insurance.

    Probably I will tattoo in my chest keep children away from secondlife

  14. Wow. Hi Wasted. How did you work out your tech problems to finally get through to my blog?

  15. I hate to use IE I had to open it just to enter here.

    I only open IE once or twice a year.

  16. Oh, does that mean you intend to visit often?

  17. Please keep the kids away from secondlife, secondlife is a slot machine with teenagers.

    Secondlife end up controlling your life.

  18. You get that one, Wasted. The rest will be deleted.